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Scary Girls Need Love Too

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Great Lakes Avengers". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Whatever happened to Kit after the destruction of Sunnydale?

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Marvel Universe > Runaways(Moderator)JoeHundredaireFR181020,39965626,78517 Aug 0615 Aug 11No

Cosplay Commotion

Joe's Note: If, like most people, you're not familiar with the character of Allison Dillon, she is in fact a canon Marvel character. Just not from the mainstream, Earth-616 universe. I did keep most of her portrayal from MC-2/Earth-982 accurate in that she's the biological daughter of Electro, except I obviously pulled her date of conception considerably back so that she can appear in this time. You really don't need to know much about her two appearances in Spider-Girl to understand her here, so let's just get to the story.

     Kit stared at the sextet in front of her for a long moment, then glanced over at Nico. "I keep forgetting, do we want real supervillains one of these days so we have someone to fight, or are we happy we don't have real supervillains in Los Angeles?"

     Shrugging, Nico continued to eye the girls before her uncertainly. "I'm pretty satisfied with us not having them. Why?"

     "Just curious. Was wondering whether we should be thankful or annoyed at getting the Electro wannabe." Kit leaned on her staff as she turned her attention back to the nervous-looking girl in green and yellow. "Alright, Sparks. Do you wanna tell us why you're causing trouble or should we skip to the part where we kick your ass?"

     Holding her hands up in surrender, the girl let out a little squeak as electricity played over her skin. "I didn't mean to! It just happened! I'm not supposed to have powers… my friends and I are just here for the convention!"

     Kit and Nico looked at each other, then around at the convention center they were in. Neither had noticed in their rush to check out the odd electromagnetic spike Victor had detected, but the entirety of the massive hall was filled with oddly dressed people, merchants, and two separate stages. Kit blinked slowly. She was at an anime convention. She felt so dirty.

     At least that explained why there were five other teen girls, all in very detailed costumes, standing behind their 'Electro'. Kraven, Vulture, Mysterio, Sandman, and Doc Ock. "Wait a minute… you guys decided to cosplay as the Sinister Six and just out of nowhere, one of you decides to start shooting off electricity?" The girl nodded and Kit looked over at Nico again. "What the fuck?"

     "Maybe she's a mutant like Molly? Their powers start showing up when they're teenagers, after all. Wait, M-Day. Okay, that shoots that theory all to hell. Hmm…" Nico frowned and looked over their little She-Electro again. "What was going on when it first started? And do you have a name?"

     "Allison. Allison Dillon." Allison glanced around the convention hall nervously, trying not to meet their eyes. "Um, someone was making fun of our costumes. This fat old guy in a really bad Alucard costume. At first he was being really rude about the whole genderswap thing, which is ridiculous because if we can't dress as the Sinister Six because we have boobs then he's a little too fat and ugly to be Alucard, and then he started insulting Carrie's tentacles." A gesture towards the group's Doc Ock supplied who Carrie was. "I just started getting really angry and wanted to shut him up and then I just sorta… zapped him. Oh God, maybe I did mean to…"

     Something about the name prickled at Kit's memories and she stared at Allison for a moment before it came to her. Something she'd read in the computerized hero and villain database The Pride had kept. "Dillon. Dillon. Max Dillon is the real Electro. She dresses up like Electro and has a weird superhuman power fit where she starts shooting off lightning. That can't be a coincidence."

     Allison blushed and looked down at her still-sparking hands again. "He'skindamyfather."

     While she was pretty sure she'd heard what she'd thought she'd heard, Kit wanted confirmation. "Again? Slower and in English this time?"

     "He's her father." The girl Allison had identified as Carrie stepped forward and tried to put her hand on Allison's shoulder, recoiling a bit as electricity arced between them. "She told us a while ago and so we decided to cosplay as the Sinister Six to help show her that we didn't care if her dad was a supervillain. Wasn't counting on the electricity thing, though."

     Nico pressed her staff against her wrist, turning it back into a bracelet. "Well, now you're a bit more like him than you thought. Not that it matters. You're not going to run around electrocuting people for fun or stealing stuff, are you?" Allison shook her head rapidly. "You should probably talk to whoever you live with about Xavier's, though. Not sure if you're a mutant or not - they're probably the only ones who could tell you that for sure - but they do have a girl your age who has electrical powers too. You could learn from her and whoever's there that teaches her. Just so you don't hurt anybody by accident."

