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Blue Moon Rising

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Summary: BTVS Finale Spoilers, Willow goes to St. Louis to play the game of diplomacy . . .

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Anita Blake > Willow-Centered > Pairing: JasonEenaAngelFR1832,8872146,35430 May 039 Jul 03No

Frisky Shifters And Vampire Clowns

***S7 Finale Spoilers***

Summary: After the events of the S7 finale, Willow heads to St. Louis to play the game of diplomacy . . .
Notes: No Willow/Kennedy relationship for this fic.

Part One-Frisky Shifters And Vampire Clowns

Giles was going to die.

It was inevitable. There was no way he was going to last out the week. Willow was going to make sure of it. Giles was going to die at her hands for putting her in the middle of this gigantic mess with nothing more than an encouraging pat on the head.

Couldn't he have at least given her an axe or something? Because as of right now, there wasn't much standing between Willow and any supernatural thingy that wanted to throw her down and have their way with her. Some of it had to do with the stench of magic covering every single last part of the redhead's body. But most of it had to do with the personalities of the people she was visiting.

Was there something in the St. Louis water-supply that made all these shapeshifters extra horny? Now there was an interesting thought. She could conduct a whole science experiment on this phenomena. What about St. Louis makes shifters really frisky-climate, water, population-what? Maybe it wasn't anything in St. Louis making them that way. Maybe one really frisky shifter showed up here and then sent out an invitation to all the other really frisky shifters to come and put up shop in the city. Come one, come all, to the first frisky-shifter friendly city in the world!

Oh great, now she was starting to sound a bit crazy.

Willow shook her head, trying hard not to draw any more attention to herself and her companion from the other creatures in the limo. She sent a sideways glance over to Vi, her only line of defence against anyone that got out of line. The young Slayer offered her a weak smile back, one that faded from her features when another leer was tossed their way by their escort.

Why on earth would the Master of the City send such a hormonally-driven individual to pick up dignitaries from the airport? Was this one of the things that this Jean-Claude vampire did that made the Vampire Council so angry? Did he allow such obvious lack of respect to be shown to all of his visitors, or was this something special just for Willow and Vi? Whatever the reason, Willow had already decided that this was one tick against Jean-Claude in her books.

Too bad the whole reason behind this trip was to kiss enough vampire ass so that the reconstruction of the Watchers' Council could go unhindered. Really too bad, because otherwise Willow could have long ago turned this Jason fellow into a rat.

But then again, she might just be getting ahead of herself. It wasn't like Jason had done anything offensive. It was just that he flirted so shamelessly and relentlessly that it kind of stunned Willow. She wasn't used to getting this much attention from any member of the male sex. And add onto that, his flirtation wasn't just limited to her. He was winking and sending double entendres Vi's way as well, and that was not right. Vi wasn't even seventeen years old yet! Willow wasn't even sure if it was legal to flirt with someone Vi's age the way Jason was. And if it was, it shouldn't be legal. Someone should think of the children.

"So, what's the deal with the Watchers trying to come back?" Jason started off once more, flashing a mega-watt smile Willow's way. "We've all heard some crazy rumours, but no one knows the real reason why any of this is going down."

"Well, what have you heard?" Willow asked him, her voice tight with tension. Damn this werewolf! He made her so goddamn nervous! She gave herself another mental shake and steeled her features accordingly. Jason just smiled at her attempt, leaning back in such a way as to show off his rather nice upper body which was clad in a sinfully tight white shirt. But then again, everything Jason was wearing seemed to be sinfully tight. How on earth could he breathe in those pants?

"Well, there's this rumour flying about, that the line of the Slayer got really messed up," he finally revealed, brushing blonde hair out of twinkling blue eyes as he measured Willow up. "They say that there was this witch, this incredibly sexy redheaded witch, who changed everything everyone has ever known about the Slayer. They say that she did away with the Chosen One rule and decided to call each and every last potential Slayer in the world."

