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Converging Intersections

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Summary: Buffy finds herself gone through another portal. At least she didnt die this time. Only now she's stuck in a wondrous city filled with people called the Ancients. Could be worse, right?

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The Truth

I don't own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or anything associated with it. It belongs to its creator Joss Whedon and whoever else owns it. Also, Stargate and all related characters are the property of MGM Television Entertainment. This piece of literature is simply the work of a humble fan.

:::Author Notes:::

This takes place after the series finale, Chosen, of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. As far as the Stargate timeline, you’ll see. It will be definitely be geared toward Stargate Atlantis though, later. Much later.

The ship flew toward the city, Atlantis, Buffy had to keep reminding herself, tallest tower. They landed and docked in some soft of hanger that opened in the roof. From the view screen, dozens of cylindrical shaped ships were stationed around the hanger bay. They were aesthetically pleasing to the eye sure, but they didn’t seem like they could fly. But Buffy was beginning to think that these people just might be a teeny wee bit on the advanced side. She was getting a real Star Wars or Star Trek vibe. The displays that scrolled down the forward window shut off as the craft landed and powered down.

Buffy was subjected to another calming smile from the woman. “Nous ani Anqueetus. Nous asorda.”

“Thank you,” replied Buffy, hoping she didn’t look as nervous and confused as she sounded.

Demons she could handle. Strange people, not so much. There was that whole disaster when her mom got that new boyfriend and he turned out to be a robot or when she was a freshman at USC and her roommate, Kathy, had been evil. Okay so maybe those situations didn’t count. She had to go all Slayer on them in the end, since they weren’t strange after all just evil.

The woman laid a hand on Buffy’s arm to guide her from the ship. She felt Buffy tensing up and shook her head at Buffy’s narrow eyed gaze. “Haud incursis. Ego asorda.”

She studied the woman for a long moment then partially relaxed. She would go along with it, but she didn’t get to live this long as a slayer by being blindly trusting. A sense of caution was so ingrained in her now that she didn’t think it would ever go away, even if she never killed another demon again. The woman saw Buffy’s small nod and guided her down the ramp that opened from the rear wall of the ship. The two men followed behind them chatting in that unknown language that sounded almost familiar, yet completely foreign.

They exited the bay and Buffy was surprised that the inside of the city didn’t look like some crazy version of the Enterprise. The walls were done in a soft teal trimmed in brown, with wall fixtures shining down soft light, and potted plants dotted the spacious corridors. It was an unexpected but welcome sight. At least these people weren’t the coldly, efficient people of tomorrow that science fiction writers liked to angst about. If they had taste then their society couldn’t be all bad.

They passed people in the halls all dressed similarly to the three who had found her. The same soft cream tunics and pants or skirts, but the styles varied with the way they were cut. The passing people looked at Buffy with open curiosity and she looked at them with much the same expression. If they could do it, then so could she.

They came to a door and it split open with a quiet, not quite-hissing sound. Inside was a row of beds with unfamiliar equipment around the room. A middle aged man greeted them with a smile, his cheery blue eyes, landing intriguingly on Buffy. He tore his eyes from Buffy and looked to the woman and men who stood around her. The air quickly filled with sounds of the unknown language, as they rapidly spoke to one another so fast that Buffy just tuned out, since she had no hope of understanding. Finally, the new man nodded and made a motion for Buffy to follow him.

He led Buffy over to an examination table, leaving the trio who had found her standing there. She watched him closely as he went to a nearby counter and removed from it a metallic bracelet. Gently, he took Buffy’s hand and she reluctantly let him slip it around her wrist. Before her eyes the bracelet changed shape, fitting snugly around her wrist. Horror washed through her and she tugged quickly at the unmoving bracelet.

“It will not harm you,” said the man suddenly in perfect English, even if it was a little accented.

Surprised, Buffy dropped her arm. “You speak English?”

The man cocked his head. “Is that what you call your language?”

