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A Far Future Pep Talk

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Summary: Another response to the "In Jim Baen's Memory" Challenge, Starfire Universe this time, title change sorry

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Literature > Sci-Fi > Author: Jim BaenghostwhowalksFR181245051,80927 Aug 0627 Aug 06Yes
Title: Pep Talk

Author: Ghost who Walks

Disclaimer: All owned by others, this time it is David Weber, Steve White, and good old Josh who own it all

Responding to the “In Jim Baen’s Memory” Challenge #1578

Crossover: In Death Ground and The Shiva Option

Author’s note: Yes I’m responding to my own Challenge again, this time at least it’s more in line for what the Challenge calls for. Almost a triple drabble?

“Alright, people listen up.” The Major addressed her power armored marines before they all entered the drop compartment. “That is one of our worlds down there. We lost it to the Bugs three years ago and now we’re back. The Fleet left a lot of civilians down there when they had to pull out and it wasn’t until we received images from the Fleet’s fancy knew stealth drone that we knew for sure that there were survivors.”

“Now we already knew the Bugs like to eat fresh meat, particularly brains, and the more intelligent the animal the brains come from the better they like it, before we saw those images, still we were hoping not to see the things that were in those pictures. The pricks in Fleet Intelligence call where we are about to drop a ‘ranch’. I call it a place where people wait in terror until some huge spider like thing comes along and sucks their brain out, but maybe that’s too long.”

“We are going down there and we are going to hold that little acre of hell until the retrieval boats come down for those poor slobs. And we are going to kill every brain sucking alien Bug thing that gets any where near us. Let’s go people.”

Then Major Buffy Summers walked through the compartment door on the way to save another world.

The End

You have reached the end of "A Far Future Pep Talk". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking