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Keeping the Faith

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Summary: A ficlet serial featuring Faith. Will crossover with Highlander and SG-1.

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Stargate > Faith-Centered
Highlander > Faith-Centered
mariahFR13149,63447431,06420 Aug 065 Aug 11No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR18

June 2007 – Colorado Springs

Nothing overt, its not smut. -- Just adult situations. Putting in space for those who wish to avoid it.

Faith always thought Daniel looked cute in bed. His hair was slightly rumpled, his glasses askew, and he leaned against the headboard holding a large book that was at least two hundred years old. Faith couldn't resist a tease. “Light reading, Danny? Aramaic, is it? James' books of Prophecy, I believe.”

“Huh? Yes.” Danny continued reading for about twenty seconds until he registered what Faith had said, and looked at her in surprise. Faith nearly doubled over laughing when she realized she had seen the same befuddled look on Giles' face whenever she pulled a similar stunt.

“You know, I do have brains to go with these good looks.” Faith put her hands on her hips – the scolding look was slightly ruined by the fact that she was wearing a midnight blue silk teddy that was cut up to there and down to, well, there, too. Her hair was nearly waist-length now and hung in loose waves down her back. Danny looked up and gaped like a fish. “That's the third edition, from White Gryphon Press there are some major errors in it.”

“You read Aramaic?”

“Well, sure. I'm completely fluent. Isn't everybody?” Faith smiled sweetly at him as she crawled across Danny's bed. Daniel was suddenly much more interested in the teasing glimpses he was getting of Faith's nipples than the musty old book. “But really, you need to go with the second edition. Much more accurate.”

“I know you are smart, Faith. Brilliant, more like. But you're usually knee deep in chemistry and mathematics texts – or computers – not ancient languages.”

“Languages are too easy – no challenge.” Faith snuggled up against Daniel's chest. “What did my guardian say? I'm a savant – at least when it comes to languages. Everything else I actually have to work at.”

“How many languages do you speak?”

“Speak? Maybe five, six.” Faith counted on her fingers. “But read? Twenty, maybe more.”

“You must have had quite the privileged upbringing to have exposure to learn so many languages.”

Faith snorted. “Hardly. My mother was a crack addict, and my father? Who knows, someone she had sex with for drugs, most likely. I don't come from nice people, Danny. I'm not a nice girl.”

“I've seen you with Tamika, Faith. You have the patience of a saint. That little girl is like a jackrabbit on steroids.” Danny rolled to his side and propped himself up on one elbow so he could look Faith in the eyes. Faith felt herself withering under his gentle gaze – she never understood how Danny could look at her as if she was someone he respected. Nobody respected her, except for maybe Giles and X. Feared her, maybe. But respect? No. “You are one of the hardest working people I know. You come back from a full day of teaching those three, covered with sweat – you must be exhausted. You never lose patience with Tamika when she's bouncing off the walls; and you don't let Mae tell you she's too old to do anything. Amazingly, Mae meets any challenge you put before her. And then -- you come home and buckle down with those thick chemistry texts and study for hours. I've watched you.”

Faith shook her head. Daniel just didn't know what she was. What she was capable of. Others feared her – they were right. Even Angel feared her. Or, they were disgusted by her. That was right, too. Robin was one of the people who was disgusted by her. He knew she was a whore, even though she'd never told him. She'd been a whore since her mother had told her it was time to earn her keep – and she did. The men had paid up, and her mother would be in coke and heroin for another day or so. When her mom had OD'ed, her dealer had taken her in. She had earned her keep with him, too, turning tricks, selling dope, making movies. He'd tossed her out on the street a couple years later when she was “too old.” She'd been ten.

Her watcher had found her after Faith had lived on the street for a few months. She'd been called not two years later. The day she had walked into Sunnydale, scared, tired of running, and miserable, Faith had celebrated her thirteenth birthday. Or so she thought. Her mom never actually told her when she was born.

No, Danny didn't know what she was. Faith wasn't going to tell him, either. She didn't think she could bear to see the look of disgust on his face that she'd seen on so many others. Faith wanted to be the person that Danny thought she was. The busy pre-med student who paid for her distance ed classes by bouncing around the west teaching martial arts. But she knew, deep down inside, that she'd done so many bad things that she'd never be clean. There was no way to make up for what she'd been, what she'd done.
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