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Mixed Up Marriages

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Summary: Booth, Bones, and the Squints find themselves in interesting situations with Buffy, Willow, and the Fang Gang post-NFA. Darn those inconvenient portals...

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Television > Bones > Multiple PairingsMaeveBranFR1854,7591129,39921 Aug 0616 Oct 06Yes

Mr. and Mrs. Booth

Title: Mixed Up Marriages: Mr. and Mrs. Booth

Author: Maeve Bran

Rating: FR18

Summary: Booth and Buffy find themselves in an interesting situation in a Hell dimension.

Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy or Angel or Bones.

Notes: This is complete CRACK and not part of any series I have going. It is the first of five stories that tie together for the Marriage Law Ficathon.

Special Agent Seeley Booth was somewhat bewildered. He knew how he had got into this predicament but he couldn't quite believe it. He was in a Hell dimension and would be marrying Buffy Summers in a matter of minutes. Not that he was complaining about his bride; Buffy was a pretty, competent, self-reliant woman with super powers. But the idea of being forced to marry a woman because he had touched her bare arm when helping her up from their fall through the portal from Los Angeles was disconcerting.

Buffy was led by a serving maid into the chamber. She was draped in white silky cloth from head to toe and had additional sheer, filmy material draped over her as a veil. She was mostly hidden right down to gloves on her hands. She reached out a hand to Booth as the Official started the local ceremony. It was mercifully short with only one question asked to each of them; when they answered in the affirmative they were pronounced married.

"You will be given lodgings, but to ensure that you aren't just going through the formalities, there are video cameras hidden in the suite." the Official said. "May your marriage be blessed," he intoned as he bowed and left.

Booth and Buffy exchanged worried glances. There wasn't much they could do; they had been threatened with prison for refusing to marry. While they could do prison on principle, they couldn't find their way home from prison. They had conferred briefly before agreeing and decided that they had a better chance together and free, so they would marry and continue searching for away home. Video cameras hadn't been mentioned.

"Queen Violetta, the Darling, decreed that all marriages must be true marriages no matter the reason for it," said the maid as she lead them down the corridors. "We have lost many of our citizens in raids from our neighbors so she is simply trying to increase our population. Queen Violetta, the Darling, is a wise and bountiful ruler."

Booth and Buffy exchanged glances. "So is it just video, or is there audio too?" asked Booth, a little worried.

"Only video. We aren't completely perverted, just trying to ensure our Kingdom's survival," the maid answered, offended. "Here we are. This suite is yours for as long as you wish. There are, sadly, many unoccupied living quarters here in the palace these days. Back fifty years ago these were the rooms for the commander of the guard for the second born daughter to the King and Queen."

Booth and Buffy entered and the maid left. The room was all white marble and sandalwood. It had a wide marble veranda and a beautiful view of the sea. The bed was huge and covered in silk and silk covered pillows. It was really rather luxurious. Buffy didn't really notice, though, she just stood still in the center of the room, afraid to move. Booth came up behind her and put a hand sympathetically on her shoulder. She nearly jumped a foot in the air.

"I'm sorry to have startled you. How about we take that veil off?" Booth calmly suggested.

Buffy took his suggestion and removed the veil. "How can you be so calm about this, Agent Booth?" she accused.

"I'm not calm, but I learned long ago to try to appear so," Booth answered. Then his famous 'charm smile' made an appearance. "Also, I think you should call me Seeley. After all, you are my wife and there isn't anything here for me to be an Agent of."

That brought a weak smile to Buffy's face, "I'll try to remember, Seeley."

Booth looked around and finally settled on a chair to sit down in and gestured to Buffy to do the same. She settled hesitantly on a chair facing him.

"Relax, I'm not going to jump you," he said. "I think we have some time before they come and force us into bed if we haven't..."

Buffy relaxed a little at his comment. "It's just unsettling. This isn't the way I pictured my wedding."

"You pictured it with Angel didn't you," Booth stated.

"Yes," Buffy agreed.

"Tell me about your relationship. I gather it was complicated, with him being a vampire and you being a slayer," Booth fished.

"You have no idea. That wasn't the half of it. The curse that gave him back his soul had a clause that he didn't know about," Buffy said. "If he achieved perfect happiness, even just a moment of it, he'd lose his soul. "

"Let me guess, he had a moment of perfect happiness," Booth looked at her face, "From the look on your face, I'll venture that it happened when he was with you. I'll also guess he got his soul back since he didn't kill me when we met a week ago."

"You'd be right on all accounts," Buffy said. "My history with Angel is, well, complicated."

"I have no problem with that. I also know that I look like him. I can't help that. You can't help your feelings for him," Booth assured her. The he got up and went over to her. "Sooner or later we have to...." Booth trailed off, letting Buffy fill in the blank.

"Yeah. Sooner or later," Buffy agreed.

He sat down on the arm of her chair and put an arm around her. It was unsettling, Angel's face on a warm body with a pulse.

Buffy found herself curious what it would be like to be with Booth. It wouldn't be Angel, but maybe the next best thing, or maybe even better. No curse to worry about and a warm body in bed instead of a room temperature one. Buffy stretched up and brought her mouth inches away from Seeley's. "What are we going to do now?"

He moved his head and kissed her tentatively. Then he moved back an inch to speak, "I think we do what we have to and make the best of it." Seeley flashed his famous 'charm smile' again, which got a laugh out of Buffy. He pulled her close and started to undress her all the while kissing her neck and back.

Before Buffy knew it she was naked and laid out on the bed.

Several hours later, Booth awoke to find his wife curled up as far away from him as she could get and still be in bed with him. He swore he could hear her faintly crying. He reached out a hand to her shoulder. "Buffy," he said quietly, not knowing what else to say.

"Booth," she answered.

"Wanna talk about it?" he asked just as quietly.

"Not really," she answered. "But you do deserve an answer. It is just that I feel like I betrayed him. And that makes me feel like I've betrayed you too," Buffy moaned mournfully.

"I won't pretend that that doesn't sting a little, 'cause it does, but you have every right to feel that way." He reached to slide her closer to him. "Buffy, I worry that if you try to sleep there, that you'll roll off on to the floor. So come here and I promise not to bite."

That got a chuckle out of her. Buffy slid over and curled up into his arms and slept the night.

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