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Scary Girls Need Love Too

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Great Lakes Avengers". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Whatever happened to Kit after the destruction of Sunnydale?

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Marvel Universe > Runaways(Moderator)JoeHundredaireFR181020,39965626,69317 Aug 0615 Aug 11No

It's Magic

Title: Scary Girls Need Love Too
Author: JoeHundredaire
Rating: R/FR18.
Pairings: Kit Holburn/Nico Minoru, Karolina Dean/Xavin
Disclaimer: With a myriad of writers, artists, and editors, actual rights are a nightmare when you go near a comic book universe. Suffice it to say that Marvel Entertainment LLC owns all of the property printed in their comics, along with the television and movie adaptations of said same property. Although Brian K. Vaughn is the mastermind behind Runaways, which is a better comic than - if not as funny as - Young Avengers. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel: the Series, and all the characters associated with both belong to Fran and Kaz Kuzui. Not mine, don't sue, and so forth and so on.
Summary: Whatever happened to Kit after the destruction of Sunnydale?
Joe's Note: Despite the fact that we're far beyond a number where we can go 'X FFAs to match the year number!', there are still nearly half of them unwritten. You guys should consider doing something with that. Just… putting that out there. Anyways, like in this story's sister fic Trigamy, I'm utilizing the concept of Earth-616.5: a world that's close to the comic universe up until a certain point before diverging to make the stories I want to tell possible. So while some of the Runaways you're used to is here, other parts are missing in action because I really disagree with some of what Joe Quesadilla allowed people to do with the book.

     Kit Holburn smirked as she rested her chin on Nico Minoru's shoulder, tightening her arms around her girlfriend's waist as she watched her teammates deal with their foes. They'd inevitably catch shit from the rest of the group for their public display of affection… well, except from Molly Hayes. The youngest member of the group thought they were 'supercute', especially compared to Chase and the mercurial Gert or Karolina and her stilted, awkward, genderblended alien companion. But as she'd told them before, she was only a fighter when all other options were exhausted and Nico also generally waited for something to come to her so she could magic it to death. So why not get some snuggles in?

     Turning her thoughts outward again, Kit shook her head in amused disgust. Somehow, the Wrecking Crew was out of jail again and back in Los Angeles causing trouble. The fact that it was 'only' the particularly inept quartet they were facing was part of why Kit didn't mind splitting her attention between the fight and Nico. After all, this was the third time since she'd joined the group that they'd found themselves facing the 'supervillains', and the two groups had met once even before that. Already, the Wrecking Crew was down to just Wrecker himself… who was charging at them. Pouting, Kit nuzzled against Nico's neck. "I suppose we should finally pull our weight around here, eh?"

     "Yeah, I guess." Nico turned her head to the side and gave Kit a quick kiss on the lips before holding one arm out away from her body. "Although I'm pretty sure that this is me pulling the weight while you stand there and look cute." Karolina Dean was glaring at them now and Kit gave the Majesdanian an equally foul look in return. What? Was it her fault that the blonde had struck out with Nico before she'd even arrived on the scene? Uh, no. Kit had laughed her ass off when she'd heard about Karolina's epic wipeout; seriously, who kissed a girl they weren't even sure was interested in girls, much less interested in them?

     Besides, while differences were healthy and good for a relationship, opposites didn't actually attract. They just led to fighting and maybe some angry sex if you were lucky before the inevitable breakup. So a preppy blonde Vegan alien? Probably not the best match for a snarky gothic witch. Said snarky gothic witch and a bitchy gothic homeless girl, on the other hand? Now that was a match made in hell. Leaning down, Kit plucked a blessed silver dagger from the top of one knee-high black boot. Technically - unlike Nico and the rest of the team - she was homeless purely by choice. Dawn was nice enough to funnel money and magical supplies to her as needed through a P.O. Box, and she had a standing invitation to go and stay with her friend in Cleveland if she wanted to. But she knew she wouldn't, because there was just something appealing about living on the run and not being answerable to anyone other than her girlfriend. Speaking of… gently pressing the tip of her knife against the soft flesh of Nico's outstretched arm, Kit drew it across to make a shallow cut. "When blood is shed…"

     Nico let out a gasp and arched her back, Kit's hands instinctively sliding down to the smaller girl's hips. Unlike when Nico summoned her weapon on her own, tendrils of eldritch power arced between them, binding them together before flowing out from between Nico's breasts in the form of a black staff topped with a gold sphere and large ring. "…let the Staff of One emerge!"

     Skidding to a stop, Wrecker's eyes went wide. "Aww crap. Not the witches again." He looked around nervously as the rest of the team encircled him, before slumping a bit in defeat. "Can you at least not do anything weird this time? That freaky 'deconstruct' spell you used the first time we met still gives me nightmares."

