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Joe's FFA Collection

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Summary: Not the most original title, but it'll do for now. Any FFAs that aren't part of the other stories. Just in: Satsu/Hajime Ichinose (Gatchaman Crowds)

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Scream My Name (Faith/Zatanna Zatara)

Title: Scream My Name
Author: JoeHundredaire (
Rating: R/FR18
Disclaimer: Right, I actually went and checked to be sure this time… Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel: the Series, and all associated characters belong to Fran and Kaz Kuzui. As for the DC universe and all its assorted characters… who the shit knows; people keep suing and countersuing over who owns it. Let's just go with 'not mine' and leave it as that.
Summary: "…now I wish I'd asked Ollie where he and Dinah stay when they're in Las Vegas. There's got to be at least one hotel in this city with laminated glass windows…"
Joe's Note: Because if the mental image of Eliza Dushku and Serinda Swan doesn't do something for you? It's time to turn in your man card and buy tickets to Brad Loekle's next show.

     "…now I wish I'd asked Ollie where he and Dinah stay when they're in Las Vegas. There's got to be at least one hotel in this city with laminated glass windows…"

     Faith Lehane slowly turned her head from where she'd been staring at the shattered windows of their hotel room in disbelief to the gorgeous, dark-haired young woman she'd been planning to one-night… or maybe one night and the morning after too, given how well things had been going up until just a few seconds ago. "…what?"

     Letting out a throaty chuckle, Zatanna Zatara rolled over and snuggled in against Faith's side, throwing one leg across the smaller brunette's hips. "You're not the only screamer out there, sweetie. My friend Dinah has the same powers as you. If you'd warned me that you were a metahuman, I'd have gotten us a room somewhere sturdier or at least laid down a few wards on this place before we got going."

     "Wait, I'm a what? You would have what?" While Faith was generally self-deprecating when it came to her academic abilities - after all, nobody thought nerds were cool - she was no idiot. But for some reason, she was having the hardest time keeping up with Zatanna… and she was pretty sure it had little to do with the mind-blowing orgasm she'd just had. Which had also been a window-shattering orgasm. Huh. Maybe she'd actually shaken her brain loose too? That could explain things… "Can we pretend I have no idea what you're talking about and try that again with smaller words?"

     Pushing up off the bed a bit, Zatanna stared at her with wide blue eyes. "Are you seriously telling me you didn't know you were a metahuman before just now?" Faith shrugged before nodding; considering she'd never even heard the term before just now, it would have been kinda hard for her to know - or even think - she was one. "Huh. According to the lecture I played sudoku through most of, the metagene is… well, pretty much the X-gene from the X-Men. Intense situation triggers it and boom, powers. Never heard of someone cumming so hard their powers turn on, though. Wow. I mean, I knew I was an amazing lover, but that's ridiculous."

     As what she was being told sank in, Faith threw her head back and laughed. "If you want, I'll give you a quote that you can put on business cards to hand out to hotties after shows. That's just… fuck, Zee. I've faked plenty of Os and had what I thought were a few good ones, but having one that makes me scream so loud I blow out the windows? I'm used to some pretty bizarre stuff; my ex-boyfriend Kenny and his tulpas were a solid nine point five on my weird shit-o-meter. But that… that's a definite eleven."

     "Tangible astral projections are a nine point five for you? You're obviously new to Vegas." Rolling off of Faith, Zatanna looked over at the broken windows and held out here hand. "!swodniw eht riapeR !elbakaerbnu meht ekaM" Yellow motes of light leapt from her fingers, crossing the room to strike the fragments of glass - a few of them diving over the edge in search of missing pieces - and then drawing them back together into an unbroken pane. Faith had a few seconds to stare at the restored window in amazement, and then she found herself pulled atop Zatanna as the witch rolled onto her back. "Wanna try something really out of this world?"

     Considering Zatanna apparently found superpowers and sonic screams and magical window repairs to be normal, the question left Faith feeling distinctly uncertain as she stared down at the mischievous blue eyes of her paramour. "My weird shit-o-meter already had one Nigel Tufnel moment tonight, Zee. I'm not gonna lie, you're making me a little nervous here…"

     Zatanna's hands slid in opposite directions along Faith's back, one drifting to a stop at the small of her back as the other rose to rest between her shoulder blades. "!noitseggus a tsuj si ytivarG" As Faith watched in awed fascination, gravity did indeed become just a suggestion and the mattress slowly fell away beneath Zatanna, leaving the pair floating in midair about two feet over the bed. Hand trailing around Faith's neck and then up to cup the brunette's cheek, Zatanna pulled her down for a quick kiss. "What do you think?"

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