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Converging Intersections

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Summary: Buffy finds herself gone through another portal. At least she didnt die this time. Only now she's stuck in a wondrous city filled with people called the Ancients. Could be worse, right?

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The Fall

I don't own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or anything associated with it. It belongs to its creator Joss Whedon and whoever else owns it. Also, Stargate and all related characters are the property of MGM Television Entertainment. This piece of literature is simply the work of a humble fan.

:::Author Notes:::

This takes place after the series finale, Chosen, of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. As far as the Stargate timeline, you’ll see. It will be definitely be geared toward Stargate Atlantis though, later. Much later.

This was not a good day in Buffy’s book. The portal was a shimmering whirl of blue and silver light that shone in the night sky, like a great rip into the very fabric of space. Demons, monsters, and creatures that assail people in night terrors poured from the portal connecting from this dimension to the infinite cosmos. Buffy assessed the army of girls behind her. They weren’t normal girls anymore than she was. The determined expressions on their young faces mirrored her own. They were slayers. Every one of them. At the front lines standing at her side were her friends, family, and comrades-in-arms. The Scoobies. Roars, growls, and howls drifted through the air as the supernatural army of creatures formed ranks as they exited the portal. Buffy’s fingers wrapped tighter around the metallic handle of the slayers scythe. She could feel the weapon energize her, filling her very soul with a sense of pure power and making her skin tingle delightfully.

The fields of Stonehenge was never a place she envisioned a battle deciding the fate of the world would take place. So was Cleveland, but she gotten used to that quirky Hellmouth. This attempt at initiating the apocalypse had gone further than some of the others they had stopped before. They almost didn’t catch it. If it wasn’t for some local do-gooder group, called the Fellowship of St. Michael, they never would have known.

“You ready, B?” asked Faith over the noise, shooting Buffy a rakish grin.

Buffy put on her own devil may care façade. It was never a good idea to let the junior girls see the big bosses sweat. “Five by five.”

That got a laugh from Willow from her spot next to Xander and Kennedy. Already her eyes were shining a dark green, and her hair bled white with the power she was drawing in. Buffy nodded at Xander and he smiled and winked. Buffy half smiled. The creatures across the clearing were screamed a challenging charge, and as one they moved forward in a wave. Buffy raised the scythe. Here we go, she thought, pushing away the fear she felt and letting the slayer part of her being take over. Her nerves pulsed and the thirst for battle filled her throat till she could almost taste it on her tongue.

“Let’s go!” shouted Buffy, raising the scythe and rushing forward.

Her hazel eyes flashed with hunger and passion as she ran forward with the army of slayers at her side, the song of battle singing inside their bodies as it was her own. The two armies clashed together in a chorus of yells, and eruptions of spilled blood. The scythe whistled as it sliced through the air cutting into the throat of a ferocious looking demon the size of a large bull. Buffy twisted, spinning the powerful weapon around in a sweeping arc, and beheaded two hellhounds lunging at her simultaneously. All her senses were alert and the scythe was keeping her on task, the ancient power feeding her with a never-ending rush of energy. All they had to do was hold the line and keep the demons at bay till Willow could reverse the portals flow, and send all the supernatural creatures back where they came from.

“Keep it together girls!” yelled Faith over the battle noise, as she uppercuted a troll. “This aint over yet!”

Buffy felt a wave of gratitude toward the other slayer. It was a relief to know that she wasn’t the only senior slayer the other girls looked to for leadership. It was a weight on her shoulders that she didn’t mind sharing. Without warning the ground began to shake, and the portal swirling above their heads pulsed with a brilliant white light.

Willow, glowing in a halo a white light, arms extended at her sides shined like a beacon in the night. Her long hair the color of freshly, fallen snow moved about in the current of raging power. Her eyes glowed a startling white from edge to edge, like two minature suns.

“By the power of Hera, Kaili, Isis, and Hecate!” incanted Willow, her voice filled with power echoed loudly across the fields. The very Earth itself shook at the weight of her words, as she called on the power of ancient gods long ago worshipped. “I summon thee to this circle round!"

There was a sudden shift in the air and the portal pulsed brightly, beginning to suck in the creatures. They were ripped from the ground, alive or dead and sucked into the glowing portal. Buffy grinned. They had won. Relief surged through her heart. Another apocalypse averted. Buffy failed to notice the clawed hand that wrapped itself around her ankle till she felt a pull on her leg. She shouted but her voice was lost in the midst of the outcries from the hundreds of screaming creatures. The demon had an iron grip on her leg and didn’t loosen its grip, as she soared into the air lost in the sea bodies and twisted forms of beasts around her. There was no way she was going to let this happen. Not like this. No way. Giving a great cry her body filled with adrenaline. Buffy grasped at the scythe that was sheathed on her back, and hacked the hand clean off.

It was too late. Instead of falling toward the ground the portal drew her into its depths. And no one saw it happen.

The portal wasn’t like most portals they had encountered. The portal didn’t have an actual connecting point since that wasn’t its purpose. The mages that had instigated this apocalypse hadn’t just zoned in on one of the numerous Hell dimensions. The portal was tied to the cosmos and it transversed into multiple dimensions. All the demons and supernatural creatures as they entered the tunnel were returned to their world of origin that matched their own quantum signature. For everything had a quantum signature. Even the tiniest grain and the biggest star. It was a universal imprint. No two dimensions had the same quantum signature, each were unique to that one universe. Buffy felt herself falling through a blackness that gripped her consciousness. The darkness was everywhere. She saw a light here and there, and then it was gone before she could focus on it. The darkness was oppressing and it pulled her under into its tendrils sending her into unconsciousness, for no human could comprehend the space between dimensions.

