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Press DoppelGanger

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Summary: Spike meets Harmony in a Bar... Hopefully this is not the cliche it may seem at first glance ! Minor Bad Language

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Television > Press GangDoctorDavrosFR1315740152627 Aug 0627 Aug 06No
FR13/M for language.

This is a work of fiction based on TV shows created, written and acted by people other than me. BTVS and Angel are owned by Mutant Enemy and Joss Whedon. Press Gang, by Steven and Bill Moffat. Some of the dialogue was taken directly from the Press Gang episode "Page One".

Time Line:
BTVS and Angel: After Chosen and Not Fade Away.
Press Gang: Occurs midway through the episode "A Night In" in Season 1 and will be AU from this point onwards.

It was the belief in his inherent "coolness" that had carried Spike through some of the toughest periods in his life. It simplified his existence, made the choices easier. All he had to do was choose the path that fed his already infamous reputation, with the greatest amount of fame. Who would have thought that it would be a woman... little more than a girl who would bring him to a point of self doubt.

"Bugger it", Spike said out loud to his reflection in the mirror... "I don't need this crap". His American accent was a badge of pride, for it was unique amongst the English accents he was constantly surrounded with. Of course it didn't stop him from cursing in his mother's tounge when he was alone. Grabbing his customary black shades, and his iconic brown leather bomber jacket, he’d just have to go and find himself someone to take his mind off Linda "Bloody" Day and the stupid Junior "Friggin" Gazette.

Northbridge was not renowned for its seedy underbelly, however Spike had an "understanding" with the individual who most personified the more unsavory underclass. "Czar" owned a local cafe, and a pub "The Wolf and Ram" whose continued operation owed more to the corrupter elements in the local council, than to its hygiene standards. Catching the bargirls eye, Spike grabbed a table in the back, and settled in for a long night of drowning himself in cheap whiskey and Guinness. For in the morning he'd be expelled, and sent back to America in disgrace, probably to the Military college his dad was always threatening him with. It was time for one last "hurrah".

The tower was only eleven shot glasses high when he looked up to see a young woman, beautiful, with long blond hair. Deciding that now was as good a time as any to move on, past the "ridiculous" obsession he'd seemingly developed with a high school girl suffering delusions of media grandeur, James "Spike" Thompson made a beeline for a new obsession, and a destiny beyond his imagining.

"Hi, I'm Spike Thompson." he began, confidence building as he removed his shades and let his blue eyes do their magic. "If this was a long time ago, you know, thousands and thousands of years ago, I'd kill a dragon for you. In fact if you'll go out with me some night this week, I'll make a definite commitment to kill the first dragon I meet." It was a line Spike had used before, and in his inebriated state, believed worthy of a more satisfying reaction than had been the case the last time he'd tried it.

The gorgeous girl's response came as a welcome surprise, as she grabbed his hand and lead him to the door, stating in an exuberant babble "Oh Goody, My last Spikey got killed by a Dragon. I'm Harmony... let's go out and find you something else to kill".

The End?

You have reached the end of "Press DoppelGanger" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 27 Aug 06.

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