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Summary: Not the most original title, but it'll do for now. Any FFAs that aren't part of the other stories. Just in: Satsu/Hajime Ichinose (Gatchaman Crowds)

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(Moderator)JoeHundredaireFR184261,801635188,80424 Aug 0624 Aug 13Yes

Claws (Kit/X-23)

Title: Claws
Author: JoeHundredaire (
Rating: R/FR18.
Pairings: Kit Holburn/Laura Kinney (X-23)
Disclaimer: Someone inside Marvel owns X-23 (either that or it's the people who did X-Men: Evolution cuz she was there first) and someone who's not me (but may be Joss Whedon) owns Buffy.
Joe's Note: The first one that's NOT part of the Scary Girls universe. And please, no poking me because Kit likes mutilation. It's a topic that came up in X-23's comic appearances because she was a prostitute who served those who had that fetish.

     Kit Holburn scowled as she stomped through the graveyard. Even though Westchester was fairly quiet on the demonic front, there’d been an upswing in vampire activity as of late. Including a mutant vampire or two. So, seeing as how she actually knew how to fight them, she got the ‘privilege’ of skipping Danger Room sessions each evening so she could go patrolling.

     There was a faint crackle of static and then the communicator she wore came alive. “X-23 to Scarlet Witch,” came her partner’s voice. “Come in Scarlet Witch.”

     Raising one hand to her chest, Kit tapped the communicator. “What’s up, Laura?”

     “You know, it kind of defeats the purpose of us having codenames if you refuse to use them,” Laura Kinney replied testily.

     Kit laughed. “Wow, you spoke more than five words at once,” she teased. “Someone alert the media.” She looked down at her outfit, remembering how bad the X-Men had freaked out when she’d chosen the name and costume of Magneto’s daughter. But… “The only reason I chose Scarlet Witch is because it annoys the shit out of the adults,” she reminded Laura. “Doesn’t mean I want you calling me that all the time.”

     There was a soft sigh over the communicator. “Can we focus please? I found the vampires.”

     “So go kill them,” Kit said simply. “I’m on my way, even though you don’t need me. Kit out.” Breaking into a jog, Kit headed towards where she could see several figures fighting near the edge of the graveyard. By the time she got within firing range, Laura had already cut down four vampires and was pounding the hell out of a fifth. Unfortunately for Laura, she was so intent on beating that vampire that she didn’t notice another one creeping up on her from behind. Kit lifted her arm and spread her fingers. “Ignis!”

     A burst of flame erupted from her hand, slamming into the vampire and flinging it away from Laura. Slamming her fist THROUGH the chest of her vampire, Laura glared at Kit. “I could have taken him,” she reminded the witch as both vampires turned to dust.

     Kit grinned. “Well, yeah,” she agreed. “Doesn’t mean I can’t help out to keep myself from being bored.” She looked Laura up and down, noticing the same flush and dilated pupils that always accompanied a fight… and the aftermath. “Home?”

     “Home,” Laura growled and Kit shrieked as she was lifted and thrown over the girl’s shoulder.

     The bed creaked alarmingly as Laura pushed Kit onto her back, pinning the shorter girl down and kissing her hard. Wrapping her legs around her girlfriend’s waist, Kit ran her fingers through Laura’s hair causing her to purr softly and break the kiss. “You know, I’m not too fond of this outfit anyways…”

     “Hmmm?” Laura purred, closing her eyes as Kit continued to rub her scalp. Kit’s free hand ran over the two spots on Laura’s knuckles where the girl’s claws emerged and her eyes shot open. “No way.”

     Kit pouted and then began kissing along Laura’s jaw. “C’mon,” she wheedled. “I trust you not to hurt me. And there’s nothing you can do to me than my magic or a bag of Warren’s blood from the med lab can’t fix. Do it. I like it when you play rough.”

     Shaking her head, Laura ran her fingers slowly up and down the front of Kit’s top. “Headmistress Frost was really angry last time we had to go get you healed,” she reminded Kit. “And she doesn’t really like either of us to begin with.”

     “Exactly,” Kit reasoned. “She doesn’t like us anyways, so who cares if she likes us even less because of what we do together in private?” Moving her hands to the side of Laura’s head, she pulled the girl’s head down and kissed her lips softly. “Now, less chatting and more cutting.”

     Laura tried to protest again, but Kit was bored and the mood was waning. Leaning up, she kissed the girl’s neck a few times until she located the pulse point and then bit down hard. There was a squeal and then the grating sound of metal-on-metal as two claws erupted from Laura’s clenched fist.

     Arching her back, Kit let out a whimper of her own as Laura drew one claw down the center of her chest, slicing through her top and the bodysuit she wore beneath it. She could feel a slight pain radiating out as the claw drew a thin line in her flesh, but it only made things more enjoyable for her. It was no more painful than the bites and bruises she and Laura left on each other, and much gentler and more precise than when she used to cut herself.

     As Laura pulled the remains of her shirt apart and lowered her lips to Kit’s breasts, the brunette mused on how lucky she was. Not only that she had a girlfriend that she was happy with, but how similar they were and how they seemed to be made for each other.

     Laura liked to cut things.

     Kit liked to be cut.

     It was a match made in heaven…

     Logan scowled and looked up from the television as a herd of teens stampeded down the stairs. “What the hell?”

     Groaning, Noriko Ashida lead the rest of the New X-Men into the room. “Your sister and Kit are at it again,” she complained. “If this is what’s going to happen every time they go out to kill vampires, I think that we should start assigning a rotating partner to go out with Kit.”

     “Didn’t you tell me you were going to talk to her about that?” Scott Summers asked. Behind him, Emma Frost was smirking, looking delighted at the possibility of Logan’s clone/sister getting on Scott’s bad side.

     Logan just shrugged and went back to the World War 2 documentary he was watching. “Tried,” he told Scott before scowling. “Kit lit my hair on fire.”

     The co-administrators of Xavier’s looked at each other. “She lit your hair on fire?” Emma repeated slowly.

     “I don’t want to talk about it.”
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