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Joe's FFA Collection

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Summary: Not the most original title, but it'll do for now. Any FFAs that aren't part of the other stories. Just in: Satsu/Hajime Ichinose (Gatchaman Crowds)

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(Moderator)JoeHundredaireFR184261,801635188,79924 Aug 0624 Aug 13Yes

Most Bizarre Ficlet Ever (Illyria/Quagmire)

Title: The Most Bizarre Ficlet Ever Written
Author: JoeHundredaire (
Rating: PG-13/FR15.
Pairings: Glenn Quagmire/Illyria
Disclaimer: Seth Macfarlane (or maybe one of his drug dealers) owns Family Guy. Never quite figured out who owns the Buffyverse, but I know for a fact that it's not me. Let's just go with 'not mine' and leave it as that.
Summary: Illyria makes a visit to Quahog, Rhode Island.
Joe's Note: I have no clue what the fuck I'm on right now…

     Glenn Quagmire looked up from his computer as the doorbell rang and cursed as he tucked himself back into his pants. His perusal of Naughty Bookworms would have to wait a bit. After closing the browser window in case it was someone who'd want to come in, he hopped up and head towards the door. "Coming!"

     When he opened the door, however, it wasn't any of his friends standing on the front step. "Eh? Who are you?"

     It was a strange brunette woman, who he would have remembered if he'd met in the past. Definitely would have remembered. A bit on the thin side, with icy blue eyes, blue streaks in her hair, and she was wearing a tight black and red outfit that left little to his very dirty imagination. She was probably a freak in the sack, too.

     "My name is Illyria." She pointed to a car parked down the street, where a man was cursing and kicking at a flat tire. "My conveyance has been damaged and I require a telephone to call for assistance. May I enter your residence?"

     "A hot chick… in a leather catsuit… standing on my doorstep… waiting to come in?" Glenn licked his lips and tilted his head back to stare up at the sky. "Thank you Lord for this bounty I am about to receive, giggity giggity giggity…"
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