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Summary: Not the most original title, but it'll do for now. Any FFAs that aren't part of the other stories. Just in: Satsu/Hajime Ichinose (Gatchaman Crowds)

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Close Encounters (Xander/Kate Kane)

Title: Close Encounters
Author: JoeHundredaire (
Rating: PG-13/FR15
Disclaimer: Right, I actually went and checked to be sure this time… Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel: the Series, and all associated characters belong to Fran and Kaz Kuzui. As for the Batman franchise and all its assorted characters… who the shit knows; people keep suing and countersuing over who owns it. Let's just go with 'not mine' and leave it as that.
Summary: Xander meets a certain redheaded superheroine while out on patrol in Gotham with his Slayers one night…
Joe's Note: Because the universe - or at least Twisting the Hellmouth - needs at least one woman in it that isn't interested in Xander Harris…

     When had Captain Ron become a Gotham pimp?

     As she stared at the twenty-three-year-old man and his collection of teenaged female companions, Kate Kane almost felt bad for thinking that. After all, Oracle had informed the entirety of the 'Batfamily' about the presence of the Watcher's Council's team within seconds of them entering city limits. And thanks to Miss Gordon, she knew their names, their histories, their preferred fighting styles, what they enjoyed eating for breakfast…

     With all that being said, though, Xander Harris still looked like a pimp who'd learned not to run with scissors the hard way to Kate. Or at least a proper Gotham pimp, where fancy clothes and jewelry had gone the way of the dodo years ago, replaced with dark clothes and body armor so they could survive the constant gang - and supervillain - turf wars.

     Rising out of her crouch, Kate brushed the pale grey vampire dust off her red gloves before letting her arms fall to rest against her sides, her cape dropping into place around her body and hiding it from view. As she stared at the one-eyed Watcher, Kate was peripherally aware of his group of Slayers spreading out to try and surround her but wasn't concerned. Being normal - albeit mystically empowered - human girls, their movement was confined to only two dimensions. If they wanted to press the matter, she had access to a third: she could move upward. After letting the girls fully 'entrap' her, one group arrayed in a semicircle between her and Harris - who in turn stood between her and the mouth of the alley - and a second group behind her to cut off that avenue of retreat, Kate decided it was time to proceed with whatever game was afoot. "Can I help you, Mister Harris?"

     "You, uh, know who I am?" Kate nodded and Harris spread his arms, gesturing to the line of girls that formed the barrier between the two of them. "I'm guessing you know who they are too, then? And what we do?" Deciding to take a page from Batman's book, Kate went with the Woman of Few Words tactic and responded in the form of another nod. Harris's brow furrowed and he pointed at the pile of dust at her feet. "Do you really need to ask, then?"

     Kate looked down for a moment before meeting his gaze again. "I handled the vampire."

     Mouth moving silently for a moment, Harris finally managed to engage his brain and produce actual sound. "But that's why we're here."

     "Where you're clearly not needed." Keeping a careful eye on the group to make sure she didn't spook any of them, Kate reached behind her back and pulled one of what Renee had jokingly called her 'batclubs'. Flipping it around, she showed off where one end had been carefully carved down into a sharp point. "Eskrima sticks made of bahi. The pointy end goes in vampires. I use the rest of it on criminals."

     One of the Slayers, a slim Latina that Kate tentatively matched with the 'Charisse Kennedy' profile she'd read a few nights back, reached forward and grabbed the stick, pulling it out of Kate's grip. "Cute toy. Too bad it won't work on anything that can survive being poked in the chest with a piece of wo-"

     Now that sort of rudeness just wouldn't do at all. Twirling, Kate drew the stick's mate and brought it up to slam into the side of the girl's head in one smooth motion. Kennedy's grip went slack and Kate neatly plucked the stolen weapon out of midair as Kennedy collapsed to the dirty, wet pavement. "You'd be amazed what blunt force trauma can do, Miss Kennedy." Pity, Kate thought as she watched the other girls bristle and draw their weapons, one dragging the downed Kennedy back towards Harris before rejoining her sister Slayers. From what she remembered of Oracle's profiles, the Latina had been… uniquely suited… to serve as an intermediary between her and this group. Oh well. Mixing business and pleasure was never a good idea anyways. Slipping each stick back into her belt, Kate waggled a finger at the Slayers. "Each and every object on my person was either purchased by me or an irreplaceable gift. You don't touch my toys, and I won't touch you with my toys. Understand?"

     Harris quickly raised both his hands in surrender, slowly pushing his way between two of the Slayers and interposing himself between his girls and Kate. "Woah now. Let's take deep breathes all around here and calm down. We're not here to fight with you. We're here to help… well, all of you. Batman, Robin, Batgirl, you, et cetera. The Council thought you might enjoy having someone to keep the vampires and other demons out of your very pretty red hair while you did your job so you could concentrate on villains."

     "I see." Kate took a moment to consider the proposition. Neither she nor the other members of Gotham's hero contingent really dealt with the supernatural on a regular basis; this was only the second vampire she'd even seen this month. However, she wasn't one to pause and investigate every couple necking in an alley or sweep every club for pale partiers in out of date clothes. If they wanted to take over that facet of things for her, she wasn't going to complain. She should probably put in a call to Oracle - who would in turn contact the others and get their thoughts - before agreeing to anything, though. After thoroughly inspecting both the girls in front of and behind her, Kate pointed to a slim redhead. "You." The girl looked both ways before pointing at herself. "Yes, you. You're the new liaison between your group and mine. Come with me."

     As her pick - Violet 'Vi' Day, age nineteen, formerly of Huntsville, Lansing, Sunnydale, Los Angeles, and Cleveland - stared at her in shock, Harris again tried to take control of the situation. "Or you could take me. I mean, seeing as how I'm the one in charge and all. Also, Vi belongs out here on patrol with the others; I have plenty of time to sit around and talk. Or let you talk to whoever." That made Kate frown. Why was it so important to him that he come instead of one of his Slayers? If he actually was in charge and important to the operation of the cell that had arrived in Gotham, wouldn't his presence be more valuable on the streets with them where he could call the shots than sitting around wherever she decided to dump him while she called Oracle up? And she had made her choice of intermediary known; did her own preferences mean nothing to him? That certainly boded poorly for any attempt at cooperation in the future.

     Kate shook her head as she pulled her grappling gun from her belt. "As interesting as the fact that you think the girls should be out risking their lives while you sit around is…" Stepping forward, she wrapped one arm around Vi's waist even as the other shot skyward. "Miss Day and I have business to tend to. Good night, Mister Harris." There was a hiss as gas propelled her grappling hook up into the dark sky, a metallic clink as it found purchase, and then a dull whine as the automatic recoiler kicked in, yanking the duo off their feet and pulling them upward.

     "I just got abducted by Batwoman. You just grabbed me and now we're flying through the air and did I mention that holy shit, I just got abducted by Batwoman?" As they shot up over the lip of the roof and the grappling hook automatically disengaged, Kate hooked it back to her belt and shifted so she was carrying Vi bridal style. "Wait, now what are you…" Tightening her grip a bit, Kate let a smile spread over her face as she took off running towards the opposite edge of the roof. "…oh God I'm gonna die oh God I'm gonna die oh God I'm gonna die!"

     Leaping into the air, Kate easily cleared the gap between the two buildings, gravel crunching beneath her boots as she skidded to a stop. Glancing down, she found Vi twitching, eyes screwed shut. "Oh for crying out loud… you're perfectly safe with me, Miss Day. Amazingly enough, I do know what I'm doing."

     Slowly opening her eyes, Vi peered around nervously. "I'm not dead?"

     "You're not dead."

     "I'm not dead! I'm not dead!" Suddenly, her hands shot up and grabbed the back of Kate's head, allowing her to pull Kate down as she leaned up and pressed her lips to the startled redhead's. Pulling back, she grinned widely. "I'm not dead!" It was then that Vi realized what she'd just done, and the younger girl abruptly turned as red as her hair. "…someone please kill me now."

     Lips parting, Kate ran her tongue over them, tasting the lip gloss the Slayer had left behind. Was she going insane, or did Vi actually taste like… strawberry cheesecake? Hmm. This called for further study. Bouncing Vi a bit to get her attention, Kate nodded towards the next building over. "You know, I was going to take you back to where I have my ride stashed, but if that's how you're going to reward me for each jump, we can always take the long way home…"

     Vi's eyes widened at that. "Oh. So you're… I mean, not that there's anything wrong with… you know, it's too bad Kennedy had to be so Kennedy or maybe the two of you would have hit it off…" With a quick twist of her hips, the redhead yanked herself from Kate's grasp and dropped to the rooftop, landing in a crouch before straightening up. "You, uh, do know that I'm not like that, right? Again, not that there's anything wrong with that. But I'm not. The whole kiss thing was 'yay I'm alive'. That's it."

     "Well there go my plans for what we could do while waiting for Oracle to contact everyone." Kate smirked as Vi let out another squeak and began blushing again. Reaching up, Kate waited until she had the Slayer's attention before tapping one finger against her mask. "No, I picked you over any of the others because - and this might shock you - I am human under here. We look a bit alike, as a matter of fact. And since I have family members who tend to come and go at the drop of a hat, I can pass you off as another cousin if you're at my apartment tonight or in the future and someone who doesn't know about my… nocturnal pursuits… drops by."

     Letting out a sigh of relief, Vi visibly relaxed at that. "Oh. Okay. That's actually really good thinking. For a minute there, I was worried that you might…"

     "Find you attractive? Oh, I most definitely do, Violet." Her words had Vi blushing yet again and Kate lunged forward, scooping the redhead back up before heading for the edge of the roof at a dead run. She cleared the gap between buildings with little effort and minimal squealing from Vi and continued onward across the top of the building towards her next jump. "I just figured I should wait until I get back to where my stash of candles and wine was before I actually began the serious attempts at seduction."

     With her eyes closed tight, the beet red Vi missed Kate's playful wink.
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