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To Boldly Bite…

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Summary: …where no vamp has bitten before. When Earth emerges from the ashes of World War III and reaches for the stars, humans aren't the only ones with arms outstretched.

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Star Trek > Enterprise(Moderator)JoeHundredaireFR18816,74924920,20327 Aug 063 May 11No

Treason Season

Joe's Note: And now for part two of the Romulan story arc. Please note that I am using that Last Unicorn Games RPG sourcebooks for early galactic history here, which the Enterprise production team also did albeit diverging in certain points. It's nothing major; Centaurans being an offshoot of humanity rather than a colony, stuff like that.

     By the time T'Pol relinquished the bridge to Commander Fletcher for the start of beta shift and returned to her quarters, Drusilla had their new houseguest unchained as the faux-Vulcan babbled all her secrets. T'Pol felt a irrational stab of jealousy at seeing 'Seylar' curled up with her head in Drusilla's lap, but she quickly repressed it and got down to business. After listening to Seylar spend three minutes extolling about the virtues of the color purple before moving on to some place called Chaltok IV, T'Pol decided to insert herself into things. "Have you learned anything of use from her?"

     "You mean her liking purple isn't useful, lovey?" Drusilla gave her an impish grin, her eyes miraculously clear and sane… saner than T'Pol remembered seeing the vampire in their entire time together. "But yes, she's been quite useful. Very talkative. Did you know the Romulan Star Empire that your people have been investigating for years is really your cousins?" Pausing, Drusilla cocked her head to the side. "Well, fortieth cousins, give or take. Which sounds like a lot, but isn't really in evolutionary terms."

     T'Pol nodded absent-mindedly, brain racing as she tried to come to terms with Drusilla's casual revelation. Before Vulcan had become a truly united planet, there had been dissenters. They had left under the leadership of a man named Tellus, seeking their own home among the stars. Over a millennia later, when the Vulcans developed warp capability, they had probed the path believed to have been taken by Tellus and his followers, only to find a series of long-dead colonies. But, quite obviously, if Vulcans of divergent evolution were a part of the galactic scene, her people had missed something. That just raised more questions, though. Where were they hiding? What did they really want? And how had a portion of a refugee convoy grown into a power capable of simultaneously challenging all the powers of the Alpha Quadrant?

     A pale hand waving in front of her face recaptured T'Pol's attention, her skin flushing slightly. "Now that you're listening again… according to Seylar, her peoples' ships use disruptors similar to the Tellarites; we should talk to Commander Taral about how we can modify the shields to best resist attacks. Oh, and the cloaks. We need to install something that can easily emit tachyon pulses without tying up the main deflector dish. That's the only way she knows of to detect hidden ships."

     "Fascinating. You've removed their greatest tactical advantage as well as weakening their combat effectiveness, all in eight hours. I believe it would take the Vulcan Science Academy and Starfleet Corps of Engineers weeks or months to do likewise." Watching as the now silent Seylar rubbed her cheek against Drusilla's bare thigh, T'Pol arched a brow. "I don't believe we shall be telling Starfleet how we came by this information, though."

     Reaching down, Drusilla ran her thumb across the upper slope of Seylar's breast, scooping up some blood still oozing from a neat pair of punctures before sucking her digit clean. "Most of our old shipmates used to give me naughty looks and gossip about us. I bet they'd like to know." Staring up at T'Pol with hooded eyes, her tongue flicked out to get the last drop off the tip of her finger. "I hear Trip is part of the Corps now…"

     T'Pol turned away, contemplating before deciding that Drusilla's comment was worth dignifying with a response… barely. "All the more reason not to share such information." Unzipping her jumpsuit, T'Pol slid the sleeves down her arms before letting it drop down to pool at her feet. Crossing the room, she took a seat at her desk and brought the computer online, her first act being to increase the room's temperature to something a bit more Vulcan-like. Drusilla didn't mind the heat and if Romulans really were Vulcan offshoots, Seylar wouldn't mind either. A quick check revealed that an audio recording encompassing all eight hours of her duty shift was waiting for her perusal; she transferred it to her terminal's memory before deleting it from the ship's computer. "The real question becomes, what should we do with her now?"

