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Summary: Not the most original title, but it'll do for now. Any FFAs that aren't part of the other stories. Just in: Satsu/Hajime Ichinose (Gatchaman Crowds)

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Yummy Sushi (Dawn/T'Pol)

Title: Yummy Sushi
Author: JoeHundredaire (
Rating: PG-13/FR15
Disclaimer: After the colossal fuckup that was the last two seasons of Enterprise, I'm not sure I'd admit to owning the Star Trek franchise even if I did. And I’m not Joss Whedon or someone who might be able to legally make money off the Buffyverse. Not mine!
Summary: T'Pol learns to enjoy the peculiarities of human food and un-Vulcan Vulcan logic.
Joe's Note: This is probably a very unobvious crossover, but I wanted something a bit fresher than "<insert Scooby here> is a holodeck character" or "<insert Scooby here> is mysteriously still around two centuries after they should have died." This is set during Season 2, Episode 26: The Expanse.

     Before, the stares had been curiosity as best she could tell; humans unused to seeing one of her kind venturing outside the few compounds established in California for various Vulcan organizations. Now, T'Pol noticed, there was more hostility to the looks she received. Almost as if the humans blamed her for what the Xindi weapon had done to their planet. But even the humans were not that illogical… were they?

     T'Pol decided to ignore them; their misconceptions weren't her problem. She wasn't here to talk to them, after all. Making her way over to the table where her dining companion was already waiting, she nodded to the waiter as he handed her a menu. "Mint tea, Scott." He nodded and headed back toward the kitchen as she slid into the booth. "K'Eshtan."

     "T'Pol. Mint tea again? Why, I believe that's a human beverage. It would appear that my 'dietary peculiarities' are rubbing off on you." Picking up a pair of chopsticks and separating them, the younger Vulcan used them to gather her long brown hair behind her head in a messy bun and secure it. "Fascinating. Perhaps some day soon I will be able to convince you to try sushi."

     Feeling her lip curl up in disgust at the mere thought of ingesting such a thing, T'Pol shook her head. "I think not. Only humans could come up with such an unusual but efficient method of presenting food, ruin it by including animal matter, and then ask one to use those odd sticks of yours unless one wants to touch their food."

     K'Eshtan replied with a slight shrug, separating a second pair of chopsticks as Scott returned with T'Pol's now customary cup of mint tea and a clear plastic cup filled with the abominable product known as 'Mountain Dew' that the younger of the pair found so addictive. "Suit yourself. However, according to Scott, the restaurant receives a new shipment of fish on a daily basis. All fish remaining at the end of the day is disposed of. Therefore, it is illogical to avoid eating sushi when I come here because the fish will still be dead whether or not I order it, and it will go to waste if it is not consumed."

     "A most inventive excuse, K'Eshtan. As a matter of fact, I believe it is your best attempt yet at convincing me that consuming dead animal matter is acceptable." T'Pol inclined her head in recognition, the tiniest hint of a smile playing at the corners of her mouth. "Perhaps after dinner, I shall bring you to meet Captain Archer and you can help him devise an equally persuasive way of convincing me that time travel is real."

     Arching a brow, K'Eshtan picked up the menu sitting in front of her and examined it. "Oh? Does that mean you will be sampling something other than a vegetable dish this evening?"

     T'Pol could only sigh and shake her head in resigned amusement. K'Eshtan was the most un-Vulcan Vulcan she had ever met, both in mind and body. Her lighter skin and blue eyes reminded T'Pol more of a human than a proper Vulcan coloration, and her mind sometimes seemed just as human. Her odd turns of logic and dietary habits being the least of her differences from the average Vulcan. "How you have avoided being recalled to Vulcan this long while I am facing such an order remains a mystery to me."

     "Because we are an intensely nepotic society and my mother holds enough sway to browbeat into submission anyone who attempts to chastise me?" K'Eshtan paused and took a sip of her soft drink before continuing. "After all, mother named me 'dawn' because she wishes me to see it on as many planets as possible. Such a thing would not be possible if I was asked to leave or outright ejected from service."

     Touché, as the humans would say. T'Pol raised her own menu to force a temporary lull in the conversation. Yes, she was well aware of how connected members of a family were when it came to the service of the Vulcan government. After all, her own mother was being punished for her actions at the P'Jem monastery. A long and illustrious career with the Vulcan Science Academy, coming to an end because she had done the right thing and revealed her own peoples' treachery. The very concept of being punished for doing the proper thing was… well it was simply illogical.

