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Xander's Secret

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Summary: Xander is keeping a secret from his Slayer, the Watchers' Council, and his friends. But what is it?

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Comedy > Xander-CenteredzillagirlFR13715,20524026,03626 Aug 0621 Aug 07No

Chapter One


I do not own the characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel.


Xander is keeping something from his friends, his Slayer, and the Council. But what?

Author's Note:

This story idea came to me shortly after watching Underworld and Underworld 2: Evolution back-to-back. Any complaints can be forwarded to Kevin Grevioux, Len Wiseman, Kate Beckinsale, and Scott Speedman.

Chapter One

The London HQ for the Watchers

“Xander?” He looked up at Vi. His very own Slayer. But a bit needy. She certainly wasn't as confident as Buffy. But he figured that only took time.

“Yes, Vi? I thought we were done here.” So he hoped. He needed to get away. He wasn't like Giles. He didn't eat, drink, and sleep vampires, demons, and apocalypse. He liked to do his own thing. He liked to get away from all that stuff.

The young slayer bit her lower lip and peered at him. “Just wondering where you're off to. You know, because you disappear everyday.”

“I don't disappear. I go away and be a regular mortal. I got out and have fun and try not to think about vampires, demons, or beheadings for a full eight hours each day. You should try it. Go out for a movie. Watch the soaps. Read the gossip about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and that child with a name like a Chinese dinner special.”

“I think it sounds more Japanese.” She interjected. “Really, though, Xander, I'm just curious. Why can't you tell me where you go? Are you ashamed or guilty or what? It's not --” She gasped at a sudden thought. “It's not illegal, is it?”

Xander groaned and rolled his eyes. What is it with this girl? He had a lot of things he had to do before he got to where he was going, and he did not have time for this. “No, Vi, it is not. It's private, okay? I don't think I need to tell you every-- Okay, okay, I'll tell you truth! I go out to the local video store, I rent a couple of horror movies, take them over to this lady vampire I know, and I eat popcorn and she eats raw spleen and I criticize the victims and she criticizes the baddies! Okay? No, can I go?”

He let out his breath as he heard Vi snort with laughter. The girl really had an annoying laugh. But she was good at staking – nobody was perfect. She took a deep breath and sighed. “Xander, now, you could've just told me to mind my own business – no need to make up such a cock-and-bull story. I'll go. Have fun!” She turned off and headed down the hall, laughing some more. He thought he heard her say she had to tell Faith that story. He shook his head and headed out the door into London's busy streets.

The Watchers' Council HQ, Sussex, England

“Hey, B!” Buffy turned around in time to see her fellow Slayer, Faith, wander into the training room. She put down the axe she had been twirling and smiled.

“Hey, Faith. What's up?”

“Wait 'till you hear this! Just got a call from Vi, she'd been trying to get Xander to tell her where he goes everyday after debriefing.”

Buffy snorted. “Probably goes to nearest nudie picture show. You know Xan, still a 17 year old teenaged boy at heart!”

“Yeah, that's what I told her. But today he kinda blew up at her and said that he rented horror movies and took them to a female vampire's house while he ate popcorn and she ate raw spleen. Even said that he criticized the victims' action while she criticized the perps'!”

Buffy laughed out loud. That really was a good one. She paused and looked up at Faith. A horrible thought came into her head. Both Spike and Angel had told her that Dru loved raw spleen. Adored it, even. Could he really be that dumb? I mean, Dru might be living in England. Spike had said she loved movies. Even vampire ones. She shook her head violently. “Naaah!”

Faith's eyes got wide. Then she snorted and laughed. “Hell, B, you didn't take it seriously didja?”

Buffy had the grace to blush. “No, it's just a little spooky. Spike and Angel both told me that Dru liked raw spleen. But I'd think I'd know if she was in the same country I was, right?”

“Yeah, if she's a crazy as you guys said, I'da thought that she couldn't keep a really low profile.”

Buffy nodded thoughtfully. “Yeah, you're probably right. Hey, you want to go a few rounds? I need to get the disturbing picture of Xan and Dru out of my head.”

Faith smiled an evil smile. “That's my B! Just don't put me in a coma this time, 'kay?”

“Hey!” Buffy responded in mock outrage. “You don't poison my boyfriend and I won't put you in a coma.”

“What boyfriend would that be?”

“Oooh! I am SO going to kick your ass!”

Dru's Flat, the East End, London, England

Dru could keep a low profile if she needed to. It had never been a problem for her. It had always been Spike that didn't understand about discretion. Dru had always been very quiet. She had very simple needs – that was something her Daddy and Spike had known. But a Slayer probably would never be able to wrap their mind around something like that.

What she really wanted was friendship and companionship. After Spike and her had broken up, she hadn't had that for a long time. Until now. Now, she had friendship. She smiled with a far-off look in her eyes. And, if she played her cards right, she could have companionship.

She shook her head and concentrated on the task at hand. She put strawberries, clotted cream, and some shortcake on a tray and carried it out to the sitting room. The curtains were all closed, but it really wasn't a bad view at the evening. You could see over the Thames and even see that dreadful Wheel in the distance. She really thought it needed to be torn down. It was a definite eyesore.

She went back into the kitchen to make the tea. She took out her best service and looked into her tea cupboard. She wanted to have a nice blend for Sandy. She giggled. She loved it when he came over. They had such fun. She didn't think it would be very hard at all to fall in love with him. Even if he was a mortal. She frowned and made a pouting face. It's just too bad he wants to stay that way. They could have even more fun killing things, she was sure! Looking over her scores and scores of blends, she finally decided on a peppermint blend. She scooped out the tea and dropped into the pot. The water finally boiled and, just as she was pouring it into the pot, the doorbell rang. She practically danced into the sitting room carrying the tea service.

Setting everything down, she danced to the door, cursing once again her lack of a reflection. A girl would like to know how she looked when a young man came to call. She shook her head again at Sandy's manners. She'd given him a key to her flat, but he never used it. She would need to work on that. She thrust open the door and screamed in delight.


Xander chuckled and shook his head. He couldn't believe he let her call him that. She was sure beautiful. He understood more and more why Angelus had become obsessed with her. He wondered not for the first time what she looked like with a little color in her cheeks. “Druse! Sorry I'm late, but I had trouble finding both films.”

She laughed, a curious tinkling almost musical laugh that had Xander's stomach doing that funny thing it did sometimes. “Ooooh! I smell bear's spleen! Yummy!”

Chuckling, he handed the package to her. He then spied all the goodies on the table and his stomach started doing calisthenics. That's what he liked about Dru, she sure knew how to treat a guy's appetite! He grimaced. He was going to have to stop seeing her. He really was. This could only lead to something bad. After all, it wasn't like she had been cursed by gypsies and had a soul. Sooner or later, she'd ...

“Sandy? What's wrong? I made tea.” He looked into her big violet eyes and promptly forgot what he had been thinking about.

“Looks great, Druse. Wait 'till you see the movies I got for us. You'll love 'em!”

She nodded happily and took his outstretched arm. “Of course, I will, Sandy. You have such good taste.”
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