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Mixed Up Marriages

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Summary: Booth, Bones, and the Squints find themselves in interesting situations with Buffy, Willow, and the Fang Gang post-NFA. Darn those inconvenient portals...

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Television > Bones > Multiple PairingsMaeveBranFR1854,7591129,39921 Aug 0616 Oct 06Yes

Mr. and Mrs. Pratt

Title: Mixed Up Marriages: Mr. and Mrs. Pratt

Author: Maeve Bran

Rating: FR18

Summary: Angela Montenegro and Spike find themselves in an interesting situation in a Hell dimension.

Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy or Angel or Bones.

Notes: This is complete CRACK and not part of any series I have going. It is the fourth of five stories that tie together for the Marriage Law Ficathon.

The daily treks to the portal site continued for another month. One day the trek took longer than usual because Booth had begun fussing over Buffy since her pregnancy had started to show.

Brennan and Hodgins were amused at the antics of the former FBI Agent. Illyria couldn't care less about another of the insects coming into existence. Angel, however, was missing Connor all the more, especially since Brennan had told him that very morning that she too was in the family way. Angel had reacted rather well since he was a vampire and shouldn't be able to have children, Connor not withstanding. The group was even more determined to get out of the dimension before anyone else got sucked into the dimension or Illyria turned up pregnant, too.

They had reached the site and were looking around again, when the portal opened yet again. Once they noticed the beginnings of the blue swirl, Hodgins and Brennan started to pay particular attention to the atmospheric conditions around it. Then the swirl got big enough for transport and two people came tumbling out. This time, it was Angela Montenegro and Spike. Spike started to freak out because of the sun, causing Angela put her hand on him to calm him down, and in the process she managed to grab his bare hands. Those pesky field workers did their job and before anyone really could figure out how this had happened yet again, Angela and Spike were married.

Spike and Angela were given quarters in the same wing as the others, warned about the video cameras and then left alone. They stood there starring at each other for a while.

"Did you ever imagine yourself in a fix like this, luv," Spike asked as an ice breaker.

"I never did, Spike." Angela replied, then made a face. "I think I may need something other than Spike to call you."

"What's wrong with Spike? Don't fancy yourself married to a weirdo named Spike?" Spike smirked.

"Not that. I've dated circus people. I just think it would be nice to have a real name instead of Mrs. Spike," Angela replied.

"Oh that. When I was alive my name was William Pratt. It has been over a hundred and twenty-five years since I went by that, luv. But I suppose I still am William Pratt on paper. Does that work for you?" Spike answered.

"Sure does, William." Angela replied with a twinkle in her eyes. Spike stepped forward and put his arms around her. She reached her arms around him and he kissed her. It was tentative at first but as they both started to get into to it, the kiss turned passionate.

Clothes started flying in all directions and their breathing became erratic. They backed up towards the bed, but they missed.

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