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Summary: Not the most original title, but it'll do for now. Any FFAs that aren't part of the other stories. Just in: Satsu/Hajime Ichinose (Gatchaman Crowds)

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Don'tcha? (Fred/Tommy Oliver)

Title: Don'tcha?
Author: JoeHundredaire (
Rating: NC-17/FR21.
Pairings: Winifred Burkle/Tommy Oliver
Disclaimer: Someone not me (but probably Joss Whedon) owns the Buffyverse and all related characters. The Power Rangers franchise (especially with the raping of the Japanese sentai series) is a copyright nightmare. Let's just go with 'not mine' and leave it as that.
Summary: Tommy wishes his girlfriend was a freak like HER. Thankfully, Kim's not that hard for them to dodge…
Joe's Note: The entire fanfic came out of just an odd thing I noticed from the way footage was spliced in an episode of Power Rangers. In the sentai (Japanese version), there's one less Ranger and so the Ninja Megazord is all five's worth of zords. In America, we had Tommy and so they constantly added in the Falconzord so he wouldn't be left out. This leads to scenes with the five in one cockpit and him in another. Here's one potential answer as to why.

'Don'tcha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?
Don'tcha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me?
Don'tcha? Don'tcha?
Don'tcha wish your girlfriend was raw like me?
Don'tcha wish your girlfriend was fun like me?
Don'tcha? Don'tcha?'

     Winifred Burkle slid the wrench between her teeth as she pulled a screwdriver out of her tool belt and started adjusting the electronics inside the control panel. While physics and mathematics were closer to her comfort area, robotics had always seemed a bit interesting… and it wasn't like she had anything better to do. Tommy was amazed at how fast a learner she was. She'd been dropped into their world and by the time they destroyed their last set of zords, she was ready to help maintain the new ones.

     That was a bit of a point of contention, actually. She'd appeared in a bright blue flash of light in the middle of their Command Center out of nowhere one day, a girl who technically didn't exist. At least not on their Earth. She had nowhere to go and nothing to her name, and so she'd been adopted by the team as the team technician so that Billy could have more of a life.

     A year later, they used her to their own ends but the trust still wasn't quite there. Except for Tommy, whose trust actually led to Kim trusting her less, although the dynamics there were a whole other matter. Smirking, Fred reached into the panel and tweaked something. Poor little Kim had no idea how right she actually was to be jealous, even if she couldn't prove it yet.

     The Falconzord shuddered beneath her and Fred cussed loudly as she was tossed around like a rag doll. Damnit. As soon as the Rangers brought the new zords back from the Temple of Power, she'd gotten into them and begun poking around. Nobody else knew beyond her and Zordon, but the most powerful of the Ninjazords had a fully sentient AI inside it named Tsubasamaru.

     It was slow going, getting the AI to open up and trust her, but she was getting close to convincing it to reveal the location of the lost Shogunzords. Accordingly, Zordon had told the Rangers that she was doing maintenance and the zords were not to be called except for in extreme emergencies. If Falconzord was going somewhere… it meant something really bad was happening. Double damnit.

     "Fred?" Contorting her body, Fred shifted from lying on her back to kneeling under the control console and peered up at Tommy. Tommy pulled off his white and gold helmet, staring back down at her with wide eyes. "What… what are you doing here?"

     Fred laughed and looked down pointedly at the tool belt around her waist. Her relatively bare waist, which matched her relatively naked form. The zords were meant for battle and not comfort, and got pretty damn hot and stuffy after a while. She'd stripped down to her black bra and panties about an hour into the project and since they hadn't warned her that they needed the zords… no wonder Tommy's eyes were so large. "Gee, why could I possibly be here? Zordon did tell you that I was working on the zords right now, didn't he? Which raises the question… why are you here?"

     Putting his helmet down to free up his hands, Tommy stepped forward and began tapping at the console. "Monster attack. Zordon told us the zords were working enough to fight. I guess he didn't warn you." After a moment, he stepped back and blushed. "Do you want to climb out of there? Maybe teleport back to the Command Center?"

     It was a lot easier to be naughty, Fred discovered, when nobody would ever know about it. Back in high school and college, marijuana had been her courage and some nights she smoked like a chimney. But here… here obscurity was her courage.

     Only eight people (if you counted Alpha 5 as a person) in the entire universe knew she existed, only one of them knew what she was doing, and he certainly wasn't going to tell. Back home, she never would have pictured herself as the homewrecking mistress type, but in this strange new world… where nothing else she did affected people… it made her feel real, in an odd sort of way. "Or I could do something else."

     "What are you… Fred!" Tommy tried to dance away from her hands but when the necessary controls to keep the Falconzord aloft were located directly over her head, it was a losing battle. "What about the others? As soon as we get to the battle, I need to dock with the Ninja Megazord and Kim will be right next to me! I don't think she'll be able to ignore the fact that you're…"

     Running one hand up and down over the hardening bulge in his white spandex pants, Fred smiled up at him. Her free hand deftly grabbed the small control laptop that she had jacked in to interface with Tsubasamaru. Tapping out a command, she waited for confirmation and then reached up to grab his waistband with both hands. Yanking downward, she smirked at the sight. The team's costumes had built-in undergarments, meaning just one easy to remove layer between her and her goal. "Too bad the subroutine to allow you to transfer to the Ninja Megafalconzord cockpit with the rest of the team is mysteriously offline at the moment. It's an odd system to go out of order, but you were warned not to use the zords because I was busy doing work on them."

     Tommy let out a laugh that turned into a moan as Fred's fist wrapped around his shaft and began to pump him slowly. "You're a genius, Fred. An evil genius, but a genius."

