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Joe's FFA Collection

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Summary: Not the most original title, but it'll do for now. Any FFAs that aren't part of the other stories. Just in: Satsu/Hajime Ichinose (Gatchaman Crowds)

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Chicken with the Train (Kennedy/Emma Frost)

Title: I Played Chicken with the Train
Author: JoeHundredaire (
Rating: R/FR18.
Disclaimer: Marvel owns Emma Frost and her related, very cool mutant powers. Never quite figured out who owns the Buffyverse, but I know for a fact that it's not me. Let's just go with 'not mine' and leave it as that.
Summary: Kennedy finds out her friend Emma has a rather… astonishing… ability.
Joe's Note: Well, Kennedy's from New England… Emma's from New England… Kennedy is a flamboyant lesbian… Emma was a really hot teenager… it was a FFA made in heaven.

     "How can you possibly enjoy this? It's dirty, it's hot, and I think a mosquito just bit me on the neck. Can't we go back yet?"

     Charisse Kennedy sighed and rolled her eyes as she looked back at her companion. When her parents had informed her that they were traveling to Connecticut for an under-the-table meeting with the Frosts regarding some business deal, she hadn't been particularly interested. Then she'd found out that the Frosts were bringing their two oldest daughters, and she'd rather abruptly changed her mind.

     Now she was starting to think she should have gone with her initial plan of staying home. "Come on, Emma. I know the idea of actually doing things is appalling to you, but you need to get sun once in a while. A little walking won't kill you."

     "It very well might, Kennedy." Emma Frost sniffed and rubbed at a spot on her skirt. "I think I'm going to have to burn this outfit when I get home. It's going to smell like dirt and trees and…"

     Kennedy snickered at her not-quite-a-friend's complaints. "You mean the outdoors? Oooh, how horrible. Personally, I'd rather smell like the outdoors than sea and pollution stench I bring home from Boston."

     A scowl twisted Emma's features, and then grew as she tripped and nearly fell. "My city does not stink, and even if it did it would be preferable to this." She paused. "Does it?"

     "Boston… has a distinct odor that tends to cling to things. Or it could just be because I like to go down and visit near the docks and stuff." Helping Emma upright, Kennedy leaned in close and sniffed the blonde. "Although I can't really tell with you. You wear a bit too much perfume."

     "Which has nothing to do with any smell, real or imaginary, that comes from living in Boston." Emma pulled away from Kennedy and began walking down the railroad tracks again. "I just prefer to smell like vanilla. And if you want to try getting close to me again, at least come up with a better approach than debating my scent, please? That's about as classy as the yawn and reach."

     Kennedy pouted and followed behind Emma. "Really? Because I thought that was at least a little bit better." The blonde's white skirt swished back and forth gently as she walked and Kennedy licked her lips. Emma had gorgeous legs, and her ass… two years from now when they were both eighteen and didn't have to worry about their parents' opinions, Kennedy was going to pounce Emma and hit that ass like a Mack truck.

     Off in the distance, a train whistled and Kennedy looked up. Their parents had elected to meet in some small town in Connecticut called Essex, where a scenic railroad ran an afternoon dinner train that they could eat and talk business on. While both sets of parents and Emma's older sister Adrienne had opted to ride the train, Emma had no interest in the business talks and Kennedy had no interest in sitting still that long, so they'd opted to wander around the town.

     The whistle sounded a second time, a bit closer, and she knew it was time to start making their way back to the station. "Come on, Emma. We need to get off the tracks and follow them back to the station. Train's on its way back."

     "Finally." Emma turned and stumbled again, actually falling this time. "Ouch! Damnit!" She reached down to rub her ankle. "I think I twisted my ankle." Then she frowned and grabbed her leg, pulling on it several times. "Probably because my boot is stuck. A little help?"

     Kneeling at Emma's side, Kennedy tugged at the blonde's knee-high white boot. Somehow, she'd managed to wedge the heel between the railroad tie, the spike, and the rail. "I think it's a loss, Emma. Just untie it and pull your foot out."

     Emma ignored her and went back to tugging on the boot, bouncing up and down on the tie as she tried to put her entire body weight into freeing herself. "I know you don't care much about your clothing, Kennedy, but some of us do. Do you know how much these boots cost me? I'm not going to let one get run over by a train."

     "Yeah, well, I think the boot getting flattened is a lot better than you getting flattened, Emma!" Kennedy pointed and the blonde looked over her shoulder. The big black engine was running backwards as the train bore down on them, cutting off any possible view the crew might have of the girl laying on the tracks. "Time's up, Emma! Leave the damn boot!"

     Wide-eyed, Emma nodded and started unlacing the back of the boot. Kennedy kept looking back and forth between the oncoming train and Emma, getting more and more nervous as it approached. "Get out of the way, Kennedy. Save yourself."

     Kennedy opened her mouth to say something comforting about how she'd stay till the end… and then she got another look at the eighty tons of locomotive bearing down on them. She scuttled backwards until she was safely on the grass. "And here you thought my bad come-ons were going to be the worst part of your afternoon. See. If you'd given in, we could be making out against a tree right now instead of you being about to die."

     "And if you weren't a girl, I might actually think that was the better option. Seeing as how you are… I think I'll take the locomotive." Emma finally reached the bottom of the boot and pulled her leg out. Hopping to her feet triumphantly, she lunged towards Kennedy… and was hit by the train.

     "EMMA!" Kennedy watched as the impact sent the taller girl flying through the air towards the woods. Then, unbelievably, Emma hit a tree and the thick trunk snapped in half. Her body entered the woods and Kennedy watched as the tops of a few other trees swayed and tipped over. What the fuck?

     The train screeched to a stop behind Kennedy as she ran into the woods, trying to find Emma. "Emma! Emma! EMMA!" It looked a bit like a tractor trailer had driven through the woods, with at least a half dozen huge trees knocked over. The destruction gave way to a deep furrow in the ground and Kennedy followed it to find… "Emma!"

     At least the girl looked like Emma. At least if Emma was made out of a glittery, whitish material. Or perhaps covered with the material; Kennedy could make out blonde hair, blue eyes, and Emma's skin tone but it all seemed muted by whatever had happened to her. Then again, whatever had happened to her had allowed her to survive being hit by a train and toppling a bunch of trees, with only a few odd cracks across her new body to show for it. "What the fuck?!"

     Emma groaned and shook her head as she pushed herself upright. "What are you talking… oh." Her eyes widened as she looked down at herself, slowly moving and twisting her arms to get a good look. "I… don't know."
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