     "Got any ideas?" Stepping to the side, Nico turned to face Kit and offered up the Staff of One as she quirked a brow at her girlfriend. While Nico was the more powerful spellcaster of the two, Kit had discovered that their paired summonings of the Staff of One overrode a few of the mystical protections on the weapon, allowing her to cast spells nearly as well as Nico did. She could also use it to channel her own internal reserves of power or power she drew from the world around her to cast spells from the books Dawn sent her. And since she lacked Nico's intuitive ability to bend the Staff's magics to her whims - and therefore the ability to make up spells as she went along - she spent most of her downtime studying their increasing library of magical tomes. Well, the downtime that didn't involve her, Nico, and making the others wish they knew how to cast soundproofing spells, at least…

     Kit nodded as she accepted the Staff of One, twirling it a few times as she tried to decide exactly which spell to use on the supposed supervillain. Finally, she pointed the golden ring at the pavement at Wrecker's feet. "Crowbar on the ground." He hesitated and she slowly raised the head of the staff to point at his face. "Alright, let's put it this way. You put the fucking crowbar on the ground and I'll magic on it. If you don't put it down, I use magic on you instead. And I'm a lot meaner than Nico." Evidently the mental images of what might be worse than being turned into thinly-sliced pieces of gunk was enough to scare the hardened criminal into submitting, and Wrecker complied with her order before taking two steps back. Pointing the Staff of One at the dull grey crowbar, Kit smirked as she remembered stumbling across this particular spell in one of her books. Evidently Rowling was an even bigger hack than she'd thought. She hadn't even bothered to try and hide the fact that she was copying from the genuine supernatural; all Kit had to do was drag up memories of her family, her older sister, her father, Sunnydale… and then… "Avada kedavra!"

     A blast of green light erupted from the gold ring that topped the Staff of One, striking the crowbar and making it glow the same sickly green color before melting away into nothingness. Wrecker dove after it, kneeling in front of the scorch mark on the pavement. "My crowbar! It's supposed to be indestructible! How did you-"

     Any further commentary was cut off when Kit slammed the Staff of One into the back of his head and Wrecker collapsed to the ground. After a long few seconds of silence, Gertrude Yorkes snickered. "Somebody's been watching too much Harry Potter with Molly. Couldn't you have just said 'destroy' or something like Nico does?"

     "You know, I just figured out how to cast the same spell multiple times with the Staff of One." Kit waved the staff idly before bringing the head around to point in Gert's general direction. "Just putting that out there."

     The violet-haired girl's eyes widened and she stepped behind her pet deinonychus, Old Lace growling a bit at the implied threat to her owner. "Not that there's anything wrong with Harry Potter?"

     Smirking, Kit turned her back on Gert as she pressed the head of the Staff of One between her girlfriend's breasts. "That's what I thought." She gave a gentle push, cringing at the resulting wet slurp that came as the staff was reabsorbed into Nico's body for storage. "Well, let's get going. We don't want to be here when the cops show up to drag these schmucks away, and Nico and I have plans involving some whip cream and a bottle of chocolate sauce."

     As the group began making their way towards the Leapfrog for the journey back to the La Brea Tar Pits, Molly tugged on Kit's sleeve excitedly. "We're having sundaes when we get back? Can I have chocolate and vanilla ice cream in mine?"

     "Doesn't that sound like fun, Molly?" An idea popping into her head, Kit looked back over her shoulder and shot Karolina a very wide and very evil grin. "I happen to know for a fact that Karolina positively loves ice cream. I bet she'd love to make sundaes with you when we get home. Isn't that right, Karolina?"

     The blonde scowled and brushed none-too-gently against Kit as she passed. "I hate you. So much."

     Shrugging, Kit watched as Molly pulled away and bounced along behind Karolina as the older girl stalked towards the Leapfrog, peppering Karolina with questions. "She says that like she thinks I care." The comment had been intended only for Nico's ears, the Asian witch shaking her head in disgust, but a quick glimpse to her right revealed another pair of ears. "I'd tell you to Google 'alternative uses for chocolate syrup' but it's all food-related stuff. I checked; wanted to know if the joke would be any good before I hit you with it. So… ask your wife? I mean, yeah she was a virgin before you two met but if her porn stash is anything to go by, she has a good grasp on the theoretical side of things."


     "Porn. You know, pornography? Videos of people having sex or doing naughty things? Some people watch it to get ideas to try with their partners, some watch it with their partners as foreplay, some watch it because they have no partner… nothing?" Xavin continued to stare at Kit blankly, and the witch's jaw dropped. "You seriously don't know what porn is?"

     Shaking her head, Xavin held out her arm to draw Kit's attention and then cycled it through several human skin tones and then a few inhuman ones, finishing up by showing off a three-fingered hand before returning to her normal dark-skinned human look. "No. Our natural abilities mean that among my kind, options for sexual intercourse are limited only by the imaginations of ourselves and our partners. We have no use for outside aids."

     Kit pondered that for a moment before pouting. "Oh. Huh. And here I thought I'd discovered why you guys were so interested in Earth…"
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