     "Mmm, I know." Leaning up, Fred licked the tip of his dick. "You tell me that every time I come up with a way to do something like this." The fact that they kept doing something that needed to be carefully hidden should have, again, made her feel bad… but nothing. Oh well. Tilting her head a bit to stare up at him, Fred kissed the head of his cock before wrapping her lips around it.

     Kim never did this for him, according to Tommy. That accounted for the worshipful expression on his face every time she did, Fred reasoned, bobbing her head slowly. One of his hands dropped to gently rub the back of her head, urging her on, and the other was still busy making sure they didn't fly into buildings. Not that they would. Tsubasamaru was too smart to do something like that.

     "Tommy, we need you!" Fred ran her tongue back and forth along the underside of Tommy's cock as Rocky's voice filled the cockpit. How had the team ever survived without him? Shrugging, she tuned the battle out as one hand slid up the inside of Tommy's thigh to cup his balls. Not her problem. At least with Tommy here, the inertial dampeners would stay on and she wouldn't go for a ride with every climb or dive.

     Above her, Tommy was talking and the hand on her head left to manipulate the controls. Fred smirked as best she could with a full mouth as she heard Kim's voice, and then slid Tommy further into her mouth. He jumped and bit his lip to keep from moaning across the com channel to his girlfriend. He was right, she was so evil sometimes.

     Green flashed in the corner of her eye and Fred looked down at the Matrix-like code flowing over the screen of her laptop. The Eltarian was going by too fast to get a good look at, but it was probably the docking sequence. Her guess was confirmed as a dull thump and the whine of clamps marked the Falconzord connecting. Then both of Tommy's hands dropped from the console and code was the last thing on her mind.

     Tommy slid both hands into Fred's thick brown hair, getting a good grip before he thrust himself fully into her mouth. He stayed there for a moment, just staring down into her eyes, before he pulled back until just the head was rubbing against her tongue and repeated the harsh stroke. Her eyes watered a little but Fred didn't mind. Sometimes, it was fun to be rough.

     They settled into a rhythm, Fred playfully straining at his grip as he stroked quickly in and out of her mouth. One of her hands was busy between his legs, squeezing and tugging gently at his balls, as the other cupped and teased her breasts. She knew he liked the visual and that they were racing a clock. Monsters didn't last too long against the Power Rangers; those that did, the zords didn't tend to survive the battle. They had a window of five minutes or so, usually less, to play before things would end one way or another.

     "So close… almost there…" Tommy began to pump his hips faster and Fred sucked faster in response; she could feel a bit of the very steep dive bomb that signaled the use of the zords' final attack even through the dampeners, and knew time was almost up. "Ugh… oh yeah! Fred!"

     That was her only warning before something warm and sticky shot into Fred's mouth, and she swallowed it down eagerly. Really, some girls had the weirdest hang-ups. Or maybe it reinforced the reality of what they were doing. Either way, Tommy liked to cum in her mouth and Fred liked it when he came in her mouth. It worked out well.

     Fred licked her lips as a tiny bit escaped her mouth and then stretched languidly. Tommy's eyes dropped from her face to where her hard nipples strained at her bra, then further down to where her skimpy black panties barely covered her. It was nice to feel wanted, even if just on that level.

     "We won?" Fred rose to her feet as Tommy pulled his pants back up, waiting for him to adjust things before settling in against his side. Too bad they wouldn't have time to do more at the moment. Oh well. That's what Kim's gymnastic practices were for.

     "We won." Tommy smiled at her and then reached for his helmet. Appearances had to be maintained, after all. "Now I just need to figure out what to tell them about my late appearance."

     Fred rolled her eyes and moved away, bending at the waist to give Tommy a good look at her ass as she said goodbye to Tsubasamaru and packed up her laptop. Really, she logically knew she was smarter but did he have to remind her? "Tell them the truth. Or at least without the naughty parts. I was doing work, the zord wasn't working properly, I had to fix things."

     Now hopefully she could find her pants before they returned to the Command Center…

     "Tommy, you were absent for a portion of the battle." Zordon peered down at the group from inside his plasma tube. "It allowed the monster to do damage to the Ninjazords before you joined with your friends to defeat it. Do you have an explanation?"

     Tommy let out a nervous laugh from his position next to Kim, who was glaring at Fred like it was her fault. Well, technically it was, but the Pink Ranger didn't actually know that. "Fred was still in the Falconzord doing some kind of work. She had to bring half the systems back online before I could link with the megazord. And I still got stuck in the cockpit."

     The gaze shifted to Fred, who nodded at Zordon. The mention of her work in THAT zord would kill the conversation, lest their secret come out. "Very well. Next time, I will attempt to give her better warning that you will require the zords. And Fred, perhaps you can devise a way to more efficiently bring the zords back online if this does happen again."

     "Sure can. Ya'll just took me by surprise. One moment, I was laying there working and the next, I'm rolling around because the Falconzord's taken off." Fred gave Zordon a wide smile that she then turned on the other Rangers. "Of course if anyone here thought to keep me up to speed on what you're doing…"

     That generated guilty looks; the only time she even knew there was a battle half the time was because she lived in the Command Center and it was hard to miss. But since they didn't trust her, they didn't keep her in the loop, which was their passive-aggressive way of trying to push her out without having to come down on the opposite side as Tommy and Zordon in the fight.

     Kimberly was the first to crack, latching onto Tommy's arm. "Weren't we going to a movie tonight?" He nodded and shot Fred an unreadable look before the pair dissolved in a burst of pink and white light. One by one, the others made their excuses and left as well.

     Fred smirked and licked her lips, Tommy's taste still in her mouth. Kimberly thought their closeness was odd and wondered about them sometimes, but brushed it off because Fred was generally so quiet.

     Nobody ever suspected the quiet ones.
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