     Sighing in relief, Allison's face became a fierce mask of concentration and the intermittent tendrils of electricity slowed and then stopped. "Oh. Phew. I wasn't sure if that would work but 'concentrate and see it happening' always seems to be a good start when it comes to controlling powers in the comics and movies, and voila! But no, you're serious? You're not going to turn me into the cops or something for being a… whatever I am? Or because of who my father is?"

     "What do we look like, the Avengers? We're not big on ruining peoples' lives just for the hell of it. It's not a crime to be the daughter of someone evil, it's only a problem when you start following in your old man's footsteps." Kit wrapped one arm around Nico and gave her a squeeze. "Her mom and dad used to sacrifice girls to a bunch of gods in exchange for power. And now she's a superhero."

     Rolling her eyes, Nico elbowed Kit hard in the ribs. "Ix-nay on the arents-pay. The whole world doesn't need to know stuff like that, Kit."

     Kit rubbed her side and pouted. "I'm just trying to cheer up the world's newest freak. I'm sure she feels better knowing that not everyone from bad parents ends up like that Excavator idiot who was with the Wrecking Crew the first time you fought them."

     "I loved that fight! I DVR'd every new station that night and watched it for like, hours!"

     "Is the rest of your group here too?"

     "Can we meet the girl with the raptor?"

     "Or the rainbow flying girl?"

     "Yeah, the rainbow girl! Can you introduce us to her? She's so pretty…"

     Caught off guard by the onslaught of questions, Nico's eyes went wide before she slid behind Kit for protection. Kit just rolled her eyes at her girlfriend's behavior before addressing the excited girls. "I'd ask which one, but they probably all look the same. As for the actual questions, no, maybe, and maybe." Leaning back, she lowered her voice so only Nico could hear her. "Go call Chase to get the Leapfrog. Let's get them out of here and take them all back to the tar pits for now."

     Nico blanched at the prospect. "Are you nuts? Bring six random teenage girls to our hideout?"

     "Allison needs to start meeting good superhumans before the power goes to her head, and I just realized that Victor might be able to help her with the electricity. Not to mention that two girls roughly the same age as Karolina really, really want to meet Karolina, and one of them is wearing a rainbow bracelet. And might I remind you that Karolina happens to be very single at the moment because her first date with Julie Power was also her last date with Julie Power, and she's very grumpy about that fact? This could work out incredibly well for a bunch of us if we play our cards right." Kit nodded over towards where one of the convention center's rent-a-cops was talking on his cell phone. "And I think we should all get the hell out of here before they decide we're planning some sort of supervillainy and the cops or Excelsior show up."

     Sighing, Nico let go of Kit and pulled out her cell phone. "Since when did you come up with ideas that make sense?"

     Kit gave Nico a peck on the lips before pushing her towards the door. "Since you're the smart one most of the time and I have to do something to make this look like an equal relationship?" Nico shook her head before flicking her phone open and dialing a number, leaving Kit to look after the sextet of cosplayers. "So… who wants to go explore a superhero's hideout?"

     "Cool!" The girls exchanged excited looks and high-fives. The girl dressed as Mysterio nudged Allison. "Pssst. Alli. Do you think if you electrocute a really bad singer, Simon would give us front row tickets for American Idol?"

     Carrie pushed herself up on her toes to try and peer past Kit. "So, are you guys going to use magic to bring us there?" Kit shook her head. "But you are a witch, right?"

     Gesturing to her staff, Kit grinned. "No, I just like fancy walking sticks. Hmm. Let's do something small…" Carrie's rather stiff tentacles caught her attention and Kit brought her staff up to point at the girl. "Animate!"

     The bright flash of light attracted a lot of attention, and Carrie's tentacles stirring slowly before bursting to life attracted even more. Including the attention of the security guards that Kit had noticed before. The crowd began to clamor and guns were drawn in reaction to the perceived threat. "Hands in the air! Now!"

     Kit winced. "…okay, and that would be proof of why Nico considers herself the smart one in this relationship…"
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