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Keeping the Faith

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Summary: A ficlet serial featuring Faith. Will crossover with Highlander and SG-1.

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Stargate > Faith-Centered
Highlander > Faith-Centered
mariahFR13149,63447431,06420 Aug 065 Aug 11No

June 2007 – Colorado Springs

Faith used the garage door opener in her bike-trunk to open the garage. Blue's sidecar and trailer sat under their covers in the far corner of the two-car garage. Parking Blue, she pulled her duffel from the trunk and let herself into the kitchen. There were four bottled Starbuck's mocha frappucinos in the fridge, and she helped herself to one on her way to the shower. Faith blamed Buffy and the mini-mes of Cleveland for that addiction. Luckily Danny was as addicted to caffeine and sugar as she was, and kept a steady supply of the poison on hand. He bought them by the case at Costco once a week. Faith had been riding for twenty-eight hours straight from Cleveland, stopping only for food in Chicago and Omaha. She was now at her destination, and she had three slayers to meet in four hours. The early morning light flooded the kitchen from the south-facing windows. Danny kept a neat house. It was pristine other than the high stacks of books that littered the dining room table and the coffee table in the living room. Knick-knacks and artifacts from his various digs filled the floor to ceiling shelves, taking up every inch of space not occupied by books.

Reaching the bedroom, she saw Danny's form under the covers, alone. Course, to her knowledge, she was it for Danny. Danny had been it for her for two years running. Not by any plan or intent, just accident. She knew his wife was dead and that he worked long hours, but that was all. She didn't talk about her past, other than “Divorced, not pretty,” to which Danny had replied, “She's dead, also not pretty.” By mutual consent, they didn't discuss the topic any further. They also didn't discuss work. Danny knew she trained three women in town in hand to hand combat. Danny had given her a strange look when he had met her “students”. She'd winked and said “classified,” the same answer Danny had given when she'd asked what an Egyptologist was doing in Colorado Springs. He'd smiled a knowing smile and said, “Fair enough.” They did, however, talk about just about anything else.

By the time Faith had lathered her hair, she felt a male body slip beside her in the two-person shower in Danny's luxury bathroom. “Good morning, Danny.”

“Good morning, Faith. Long ride?”

“Yeah, but it's good to be the hell away from Cleveland.” Faith purred as Danny lathered her back.

“How long are you here for?”

“Two weeks.” Faith turned to see Danny smile a big smile. “Think you're gonna get lucky?”

“I'm already lucky. There's a beautiful naked girl in my shower.” Danny smirked. “I”m also on leave for a week for a sprained ankle – I think I might have to tag along after you for the next few days.”

“Be my guest. Better bring some of those musty old books of yours, it's going to be boring. Lots of sparring with Lizzie, Tamika and Mae.” They were the three slayers in Boulder, Denver, and Colorado Springs, respectively. Liz was forty-five, divorced, and would pick Tamika up from her foster family for the two weeks. Liz had started adoption proceedings to adopt the cute four-year-old slayer. Faith always put Tamika and Liz up in a two-bedroom suite at the Broadmoor for the two weeks. She and Danny usually ate almost every meal with them at the hotel. Mae was in her second year at the Air Force Academy. Arrangements through Riley's unit allowed her to meet for specialized training four weeks out of the year – in June before she went to her summer assignment, and again before Christmas holidays.

“Will do.”
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