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Blue Moon Rising

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Summary: BTVS Finale Spoilers, Willow goes to St. Louis to play the game of diplomacy . . .

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Anita Blake > Willow-Centered > Pairing: JasonEenaAngelFR1832,8872146,35430 May 039 Jul 03No

Blue Moon Rising

***Spoilers for S7 Finale***
**Fourth Teaser in the Upcoming Fics poll at my group**

A/N: I'm sure people have noticed the abundance of new stories being dished out. Well, the reason is I have this contest/poll going on at my own group, Willow_Others, letting my members decide which stories I should write. These teasers are from a list of 12 new ideas I had and are designed to help my group members decide on what they want written. Most likely ten of these twelve will not be continued for a little while. Sorry if that disappoints anyone.

Title: Blue Moon Rising
Author: eena_angel2001
Rating: R
Category: BTVS/AB
Pairing: W/Jason
Disclaimer: Don't own any of them.
Spoilers: S7 for BTVS, and NIC for AB.
Summary: After the events of the S7 finale, Willow heads to St. Louis to play the game of diplomacy . . .


She still didn't understand why she had to be the one to do this.

Yes, the job needed to be done. It was a whole new world out there, and considering the things that had happened to the world in the past few years, that was saying a lot.

Things were so different now. They were all starting over again, many because they finally had the chance to, and others because they had no other choice. The destruction of the Hellmouth had resounding repercussions for the rest of the world and steps needed to be taken so that the reconstruction could go as smoothly as possible.

This meant a return to tradition, as well as a throwing out of it as well. Some things needed to put be back in place, but changed in the way they operated. Point in check, the Watchers' Council needed to be rebuilt. There were hundreds, even thousands, of Slayers awakening all over the world. They needed to be contacted, needed to be found and have things explained to them so that their lives wouldn't fall into pieces because of their newfound abilities.

The Council was the best solution at the time. Yes, most Watchers all over the world were dead, thanks to the First, but there were still so many other people around who could be just as useful as Watchers. The Council was going to be rebuilt, revamped, and released with an entirely different game plan in mind than before.
Now it would serve to find the Slayers and to teach them about their powers insteading dictating a life of hardship and death to them. Slayers would be given a choice: fight the fight or live your life as if this never happened. It was surprising how many people actually chose to stay and fight the fight.

However, the rebuilding of the Council would take time and the cooperation of several different people. The former, rigid Council had made enemies of several different groups all over the world, including their Vampire counterpart. None of these groups were too keen on the idea of the Council being reborn. In fact, some of them were damn hostile to the whole idea. Steps needed to be taken in order to assure these people that the Council would not be the same body it was before. It would work for the better of Slayers all over the world, no longer interested in vying for power with these other strong groups. Even the makeup was going to be different.

Hell, there were going to be Slayers on the Council. And that was just plain unheard of. Things were going to be different, and in order for the new Council to succeed, others had to be convinced of that.

And that's where she came in. Little Willow Rosenburg, only she wasn't little anymore. She would never again be considered that little redhead who was nothing more than a mouse. Not since she had gone on her black magic trip and tried to end the world. And especially not since she was the one who triggered the release of Slayers all over the world.

Though her and her friends tended to keep those kinds of things secret.

But she was still Willow Rosenburg, thought to be the most reasonable and rational Scooby of the whole lot. She was the only one Giles would ever consider sending out to play this complicated game of diplomacy, the only one he thought that could pull it off. Buffy and Faith were no good, always quick to jump to the physical offensive when things got tense. Xander didn't have the common sense to be diplomatic, always very vocal about what he wanted to be done. Besides, his very real prejudice against all things dead made him a bad candidate for the job. And Giles himself couldn't go since he was busy in London, organizing the few that he could in an attempt to recover all those new Slayers from across the globe.

That left her and Andrew. Giles very wisely chose her. Even though she had been volunteering Andrew to go in her stead.

She honestly didn't know what Giles was thinking. Sure, she was the most level-headed of the group-which says a whole lot about the group-but that didn't mean she was right for the job. Sending someone like her into that kind of situation was just asking for trouble. And for one very good reason:

She reeked over magic.

Ever since she had done the spell, triggered all those Potentials in a last-ditch effort to stop the First, Willow hadn't been able to get the smell of magic off her person. It wasn't even a subtle scent, it was a big, honking obvious scent that drove the preternatural to her side in hordes. She went to LA to check up on Angel and nearly ended up with the vampire ravishing her. It took Fred, Gunn, Wesley, and Faith to pry Angel off of her, and he was still foaming at the teeth then. It took him awhile to calm down and explain what had happened, after which Giles promptly locked her up in his house in London. He didn't want to risk having anything else attempt what Angel had attempted upon seeing her.

And though she had been assured that the scent had worn off quite a bit, it was still there. Angel could control himself around her, though sometimes he got this look in his eyes when he saw her. It made her blush and made Xander hit Angel a lot. And while she trusted Angel not to act on that feeling he got every now and then, she couldn't say the same for some random Master vampires she had never met.

And she was pretty sure self-restraint wasn't a virtue that vampires neccessarily prided themselves on.

Sending her in was a gamble in itself. Though Giles was assured that she could handle herself should the vamps in question get too frisky, she had to try and avoid defending herself with magic. They needed these creatures to be their allies, and that meant turning them into rats wasn't an option.

But she had to go. There was no way around it. They had to find all those Slayers, had to help them so that they knew how to control themselves. The Slayers needed the Watchers' Council, but before the Council could come back, it needed the seal of approval from the Vampire Council.

Giles had chosen her as his dignitary, and the Council had chosen theirs to be the Master of St. Louis. Willow knew about this particular Master, knew that he was dating a Vampire Executioner that had quite the reputation among monsters. She also knew his relationship with his own Council was less than perfect. She knew something was up, it had to be for them to choose this vamp in particular, but she didn't know what that was. And to find out, she was going to have to go to St. Louis.

Goddess protect her. She was going to need it.

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