     "Can we keep her?" Drusilla tugged Seylar upright, moving the Romulan to sit between her spread legs and resting her chin on the woman's tan shoulder as she pouted cutely at T'Pol. "I'll take good care of her, I promise. You won't even know she's here."

     The corner of T'Pol's mouth quirked upward for a moment before smoothing away. "In all seriousness, Drusilla, if the connection between Vulcans and Romulans becomes common knowledge, it could tear the Coalition apart. Not every ship has you to help detect intruders. Trying to DNA test every 'Vulcan' on Earth would be an exercise in futility, and that assumes they have not yet infiltrated Vulcan proper yet."

     Drusilla took a moment to nibble on Seylar's shoulder with her blunt, human teeth before looking back up at T'Pol. "Who says anyone needs to know about it? Malcolm and I meet for tea every week; his other employers could make Seylar actually exist in Starfleet. I can use my powers to ensure her loyalty, just like your lovely young helmswoman, and she can take the open astrophysicist spot you have. And we'll even let her report back about what she's seeing aboard the Endeavour… for a price." Reaching up, she tapped Seylar on the nose, giggling softly as the Romulan scrunched up her nose at the sensation. "Assuming, of course, the Romulans don't want me to kill her, ship her back to them in a dozen pieces, and sniff out and kill every other Romulan infiltrator in the Coalition. I think we're in a good bargaining position, no?"

     The way her companion so casually referred to murder sent a frisson of fear down T'Pol's spine; she had spent so long in Drusilla's presence that she was starting to forget that the dark-haired woman wasn't a woman at all, but rather a soulless beast who worked with Starfleet only as long as their objectives were compatible. "I see. And what price do you feel is appropriate in exchange for allowing them a spy on the Coalition's flagship and our silence regarding their infiltration efforts?"

     "If you think about it, we really have no choice but to keep Seylar. Like you said, revealing her and the Romulan-Vulcan connection causes too many problems. Unless you'd like me to kill her and quietly dispose of the body?" Seylar's eyes went wide at that, only relaxing when T'Pol shook her head. "Thought not. Besides, then they'd just send a new spy and they might not be as cute. And since we have to keep her around, it makes sense to have her as a part of the crew, rather than hiding in your quarters."

     It was a logical solution, especially given that Seylar would need access to the ship to send home convincing reports of her spying. Very few areas of the ship - namely private quarters, the Brig, and the Armory - had access restrictions and so she could wander to her heart's content as an actual Endeavour crewman. "Also, as you can see, her blood functions like yours. I've made a lunch date with Nurse Valis for tomorrow… well, she'll be eating lunch, I won't… and have been communicating with Lieutenant T'Liu while she's still planet-side. The more sources I have for feeding, the better… unless you genuinely enjoy the constant light-headedness from blood loss?"

     T'Pol shook her head. That was something she had planned to address with Doctor Kahn; was a method available that could mix pints of her blood with synthetic compounds to allow each pint of real blood to last longer and therefore keep Drusilla from needing to feed from her as often. After all, as captain of a vessel, she could called on at any moment to lead them through a crisis and would need a clear head. Now it appeared Drusilla was solving the problem for her. "I still have yet to hear anything that convinces me that remaining silent about the Romulans' treachery is a logical course of action."

     "My fairy princess is very impatient this afternoon." Drusilla's eyes flashed a golden color in warning, making T'Pol step back. Sucking in an unneeded breath, Drusilla let it out slowly, petting Seylar's hair. "As I would have told you before being oh-so-rudely interrupted, in exchange for our silence, they are going to give us the very tactical advantage they enjoy. They're going to give us the plans for their cloaking device."

