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Summary: Not the most original title, but it'll do for now. Any FFAs that aren't part of the other stories. Just in: Satsu/Hajime Ichinose (Gatchaman Crowds)

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Denial (Satsu/Blaise Zabini)

Title: Denial
Author: JoeHundredaire (
Rating: R/FR18.
Disclaimer: Let's see… what's the flavor of the day here? J.K. Rowling is the owner of the Potterverse, and all the related little spawn running around Hogwarts (and Hogwarts itself). Never quite figured out who owns the Buffyverse, but I know for a fact that it's not me. Not mine!
Summary: As Blaise is starting to discover, it's not just a river in Egypt…
Dedication: To echo. Someone had to have fun with Blaise in your absence and, well, you made him a white boy. I made him a black girl. Guess we're both sorta shooting one for two on canon accuracy.
Joe's Note: Was kinda shocked and appalled to find there weren't any Satsu FFAs. Had to correct that. I mean, c'mon, people. She's the only real lesbian in the Whedonverse now that Tara's dead and Kennedy keeps falling into a black hole. Someone has to show her love.


     The new girl tasted like cinnamon.

     Blaise Zabini was pretty sure she wasn't supposed to know that.

     Sighing, Blaise reached under her pillow and retrieved her slim willow wand, flicking it absently and creating a ball of heatless green flame that hovered over her bed. The bed hangings muted some of the light but enough seeped through to light the two beds to either side of her. To her right, Pansy Parkinson snuffled once in her sleep before rolling over and resuming her obnoxiously loud snoring. Blaise reached through the hangings, casting a silencing charm on Pansy's bed to eliminate the noise, and then rolled over to stare at the occupant of the bed to her left.

     Satsu Tani. Or Tani Satsu, according to the girl in question. Blaise didn't quite get the difference, but considering one was a quick way to earn a boot to the ass… Blaise was willing to take Satsu's word for it when the petite Japanese girl said her last name came first. It was a bit like living with a porcelain-skinned, dark-haired Ginny Weasley. Same temper and independent streak, but Satsu came with less blood traitor and better foreign language skills.

     Coming and going when she wanted, talking to whoever she wanted, Satsu took the unwritten rules of conduct for members of Slytherin house, turned them on their head, kicked them a few times, and then lit them on fire and danced naked around them. Blaise could remember the shock and horror that had radiated through the house when Satsu had taken up with Loony Lovegood just two weeks into the year.

     Three of the Slytherin boys, including Draco Malfoy, had attempted to persuade her of the error of her ways.

     Between the three of them, they'd collected sixteen broken bones and a snapped wand.

     After two months Satsu had passed Loony off to the She-Weasel, claiming it was all part of some plan concocted by the blonde to get Ginny to notice her. Given the way the two younger girls were constantly losing points for their respective houses for public displays of affection… Blaise was one of the few who actually believed Satsu. Then the Japanese girl had moved on herself, dating Su Li of Ravenclaw. Or rather, just as Satsu herself was violently defensive of her name, Li Su. A step up from Loony, the house had collectively decided, even if Su was the wrong gender still.

     Alas, the couple just hadn't been meant to be. Blaise chuckled as she thought back to a few of their more explosive moments. It was like Granger and Weasel on overdrive. Even though she hadn't understood a word of Cantonese or Nihongo, Blaise had understood the inflection and facial expressions enough to blush when witnessing some of their fights and the make up… well, that'd been enough to make anyone blush. Thankfully, by the end of their second week together, the two had decided they were better off as friends and now the Ravenclaw's visits to their common room were far more sedate.

     Then Theodore Nott had decided to make a game out of who their new housemate would date next. A pool sprung up, money went in and names were discussed… and none of them knew that it was all in vain. There was one name Blaise was sure wasn't in the pool… and it just so happened to belong to the one girl Satsu was currently interested in. Not that she would ever correct their misconceptions, mind you.

     That girl, after all, was her.

     "Are you still thinking about that kiss in the shower?" Blaise jerked in surprise, eyes flicking to meet Satsu's dark gaze as the smaller girl smiled at her impishly. "I mean, I thought it was nice and I know I'm a good kisser, but it's nothing to lose sleep over."

     Scowling, Blaise whipped her wand up again and extinguished the magical flame, plunging the room back into near darkness. "Don't flatter yourself, Tani. You should consider yourself lucky that I didn't report you to Professor Slughorn for that little incident."

     Blaise's own move worked against her at that moment; she could see little beyond the vaguest outline of Satsu as she sat up on her bed, laughing softly. "Oh really? Then your eyes were writing checks your body couldn't cash, Blaise. But I don't think you minded it that much. Did you?"

     "I think you need to be checked for Confundus charms." That just earned her another laugh and Blaise scowled as she rolled onto her side, presenting her back to the smaller girl. So what if she'd looked at Satsu once or twice in the shower? She, Pansy, Millicent, and Daphne had gotten over modesty halfway through first year; communal showers did that to you. And they were just so different looking… she was dark-skinned and curvy, while Satsu was paler and slimmer. Satsu was, in fact, unlike any of her peers… which had been the only reason Blaise even looked.

     The ONLY reason, damnit.

     The bed dipped and then Blaise stiffened as a hand slid up and down her side slowly, running from her ribs down over her hip to her knee and then back up. "I don't like to hide, but if you don't want to come out, I wouldn't mind sneaking around with you. Buffy was repressed and she was a demon in the sack… with how far that stick is jammed up your ass? When I finally pull it out, you'll probably rock my world."

     Blaise bit her lip in an effort to avoid laughing, but in the end, she couldn't hold it in. "That has got to be the singularly most horrible line I've ever had used on me in my entire life. And considering I was the first bloomer in our year… I've heard a lot." Rolling onto her back, she stared up at Satsu pensively. Who was she kidding? She had more than an aesthetic interest in Satsu's form and they both knew it. "Seriously? No telling people until I'm ready? No trying to make out with me in the common room or the halls between classes?"

     "Cross my heart and hope to die while taking a bunch of demons out in the process." Blaise blinked. "That means yes." Satsu threw one leg over Blaise's hips and straddled her waist, leaning down so her hair tickled against Blaise's face, their faces growing closer and closer together. "Although it does mean you'll need to be extra attentive when we do have time alone."

     Nodding, Blaise tentatively reached up, not wanting to poke Satsu in the eye or something equally asinine as she groped around nearly blind. Running her fingers along Satsu's cheek, she let her hand drift back to tangle in the smaller girl's silky hair and pulled her even closer. "I think we can manage that." Then she closed the last of that distance and pressed her lips to Satsu's.

     The kiss quickly intensified, Satsu moaning against Blaise's lips and pressing her slim body against Blaise's more voluptuous form. Her hands went back to exploring the dark-skinned girl's sides, then migrated up to the undersides of her breasts, and then up further to palm Blaise's breasts, squeezing them gently. Eventually their kiss broke, leaving them both panting softly in the otherwise silent room. "Hey, Blaise?"


     "This is a rather odd dream for a supposedly straight girl to be having, isn't it?"

     Blaise's eyes snapped open and she looked around wildly. Pansy was still snoring. Satsu was in her bed, curled around a teddy bear, and she was very much alone in her own bed. Flopping back down, she stared up at the stone ceiling, one word summing up her feelings nicely.


     Tongue flicking out to moisten her lips, Blaise frowned. Why the hell did they taste like cinnamon?

     M. Night Shyamalan blinked and sat back, staring at the computer screen with an amused look on his face. "Wow! What a twist!"
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