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Shadow Life

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Summary: Dawn wakes up to discover that she is married-and has been for quite some time. (Dawn/Kitty Pryde)

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Dawn-Centered(Moderator)MalanaFR1555,13623510,07625 Aug 0613 Sep 09No

Chapter One

Disclaimer: The X-Men belong to Marvel, Stan Lee, et al. BtVS is the property of ME, Joss Whedon, and probably lots of others who are certainly not me. None of the character herein are my own.

Authors note: This is set sometime post-finale for BtVS. For the X-Men it's a little more up in the air. It's not movieverse, I know that much. Comicverse, I suppose, sometime before Jean's last death. But Kitty Pryde is married to another woman, so obviously canon has taken a bit of a turn somewhere.

An answer to challenge 1737: Waking Up to The Married Life, which might just be be new favorite challenge.


Dawn didn't even open her eyes as she reached out and hit the snooze button on her alarm. She sighed sleepily and turned over in bed, burying herself deeper under the covers.

She loved the feeling of just lying there in bed, not quite asleep, but not really awake either. It was cozy, and utterly peaceful.

That peace was shattered for Dawn, however, by an unfamiliar voice.

"Dawn, baby. You've gotta get up."

Dawn eye's shot open. There, in her bed, was a women she had never seen before in her life.

For a moment, she was too stunned to even form coherent words.


The pretty brunette lying next to her smiled, obviously taking her confusion to be a result of her half-asleep state.

"We've got a breakfast date, remember? We don't want to be late. You know how pissy Scott gets."

Fear was quickly overtaking confusion in Dawn's mind. Not only was this woman unfamiliar, but the room was as well. Dawn scrambled up and out of the bed, almost falling before she managed to get on her feet. It was then that she noticed she was only wearing underwear. She ripped a blanket off the bed, and pulled it tight around her.

"Dawn?" the woman asked. Concern filled her voice as she sat up. "Are you alright?"

"Who are you?"


"Buffy!" Dawn yelled, her voice almost a shriek. The last thing Dawn remembered was going to sleep in her own room at the Watchers' Mansion in Cleveland. And now..."Buffy!" she yelled again, hoping that her sister was somewhere nearby.

"Dawnie, Buffy's not here. Why would she be? Now why don't you tell me what's wrong?" she approached the shaking Dawn slowly and reached out a hand.

Dawn flinched away. "Who are you?" she asked again.

"It's me, Dawn. It's Kitty."


Even in her current state, Dawn could see the hurt flash across Kitty's eyes. But it was soon replaced by worry.

"Dawn, what happened? I'm Kitty. I'm your wife."

Dawn didn't know what else to do. She just ran. She threw open the bedroom door, and found herself in a long hallway. Picking a direction at random, she continued running. She had to get out of here, she had to find Buffy and figure out what the hell was going on.

As she rounded a corner, Dawn slammed into a hard body and was knocked off her feet.

"Dawn?" a short, rough looking man stood over her. He reached down and easily pulled her back to standing. "What's wrong, kid?"

Dawn didn't even know how to answer. And didn't know if she wanted to. Here was another stranger who knew her name. She looked back over her shoulder, and then at the man again. Tears filled her eyes.

"Did something happen? Is Kitty okay?" He put his hand on her shoulder to steady her. "Stay here. I'll go see what happend."

Dawn eyes went wide as there was a soft sound like a sword unsheathing and long metal blades extend from between the man's fingers. She felt weak in the knees, and then the world around her went black.
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