     "So…" T'Pol peeked over the top of her menu, staring at K'Eshtan curiously. Vulcans as a whole weren't a dissembling people; it was illogical to waste time rather than saying what was on one's mind. Then again, K'Eshtan was hardly normal. "Since you were kind enough to give me a conversational opening by mentioning your recall, I was wondering if you had decided yet how to handle the matter."

     Sighing, T'Pol lowered the menu. So much for being alone with her thoughts for the moment. "I do not agree with your belief that I have a choice. The Vulcan High Command has terminated my assignment on the Enterprise and recalled me to Vulcan to receive my next mission. There is no alternative that I can see."

     K'Eshtan closed her menu, placing it on the table and resting her chin on her hands. "Yes there is. You simply refuse to acknowledge it because it would require you to leave behind the safe, comfortable world of service in the name of the High Command. But to quote a famous piece of Terran literature, 'There comes a time, when we must all choose between what is easy and what is right.'."

     Quoting human literature, rather than a Vulcan philosopher or Surak. Interesting. T'Pol was continually puzzled by the way K'Eshtan's mind worked. "Are you sure you are a Vulcan? Sometimes, you leave me wondering if someone has found a way to alter humans to look like Vulcans."

     K'Esthern reached up, running a fingertip over one pointed ear. "I assure you, T'Pol, that nothing but green has ever run through these veins. And you are avoiding the topic at hand. Dissembling. How very human of you."

     "So you believe I should resign my commission and stay aboard the Enterprise?"

     "Did I say that? Consider this, though. If the Enterprise enters the Delphic Expanse without you and fails in its mission, allowing the Xindi to return and destroy Earth… will you be able to take solace in the fact that at least you did as you were instructed to?" Their waiter picked that moment to return and K'Eshtan handed her menu to him. "I believe I shall be sampling the 'Godzilla roll' this evening, Scott. And for my tardy companion, the sweet and sour pork."

     Would her personal inaction when it came to the destruction of the Enterprise or Earth be any easier for her to handle because she'd been ordered back to Vulcan? T'Pol knew the short answer to that: no. Quite the opposite really; she would be left forever wondering if, had she been there, could she have done something to save the planet, the ship, her subordinates… and her friends. Additionally, she disagreed with the High Command's assertion that the Xindi were a human problem. Any society illogical enough to attack a planet based on the supposed future actions of its inhabitants was illogical enough to continue its aggressions against other targets once it had destroyed its primary objective.

     T'Pol jerked as a cough pulled her from her thoughts, skin flushing a faint green at being caught not paying attention. She opened her mouth to ask for the same dish she'd ordered the last three times she'd met K'Eshtan before pausing. No. If she was honestly pondering something as life-altering as leaving the Vulcan government behind to back the humans, surely she was capable of trying new food as well.

     "I would like to order the… General Tso's chicken, Scott. And I require a new pair of chopsticks, since K'Eshtan has seen fit to appropriate mine for her own usage." It was only after she'd relinquished her menu to the waiter that T'Pol realized something. "Your tardy companion? I was unaware we would be having company this evening."

     K'Eshtan nodded and then looked past T'Pol at the door, gesturing to someone. "The Vulcan Diplomatic Corps are hosting the latest batch of 'summer interns' from other worlds with which we are in contact. When they arrived, I made covert inquiries to determine which I was most compatible with and then had them assigned to me. Since introducing our intern to human cuisine is one of our tasks, I opted to mix business and pleasure by inviting her to dine with us tonight."

     Watching as a pale, dark-haired woman with a series of spots running down each side of her head slid into the booth and gave K'Eshtan a quick kiss on the cheek, T'Pol raised a brow. "I do not believe combining your dinning commitments is the only way you're choosing to 'mix business and pleasure', my friend."

     Both of the young women blushed at that; K'Eshtan a healthy green and the newcomer a soft pink like humans did. K'Eshtan seemed entirely unapologetic, though, wrapping one arm around her companion's waist and pulling her closer. "Quite. T'Pol, this is Lela Dax, visiting intern from Trill. Lela, this is Subcommander T'Pol of the Enterprise."
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