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Summary: Not the most original title, but it'll do for now. Any FFAs that aren't part of the other stories. Just in: Satsu/Hajime Ichinose (Gatchaman Crowds)

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If You Could Only See (Dawn/Chloe Sullivan)

Title: If You Could Only See
Author: JoeHundredaire (
Rating: PG-13/FR15.
Disclaimer: The DC Universe, what all with the comics and multiple creators and movie rights and television shows and other stuff is a copyright nightmare. Never quite figured out who owns the Buffyverse, but I know for a fact that it's not me. Not mine, on either count.
Summary: Nobody can see the way she loves her, but it doesn't seem to bother Chloe that much…
Joe's Note: I wrote this because I was hoping to do a Dawn/Chloe FFA but it was already taken. But why the hell would I write something and not post it? So have some fic anyways. This is set after the finale of Buffy, after any further seasons of Smallville (this is set a year after Chloe graduates college, so essentially what would be Season 9 if they ever got that far) and after Batman Begins but before The Dark Knight.

'If you could only see the way she loves me,
Then maybe you would understand,
Why I feel this way about our love,
And what I must do.
If you could only see how blue,
Her eyes can be when she says,
When she says she loves me.'

     "How do you do it, Sullivan? How do you keep scooping me on these damn stories?"

     Looking up from her laptop, Chloe Sullivan grinned at the irate Vicki Vale. In the redhead's hand was that day's edition of the Gotham Gazette, complete with Chloe's latest front page article. Even the photo was hers, giving her a double helping of praise from both sides of the aisle at the newspaper. It made her glad that she'd taken Jimmy up on his offers of photography lessons before she left Metropolis. "What can I say? It's a gift."

     Vicki scowled and slammed the paper down on Chloe's desk, causing her belongings to rattle. "Enjoy your Batgirl story praise while it lasts. Batman is bigger news and one of these days, I'm going to find an in like you have and then I'll be the one living on Page One."

     "How's that working out for you?" Chloe smiled as she picked up the newspaper, holding it up to show Vicki the photo of Batgirl and 'BATGIRL FOILS ARMED ROBBERY!' in bold type over it. "Because from where I'm sitting… doesn't look like it's going too well."

     Letting out a screech loud enough that the entire floor stopped to stare at her, Vicki tore the newspaper out of Chloe's hands and stomped off towards her cubicle. Chloe smiled at her coworkers before returning to her work.

     Three years ago, she never would have pictured herself in Gotham. Heck, a year ago she never would have pictured herself here. She'd been working her way up through the ranks of the Daily Planet, her best friend Clark and her cousin Lois were her world… and then everything went to hell. Clark's cousin Kara showed up, ending any chance Chloe had of getting back with Jimmy and replacing the blonde in Clark's life. Clark finally accepted his alien heritage and turned into a superhero almost overnight. And the most shocking, Lois had been on hand for his dramatic public debut and managed to sell a story to the Daily Planet. A front page story, even.

     Her best friend no longer such, her career ambitions trumped by her own cousin, and her boyfriend in the arms of a girl who could pick up city buses for fun, Chloe fled the Midwest. She'd headed east with a few thousand dollars she'd saved up, her Volkswagen Beatle, and a prayer.

     Now she was the star reporter of the Gotham Gazette, replacing Vicki Vale as she used her Wall of Weird experience to pry into the growing world of supervillains and costumed heroes. Unlike Vicki, she was willing to overlook the biggest presence in the city, Batman himself. Chloe hadn't wanted to start an alpha female fight off the bat, and so she'd dove into researching the other forces at work in the city.

     And so while her competitor scrambled to find a clue as to the identity of Gotham's first hero, Chloe made a killing thanks to the costumed capers of a girl her own age. A girl who saved people and still made time for her, unlike Clark.

     Life was funny sometimes.

     Kate Kane scowled and threw the newspaper across the room at her younger companion. "I'm telling you, you're not taking this seriously enough! We're trying to clean up the city, not become a public sensation."

     "And you're taking this too seriously! If those guys hadn't been carrying guns that YOUR family sold them, would you still as bitchy today?" Dawn Summers crossed her arms over her chest and waited for a response. Kate's mouth worked for a moment before closing and she shook her head. "Yeah, thought so. I don't see why we can't do both. Batman already has some sort of in with the cops, so getting the public on our side is key. Unless you want to be getting shot at by cops AND robbers?"

