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Keeping the Faith

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Summary: A ficlet serial featuring Faith. Will crossover with Highlander and SG-1.

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Stargate > Faith-Centered
Highlander > Faith-Centered
mariahFR13149,63447431,06420 Aug 065 Aug 11No

June 2007 -- Cleveland

June 2007 – Cleveland

Faith was coming down the stairs when she heard Willow's voice floating from the living room of the Council house.

“Poor Robin. It must be really hard for him to have to work with the little bitch.” She heard a few chuckles. “I don't know how he manages to be civil to her, after what she did to him, leaving him high and dry.”

“Oh, well, she's only here two weeks out of the year. It's not like he has to see her much.”

The conversation was halted by high pitched squeals as Robin and Olivia's three-year-old twins Ada and Finn bolted through the room followed by eighteen-month-old Camille. Keisha, Andrew's youngest slayer trailed after them, scolding the children as they piled happily into Willow and Kennedy's laps. Faith rolled her eyes as she heard the red-haired witch and her slayer lover cooing over Robin's admittedly beautiful children. Robin did make beautiful children. Kennedy's voice held a trace of righteous anger. “I know. It isn't fair to Olivia, having to put up with the whore in her home. Faith should at least have the decency to stay in a hotel. Instead the children have to be exposed to her. It's not right. Besides, the Council would pay for her to stay in a hotel.”

Faith heard Willow sigh and she could imagine her body language from the stairwell. “It's a shame, but Giles has a blind spot where Faith is concerned. Robin is so lucky to have Olivia, I don't know what he would do without her and the kids. She certainly helped him keep the pieces together after Faith abandoned him.”

Faith felt a gentle hand on her shoulder and looked around to see Giles above her on the stairs, his face a Ripperish mask of fury. She felt his hand shaking on her shoulder as she wiped her face. It was wet. Why was her face wet?

Faith heard the heavy footfalls that marked Xander's usual loping stride. “Faith left Robin because he cheated on her, Willow. She came home to find him in bed with Olivia.”

“Robin's not a cheater. He wouldn't do that.” Willow protested. “Besides, it not like Faith doesn't sleep with anything that moves. I'm sure she was cheating first.”

“Faith was completely faithful to Robin. She never cheated, she loved the bastard. To the best of my knowledge, she's been celibate since the divorce.” Well, she'd had three lovers in the last four years, but Xander didn't know that. Pre-Robin, she'd had that many in a week.

“Are you going to spend Yule with me and Kenn in Brazil this year, Xander?”

“No, you know I always spend Christmas with Giles.” Xander answered.

“Come on, it'll be fun, like old times.” Willow argued.

“Nope, already have my tickets to London. Sorry, ladies. Gotta go.” Xander's cheery facade was cracking. As he left the room he looked up to see Faith eavesdropping, and his already sour face turned into a scowl as he passed by. Faith knew he wasn't angry at her, but at Robin. He and Robin had never seen eye-to-eye, and Robin's behavior towards Xander since the divorce had been downright disgusting. Of course, the only one to witness Robin's nastiness had been Faith. In front of others, including Giles, Robin never showed his true face.

As Willow and Kennedy herded the children out the back to play. Giles looked at Faith. “Did the Council ever reimburse you for the house?”

“Huh?” Faith was confused. “This house? No. I still own it.”

“Does Robin pay rent?”

“Hell, no. I asked him to, and he said I owed him the house for the privilege of being married to him.” Faith shrugged, wiping at her face.


“Yeah.” Faith gulped back a sob.

“You still love him, don't you?”

“Yeah.” Faith smiled through her tears at the elder watcher and whispered. “The bastard.”
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