Unlike the other creatures that were returned to her world, Buffy was left falling through the blackness. Then the Powers that Be stepped in. It could have been easy to return their Champion back to her dimension, her friends, and the aftermath of the battle. But no. They had plans for this one. Usually, they weren’t free to act their will directly onto the lower plane but this was their territory. It was time to fix the breach that had thrown off the balance of this particular slayer’s world. Buffy Summers resurrection had given the side of darkness an upper hand, and an opening that had laid to waste many of the foretold destines of future warriors and champions. No, Buffy Summers couldn’t return to her world. With her gone the balance would be set right, and darkness would again be at an equal level with the side of light. In the higher planes the Powers that Be gathered, and a new destiny was etched into stars for Buffy Summers. They came to an agreement. The slayer known as Buffy Anne Summers was taken from the blackness of nothing and sent on a new path.

Ten feet above a green field, so like the one Buffy just fought on, a portal opened in the sky. It stretched out growing in length and shape till a whirling mass of green and blue light hung in the air. Buffy’s unconscious body was ejected forth, falling limply through the air and she hit the ground hard on her back. The portal hovered for a few minutes till it sucked in on itself, and winked out in a flash of white light.

Buffy felt hands on her body, touching her neck and wrists. Hazily, she opened her eyes and caught sight of two men and a woman. They were waving square shaped devices around the area and then over her. The men wore cream-colored tunics and pants, accented with brown. The woman wore a long skirt and short jacket in the same color scheme. She was tempted to make a joke about Ralph Lauren running out of clothing ideas but her head was pounding too much and she was forced to close her eyes again. As soon as her eyes closed, what alertness she gained vanished and she was in that state between conscious and unconscious.

In her lethargic condition she caught only a few words between sentences. They spoke in a language that reminded her of the Italian that she learned in Rome. She briefly heard the words “dormata” and “offensa”. It sounded close to what she knew sleep and hurt meant in Italian. She felt hands lift her up and haul her onto a stretcher or something similar. It was almost instinctual to struggle but she could barely muster the energy to move. Her whole body thrummed with tiredness and an ache that left her weak. All the while she kept catching snippets of conversation in that strange language. The soft speaking voices lulled her into a peaceful state and she fell back into total unconsciousness.

Buffy awoke again feeling better than the last time. The pain in her body and head had faded till it was barely noticeable. Ah, slayer healing at its best. Got to love it. She spun around on the bench she laid on. Frowning, she looked around at the unfamiliar surroundings. She was in some type of cargo hold. It was a small closed space with two doors. One to her left and right. Buffy rubbed her hands on her jeans and winced at the grass stains covering the sleeves of her white cashmere sweater. Damn. Those were going to be hell to wash out. Sighing, Buffy stood up and slowly made her way toward the door that held a small view port. She didn’t see the Scythe of the Slayer anywhere and she had a feeling that she had lost it in that dark void she drifted in. Kennedy was so going to never let that go.

Suddenly, the port-less door closest to her retracted up and she came face to face with a startled woman. Buffy recognized the woman from earlier. Her skin was fair and her eyes were the same color as the brown hair brushing her shoulders. Buffy gave a small smile that she hoped look non-hostile and friendly. It must have worked because the woman took a step forward.

“Es vos puteus?” asked the woman.

Even though Buffy didn’t understand she could easily hear the concern in the woman’s voice. “Who are you?” asked Buffy. Seeing the woman frown in confusion, she tried again in Italian. It was the only language that she knew that resembled whatever it was the woman was speaking. “Chi sei?”

The woman shook her head in confusion. Buffy sighed. Great. This was starting off just lovely. She must really be stuck in the Twilight Zone. First thing first she had to figure out where she was and then find a way to contact the gang.

“Where am I?” questioned Buffy, uselessly.

That question didn’t get her an answer. Not that she was expecting one. The woman gestured Buffy to follow her. They entered into the front compartment. There were four seats in the section. Two seats were occupied by the two men she had seen earlier. They were piloting the ship at bulky consoles before the large view port that occupied the entire forward section. They turned and regarded her curiously and the woman said something to them in their language. Buffy was more focused on the view before her. It took her breath away. They were flying over a sea of water so blue that it took her breath away. She had lived in the California her whole life and even then the water hadnt been this blue or that beautiful. What came next did more than take her breath away.

“Holy Shit!” Buffy couldn’t help shouting at the sight before her. The others couldn’t help but regard their guest with looks of amusement.

A beautiful city stretched out before them. The tall towers and smaller structures were lit making all the buildings gleam in the dark of night. The city was built on top of a platform that was fixed into six angular pylons in a snowflake pattern. The largest skyscrapers were gathered in the middle area and resembled sentinels the way they shone brighter than the other buildings. The city was unlike anything Buffy had ever seen. She almost had to pick up her jaw from the ground. Wide eyed she looked at the people and the city they were flying toward. For the first time she began to realize that maybe she was very, very, very far from home. And she had a really sinking feeling that maybe she was in a different dimension. That was never a good thing anyway you said it.

The woman smiled kindly at Buffy. She gestured at the city below. “Exspectata ut Atlantis.”

Buffy’s head snapped around sharply. She didn’t have to understand the woman word for word to understand. She knew exactly what she had called the city before her. Atlantis. She was looking at the lost city of Atlantis. Last time she checked it never existed. Oh yeah, she was definitely in another dimension. The other three looked at her strangely as she stomped back into the cargo room muttering, “Dammit!” over and over again.

This was definitely not a good day.

I might just make this a One Shot. I see more happening in this, but it depends on if people are interested in seeing more. If so, I can say that I plan to have Buffy eventually meet the Stargate Atlantis crew.
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