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Keeping the Faith

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Summary: A ficlet serial featuring Faith. Will crossover with Highlander and SG-1.

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Stargate > Faith-Centered
Highlander > Faith-Centered
mariahFR13149,63447431,11620 Aug 065 Aug 11No

December 2007

“Daniel?” Cameron Mitchell walked smartly into Danny's office where Danny was examining a particularly puzzling clay shard from P4X-332. “You coming to the Christmas party tonight?”

“No.” Danny didn't look up.

“But – girls! I've got pretty girls and beer!” Cam sounded mock offended. “You need to get out from underground sometimes.”

“I've got plans.” Daniel pulled a file from the stack of papers on his desk. “Thanks for reminding me. I need to run these papers over to admin.” Danny stood up and headed for the door, papers in hand. They were the update for his contact information. After a long and difficult conversation in the car on the way home, and another once they had arrived. Faith had agreed to be his wife. They would marry in New York on the twentieth, and then head to England to meet her family and he would go with her on the annual ski trip to Switzerland.

“You're not interested in girls, and drinks, and fun?” Cam danced a little on his feet, while blocking the door. “You know, sex, drugs and rock'n'roll?”

“I have a lady, and drinks, and plenty of music to enjoy at home.” Daniel gave Cam a pointed look as he tried to pass. Faith had to make a three day run to LA before flying to Cleveland. SG-1 was shipping out in two days. This was the last night they would be together before they met up in New York.

“You have a woman?” Cam stopped cold as General O'Neill stepped up to the doorway. Cam looked at Jack. “Did you know Danny has a lady friend?”

“Really?” O'Neill wore his serious “all military business” face until he registered what Cam had said, and then he grinned. “Danny has a gir-rul... Danny has a gir-rul...” He feigned hurt. “You have a girl? You didn't tell me? How long? Is she pretty? Is it serious?”

“Yes, I have a girl. Almost four years. She's beautiful and we're marrying in two weeks.” Danny tried once again to push past Cam to leave his office. “Speaking of which, I need to update my emergency contact information and submit my request for time-off.”

“Time off?”

“We are going to England and Switzerland for the honeymoon.” Daniel finally made it past the two military men and went down the hall towards the elevator.

“England?” O'Neill looked puzzled.

“Switzerland?” Cam looked after Daniel's retreating back.

Jack watched Daniel with a confused look, then hurried after him. “You're getting married?”


“Anyone I know?”


Jack stopped Daniel in the hallway. “What about Vala?”

“Vala?” Daniel looked at O'Neill, confused. “What does Vala have to do with anything?”

“Well, everybody knows you two like each other.” Daniel rolled his eyes, unwilling to dignify the statement with a response. “And...” Jack seemed to grasp at straws. “We haven't met her yet.”

“No, you haven't.” Danny pushed the button for the elevator to the admin floor.

“I didn't know you had a girlfriend.”

“You didn't ask.”

“But... but... You were grieving Sha're, then there was Vala.” O'Neill used his fingers. “And you don't have a very good track record with marriage.”

“What is it with you and Vala?” Danny stepped into the elevator.

O'Neill jumped in right before the doors closed. “But aren't you worried about her feelings?”



Daniel chose to ignore that comment. “And Sha're and I had a very happy marriage, thank you very much.”

“She tried to kill you.”

“Are you saying that Sha're was responsible for the actions of the gou'ald that stole her body?”

Jack looked chagrined. “Sorry. Foot in mouth disease.” The doors opened. “Can I start over? When can we meet your girl? Maybe after the next trip?”

“We are planning a party for after the wedding. In February.” Danny stopped at a door which led to the administrator's office. “You'll meet her then.”

Jack turned away and then stopped himself. “You never said her name.”

Daniel smiled, and Jack felt his heart drop. Danny was head over heels with this girl. “Faith. Faith Giles. Soon to be Faith Jackson.”
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