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Bora Bora

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Summary: BtVS/xXx Crossover, Slash, Xander Harris/Xander Cage, Post Chosen//Post Movie. After leaving Africa Xander felt restless. Giles let him choose his new assignment as a Watcher. Xander chose Bora Bora and decided to look up an old friend.

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NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

Their Time Together

Chapter 2:

Their Time Together

Xander's stomach felt fluttery and he wrung his hands nervously as he sat in Le Truck, the only public means of transportation on Bora Bora, and was on his way to the address his locator spell told him was Cage's residency. He honestly could not predict what Cage's reaction was going to be.

The time they had spend together all those years ago seemed suddenly too far away, too long gone to really matter. And in all probability Xander Cage had already forgotten the short time- no. No, Cage would not have forgotten. Stop that kind of thought, Alexander Harris.

Their time together had been precious to both of them. Maybe more so for himself than for Cage, because it had been a time of firsts for him, Xander mused. He had met Cage in front of the garage as he kicked Uncle Rory's piece of rusting shit he called a car. His dream of a roadtrip was destroyed. All the money he had carefully put aside would go into the repairs leaving him with barely enough money for either a ticket back home or lodging in Oxnard's cheapest motel for five weeks. Or rather three weeks because he needed food too. Cage had stopped him from letting him kick the car a second time by gripping his arm and asking him why he wanted to hurt such a beauty. Xander fondly remembered laughing at Cage and pointing out that, sure it was a beauty, but sadly only on the outside. And he offered to let him take a look under the hood if he didn't believe him.

Cage had done so, taken a mere glance at the engine, had looked back up at Xander and had admitted it was a piece of junk. Then he had asked him to sell it to him.

Xander had gladly done so after some confusion and an explanation. And Cage was right, for a stunt the car was perfect. He hadn't been able to understand his luck at that time. Suddenly he got almost enough money to buy himself a new car, not a used one, and enough money to make the Grand Tour!

Even today Xander couldn't really say what had made him accept Cage's next offer too. Join him and his crew for a few days, see his car explode in the stunt they had planned. Maybe it was Cage's tall, handsome bad boy charm, that, in comparison to Angel's take of the look, was actually charming to Xander, or it had been the surprising welcome he got from Cage after selling his car. Cage had gotten a bumpersticker out of a side pocket of his motorbike, had fumbled the protective foil off it and smoothed it onto the hood. Three x's were the motif and Cage had grinned up to Xander as he welcomed him to the 'Xanderzone'.

Xander grinned, looked up and noticed that it was time to tell the driver to hold for him for Cage's house was not far from where the bus currently was. Also, he chose not to let his thoughts linger on the somewhat embarrassing scene in which Xander had asked just how Cage knew his name and if he was a demon, because, no way buddy, was he going to come along with a demon to its gang. And Cage had looked at him as if he were a lunatic and told him, no it was his name and, demons, kid?

All in all, at the end of that summer Xander had been able to truthfully say to Willow that he had made many discoveries, learned many a thing and got to know the world outside Sunnydale.

Xander grinned again, his nervousness almost forgotten, as he got out of Le Truck. He had doubted then that Willow would have been pleased by his admission that riding a motorcross bike, honing his boarding skills as well as his skills in setting up explosives, and of course the big gay sex were in fact the main lessons he took.
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