"Who's 'they'?" Vi interrupted, her voice shaking just a bit but her eyes glowing with strength. Man, ever since Vi had been called, the girl had done an almost complete 180. She was strong, vocal, and a lot calmer than she used to be. Her voice still shook when she spoke to this rather shameless flirter, but only a bit. And it was gone as soon as she noticed it.

But again Jason just dismissed this with a grin. He winked at the young Slayer, leaning forward and resting his elbows on his knees until his faces was only a foot away from Vi's.

"'They' are everybody," he replied, dropping his voice to a sensual purr. "Werewolves, leopards, rats, vampires-you name it, everyone's heard about it. Kind of makes everyone wonder if it is true."

"Everyone like the Vampire Council?" Willow interrupted, drawing the wolf's attention away from Vi and back to her in an instant. Jason shrugged, his grin never dropping or fading a bit.

"Yeah, Jean-Claude would also like to know," the blonde werewolf replied easily. "After all, when there ended up being two Slayers at a time, none of the undead were all that pleased. But now that there's a possibility that an army of Slayers is just milling around, waiting to be unleashed on the night, well, they've all become a bit ansty."

"Better to be ansty now rather dead for real," Vi retorted sharply. "Whatever happened on the Hellmouth happened because we were trying to save the skin of everyone on this planet. And we did it with the only plan available to us. Now if these vampires would like to complain about it, well they can just shove it. Because when the First was rearing its head I didn't see any of these high and mighty chumps anywhere around."

"You're fiesty!" Jason chuckled. "Anita's going to like that. Jean-Claude might not, but then again he might like it anyway. He certainly enjoys it when Anita talks back to him."

"Anita being his human servant, correct?" Willow asked, her mind racing as she tried to pull on all the information Giles had given her before sending her on this trip. Anita Blake, renowned necromancer, vampire executioner, and rumoured human servant to the Master of St. Louis.

"That's Anita all right," Jason confirmed. "But word of advice: don't call her a human servant to her face. She has real issues with that word 'servant'."

"We'll keep it in mind," Willow assured him, falling back into silence. Jason just continued to grin, sending a curious look Vi's way. No doubt he was trying to find out what she was. He had known Willow was a witch the instant that he had laid eyes on her, but Vi had stumped him from the get-go. And Willow wasn't about to clue him in on what Vi was just yet. Better to keep her companion's Slayer status a secret for as long as they could. Willow had a feeling that these people might not give a Slayer the best reception.

The redhead came out of her thoughts as the limo that had they had been ushered into from the airport began to slow down. Jason turned his head to look out the window, both Willow and Vi following suit. The driver carefully pulled the long car into a parking lot, driving slowly past a large structure that had a circus feel to it. Willow narrowed her eyes, reading the large sign hanging next to the building.


"Why does the clown have fangs?" Vi whispered to Willow. The redhead shrugged, her eyes also set on the image on the sign as well. It looked just like your average clown, grotesquely painted face, large wide grin. The only problem was the fangs. Why did it have fangs?

"Didn't you know about this?" Jason asked them suddenly. "I thought someone would have told you before you came."

"Told us what?" Vi demanded. Jason shrugged, nodding up towards the sign the two girls had been puzzling over seconds before.

"About the circus."

"The Master of the City lives in a circus?" Willow asked, her disbelief evident.

"Yeah," Jason affirmed. "He owns it. The only supernatural circus in town. Regular shows and everything."

"You mean it's a circus with vampires and werewolves and stuff?" Vi wondered. Jason nodded and then flashed them another bright grin as the limo came to a complete stop. The blonde werewolf jumped out of the vehicle quickly, stopping by the open door and offering Vi a helping hand out. The Slayer looked at the proffered hand uncertainly before accepting it and allowing Jason to pull her out of the car. Willow followed suit, ignoring the lustful look in Jason's eyes as she remained focus on the building before her.

Circus of the Damned. Giles didn't say anything about this.


The End?

You have reached the end of "Blue Moon Rising" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 9 Jul 03.

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