     A bold but potentially very profitable plan, T'Pol had to admit. Even with the quantum beacon that could reveal Suliban vessels running under cloak, the Enterprise had been unable to penetrate the cloaks of Romulan vessels. If hostilities between Earth and the Romulan Star Empire continued to escalate, the ability to cloak Starfleet's most powerful ship could prove invaluable. "Very well. Please tell me, slowly and in detail, how you think we can go about this. I want a record so our plans can proceed even when you are… not available…"

     In the end, it took three weeks to secure the loyalty and privacy the first stage of their operation would require. But as the Endeavour warped away from Earth, headed for the star that humans called 40 Eridani A but she called home, Commander Vernon Fletcher took the captain's chair as T'Pol and three others made their way towards the captain's quarters on E-deck. With the science labs, Engineering, and Sickbay all located on the same deck as her quarters, though, T'Pol was the last to arrive. Nodding to her coconspirators, she unlocked her door and ushered them inside. "You have the dermal stimulator and the dermatiraelian plasticine, correct?"

     Rather than respond affirmatively, Valis merely held up the two items in question. "Doctor Kahn, for all her wisdom and accomplishments, is remarkably absent-minded. We may wish to investigate some method of securing Sickbay's equipment to ensure others cannot do what I have."

     "Something to pursue, perhaps, after we have taken advantage of the lax security for our own needs as well as returning the implements after?" Valis inclined her head in agreement and T'Pol gestured to Seylar. "Quickly but carefully, if you will. We cannot begin until she has been restored to her original appearance."

     As the Vulcan and Romulan-turned-Vulcan-about-to-be-turned-Romulan-again moved off towards T'Pol's desk to accomplish their task, T'Pol turned to her final conspirator. "T'Liu, is the ship ready for the cloak to be integrated when the time comes or is Commander Taral still giving you trouble?"

     Lieutenant T'Liu shook her head. "Taral is a typical Tellarite. I just find myself needing to be reminded sometimes that he enjoys arguing for the sake of arguing, even if he already agrees with me. Also, I have discovered that the more I insult him, the faster he agrees to my proposals. Illogical but effective. As for the ship, I have successfully convinced him that a member of the Vulcan Science Academy who disagrees with their decision to only donate non-essential systems is trying to covertly smuggle you a shield generator but we cannot replace the Andorian system outright to avoid a diplomatic incident. He made several crude jokes about 'Andorian inferiority' before helping me draw up modifications to the ship's systems. Power will be rerouted through roughly two-dozen small drains to avoid notice, with the conduits' nexus being in Seylar's laboratory. We can install the cloak there to keep it away from prying eyes, and keeping it near our resident expert will make routine maintenance easier."

     "Very good work; beyond what I expected of you, even. If I can find a way to place a commendation in your file without implicating you in what's being done here, I will most assuredly do so." Pondering her options, T'Pol looked from one woman to another. Drusilla needed to be coherent for the upcoming transmission and therefore needed to feed. Seylar could serve that purpose, if not for the fact Drusilla's feeding would get in the way of Valis's work. She wanted to be at peak awareness for dealing with the Romulans. That left… "Would you mind dosing Drusilla this afternoon?"

     Drusilla perked up at that and T'Liu eyed the vampire. "Only if you show me more of the Eugenics War-era America. It still fascinates me that people could enjoy such luxurious lives while half a world away, genetically enhanced warlords fought for control of large swaths of your planet."

     Nodding, Drusilla spread her legs wide and patted the mattress. "Deal. Hurry please. Tummy is all grumbly." T'Liu unzipped her jumpsuit, pushing it down to her waist before pulling her black undershirt up over her head. Folding it neatly, she placed it on the end of the bed and moved to take up position between Drusilla's legs. The two locked eyes, Drusilla raising her hands to keep T'Liu's head in place. "Be in me, lovey. Back to Sunnydale and Los Angeles, before the bright times and the darkness. Be in me."

The End?

You have reached the end of "To Boldly Bite…" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 3 May 11.

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