Buffy nodded, feeling confused and a little relieved that he could understand her. Then understanding dawned as she looked to the bracelet then back at him. “This is some kind of language translation device isn’t it?”

He nodded. “Yes, you are correct. The device is used often by my people when encountering other races with different languages. To me you are speaking my language and to you, I am speaking…” He smiled at her dumbfounded expression. “English.”

“Well, cool,” replied Buffy, not really knowing what else to say. “So I guess you’re a doctor, huh? Got a name?”

He chuckled. “I am Hermius. I am the chief physician here in Atlantis. What’s your name, young one?”

“I’m Buffy,” she replied, watching curiously as he waved a device over her head and her heart. “Is this really Atlantis. As in Atlantis, comma the.”

Hermius raised an eyebrow. “It is the only Atlantis that I know of.” He sat down the device and smiled at Buffy. “I have deemed that you are healthy, and risk no chance of becoming ill from foreign viruses by prolonged contact with my people.”

The three who had found her were waved over and the woman spoke, this time in the same accented English that Hermius spoke in. “Good. You have a translation bracelet. I am Trilia. Welcome to Atlantis. We have a great many questions of you.”

Buffy blinked a little, amazed at formal she sounded. “I’m Buffy. Nice city. Any chance you guys have a Delorean or something so I could get home?”

“I don’t know what that is but we have a Stargate and addresses of many worlds,” Trilia trailed off and paused. “But I do not think the answer will prove to be so simple.”

“You want to run that by me one more time,” said Buffy slowly.

One of the men from earlier stepped forward. He was a few years older than her, and had a pair of soft brown eyes that combined with his dark black hair made them seem almost amber. “My name is Ophion. And if you will accompany us we can take you before the Atlantean High Council. They will answer all of your questions.”

Buffy hopped off the bed and flicked back a lock of hair. “Then lead on.”

She waved goodbye to Hermius as they left and she fell in step with the three leading the way. The second man turned and smiled at her, baby blue eyes shining underneath a curtain of gently curling blond hair. He was older than her but seemed younger than the other two, his eyes always twinkling as if he knew a joke no one else knew.

“I am Apollos,” he said, smiling widely at her. “Those are some interesting garments you wear.”

Buffy smoothed out the imaginary wrinkles in her cashmere sweater, returning his bright smile. “Thanks. It’s Donna Karan. It was half off, and I couldn’t pass up a deal like that.”

Apollos smile dimmed as he mentally processed her words, clearly confused. “I do not understand.”

Buffy chuckled. “It’s okay. You’re a guy. Most don’t understand good fashion.”

“I suppose not,” said Apollos slowly, contemplating if he was being teased or not.

They passed the door to the hanger bay from earlier and went down a set of steps into a large open room. It was a two floor room that was as nicely built as the rest of the city with its stained glass windows and lit stairs leading to the upper floors, containing a center of operations that overlooked the main floor. At the center of the first floor raised on a spacious platform was a huge ring. Buffy frowned at the strange artifact. It didn’t look special, but it obviously radiated some importance for it be positioned so. She walked up the stairs toward operations, following the others past workers mining control consoles.

“This way,” beckoned Trilia, leading them to a wall that suddenly opened, revealing multi-paneled doors.

Buffy was lead into a spacious conference room that was already occupied. The doors quietly closed behind them, and she stared around at the curious, expectant faces that gazed at her from their seats around a large triangular table. Buffy took an empty chair next to Trilia with Ophion and Apollos sitting to the left and right of their seats. The tabletop softly glowed with a soft white light and Buffy was beginning to think these people really, really liked technology. And something told her that she hadn’t seen anything yet.

An older man with graying dark hair and serious blue eyes watched her for a moment and then said, “We welcome you to the city of Atlantis, friend. Your arrival on Lantea was quite an unusual feat. Our sensors detected a surge of exotic particles rupturing space around the mainland and our people went to investigate. Instead of the tear in space we initially detected, we found you. Are we right to guess that you are far away from home?”

“You’d be right,” remarked Buffy. “I’m from a different dimension. I came here by accident. There was a battle and I was leading my people against…. invaders,” she improvised, going for the PC approach. No need for the full monty just yet. “The portal they came from wasn’t anchored to one specific dimension, but it breached many dimensions all at once. One of my friends was able to reverse its flow, sending back all the…invaders. I got caught up in the reverse flow and here I am.”

Buffy applauded herself mentally. She had managed to keep all her cards to herself. There was no telling how these people would react to demons or her being a slayer. It could be good or bad and since she was here all alone, there was no way she wanted to take that chance.

“So…” she said clapping her hands together, smiling charmingly at the faces around the table. “Any chance you people can get a girl back home?”

“Moros, I’ll tell her,” said a white haired woman, laying a hand over his hand.

“I am sorry,” she apologized, her face grim as she addressed Buffy. “From the scans our people took of you when you first appeared, we were unable to detect a quantum signature from you. None at all. Its probable that it now matches this dimension’s signature, but the original imprint that marked you as a dimensional traveler is gone. Without it we cannot find your dimension from all others, and return you home.”

“So,” said Buffy struggling, barely managing to control the emotions that raged inside like a terrible storm that slowly gathered strength till it rose in ferocity to tear apart cities. “I’m stuck here.”

The woman nodded sadly, her gray eyes watching Buffy with sympathy. “I am sorry. But there is nothing you can do. You are more than welcome to stay here in Atlantis with us. We are a people of knowledge and we would love to know more of your people, and where you hail from. I am sure that you can learn much from us as well.”

Buffy smiled at the woman, but it was empty and forced, lacking all warmth. She didn’t let her inner emotions show no matter how much her soul screamed, and her mind refused to accept that this was the end. There had to be a way. There was always a way. No, surely Willow or one of the others would... No… they wouldn’t. After ripping her from Heaven and returning her to life, they promised never to dabble in those magics again. They had sworn on it. They wouldn’t take that chance again.

“I thank you for your kindness,” said Buffy, keeping the quiver from her voice with a great act of will.

Moros nodded at her three rescuers. “Please, show her to the quarters assigned to her.” He looked at Buffy and she caught a glimmer of sympathy behind his cool blue eyes, but it was gone as quickly as it appeared. “I know this is difficult news, so please take time for yourself.”

Buffy managed a nod and followed behind the others, vaguely realizing that she was even moving. Her thoughts raced through her mind. Last moments, softly spoken words, and quick smiles floated past her minds eyes, and she wondered was it enough. If those were her last moments with her friends and family did she make them count?

“This is your room,” said Ophion, motioning toward a door that opened at his whim.

She stepped inside gazing numbly at the sparse room. One bed, a window, desk, and an adjoining room that was probably a bathroom. They quietly bid her goodbye and she received another round of sympathetic smiles that made her want to scream. She didn’t need sympathy. Not for this. Not after everything else she had been through in life. No one had been around to offer sympathy or a pat on a back during those end all crisis. That didn’t break her and this wouldn’t either. She would get through this. She was Buffy Summers. Older living slayer in history. Commander of destiny’s chosen warriors, the slayer army of might.

She was Buffy Summers. The girl who missed her home. Her friends. Her family.

As she sank to the floor, Buffy dimly registered that it was raining in the room. It wasn’t till later when she wiped her cheeks that Buffy realized she was crying. Looks like Atlantis was going to be her new home for the foreseeable future.

I was inspired to come back to this story after falling back in love with Stargate Atlantis and its season four finale. That episode just gave me this sudden urge. For those wondering. This story takes place in an Atlantis that is exactly twenty years before the Ancients evacuate through the Stargate for Earth. Buffy will eventually meet the Earth expedition from SGA but it won’t be instantaneous. This girl has a journey before her.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Converging Intersections" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 8 Mar 08.

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