     Rubbing her temples, Kate dropped onto the couch behind her and lay back. "I was hoping we could avoid the publicity thing entirely and be in and out of crimes before the cops could arrive. Like Batman is, when he's not actually working on stuff for Lieutenant Gordon's division." Turning her head, she looked over at where Dawn had curled up in an armchair with the Gazette. "And I'm sure who writes those articles has nothing to do with why you're pro-publicity, eh?"

     Dawn blushed lightly and raised the newspaper to hide her face. "I have no idea what you're talking about."

     "Uh huh. I'm sure."

     "It doesn't. I enjoy my time with Chloe, yes. But if she wasn't a reporter, I'd find a way to spend time with her anyways. This is just easier." Dawn lowered the paper a bit and peered over the top. "Speaking of avoiding our resident donut-munchers, I seem to recall one of us sticking around to talk to the cops bringing the crooks we stopped a few nights back. How is Renee these days?"

     Now it was Kate's turn to blush before throwing one of Dawn's own lines back at her. "I have no idea what you're talking about."

     Dawn laughed and raised the newspaper again. "Come to think of it… you're the one who doesn't want to attract attention, but I wear black body armor and YOU usually wear a skintight black and red catsuit. Especially on nights when a certain officer is supposed to be on patrol in the same area as you. How does that work?"

     "I plead the Fifth."

     Chloe popped another piece of sesame chicken in her mouth before looking over at her dinner date. There was something oddly hilarious about watching a girl in a black, bat-themed costume eat Chinese food from white cartons, and a snicker escaped her. Dawn looked over and Chloe shrugged. "Sorry, still can't get over how abnormally normal we are. It's funny."

     Nodding, Dawn used chopsticks to carefully extract a piece of her own General Tso's chicken, holding it out to Chloe. The blonde leaned in to accept it and Dawn smiled. "Hey, just because our dates are mostly work-related doesn't mean we can't do normal couple stuff. Like dinner."

     Yeah, they definitely weren't normal. And crap, Dawn really liked spicy food. Chloe swallowed and then took a sip of her soda. The only reason she knew her girlfriend's name was because moaning 'Batgirl' got kinda weird for both of them when they made out. But she didn't know Dawn's last name, where she lived, or what she did for a living. Hell, she didn't even know how to get ahold of Dawn; she kept her nights free and most of the time Dawn would call and tell her where to meet.

     Even when they were intimate, it wasn't normal. Kissing a girl in a full body costume complete with a cowl was very strange… no hair to run her fingers except for the brown tresses that streamed out in the back near the bottom, and the hardness of Dawn's armored body took some getting used to. And every single time they went all the way, it was with the lights off in Chloe's bedroom and Dawn was gone before she woke up again, usually leaving behind a note pinned to her bulletin board with a Batarang.

     But for some reason, unlike in her past, it didn't bother her that Dawn kept secrets. Like when Clark had. She was curious, but there was no burning need to violate the trust Dawn had in her and go digging. Chloe knew the boundaries of what she could and couldn't know, Dawn explained why that was, and that was that. And even though she'd never seen Dawn's entire face except for one or two times, lit by the soft moonlight coming through her curtains… "I love you."

     "I love you too." Dawn smiled and tossed her empty carton into a white plastic bag, collecting Chloe's refuse and adding it to the collection of waste. Tying off the bag, she leaned over the edge and dropped the bag. Chloe watched as it dropped twenty stories to land on a large pile of garbage bags awaiting pickup in the morning. "Ready to go?"

     Chloe nodded and tugged her backpack on. She felt so high school with it on, but… "Got my camera, got my laptop, two tape recorders, and lots of batteries. We're down at the docks tonight, right?"

     Nodding, Dawn pulled Chloe tight against her chest and wrapped one arm around her waist. "Yeah. Batwoman's uptown, we're downtown. Hang on tight."

     There was a dull whine as the grappling gun fired and then they were yanked off the ledge. Chloe let out a whoop of delight as Dawn spread her arms, the cape letting out a slight sizzling noise before stiffening into a glider.

     Clark had never trusted her or himself enough to take her flying… to bring her fully into his world.

     His loss.
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