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My World

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Summary: Adria meets her match when the Ori reach Earth. Stargate/4400

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Television > 4400, The
Stargate > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: Other
DigiEmissaryFR181458031,64428 Aug 0628 Aug 06Yes
My World

Adria meets her match when the Ori reach Earth. Stargate/4400

Disclaimer: The characters and ideas of Stargate: SG-1 and The 4400 belong to their respective owners. I am not one of these people. The text and ideas of the poem "Fire and Ice" belong to Robert Frost and/or the executors of his estate.
Note 1: Post-S10 for Stargate, mid-S3 for the 4400. Spoilers for both.
Note 2: FR18 for violence; it's not long, so the graphic imagery isn't too extended, but it gets gruesome.

Dozens of Ori battlecruisers touched down on the surface of Earth, completing their conquest of the Milky Way galaxy. Still more stayed in orbit, forming an active defense against any possible Jaffa-led Ha'tak suicide runs.

Adria stepped down from the ship on which she had made the journey. She could feel billions of new lives now devoted to Origin and she reveled in it.

She felt a slight rush of air and noticed a young, dark-skinned woman was standing before her. Her mind screamed of heresy and rebellion.

"You are a fool to resist the Ori," Adria told her. "This world is ours just as every other world in your galaxy is ours. Why do you refuse to accept the truth of Origin?"

Isabelle snickered. "This is my world and it was a mistake to tell me otherwise."

She raised her hand, directing her mind to constrict the other woman's airways. Adria copied the motion. Neither of them had an advantage, but nor was either of them truly incapacitated.

Isabelle changed her tactics, igniting the air surrounding her adversary. Adria laughed, unhurt. "You seek to burn me? I am the avatar of the Flames of Enlightenment and I wear a piece of the holy city Celestis. None can harm me."

Isabelle sauntered over to her still-afire foe. "We're both evil, you know," she said. "The difference is that I accept it and you're still in denial." As she finished speaking, the cord holding the piece of Celestis around Adria's neck burnt through and it fell to the ground. "And I guess not everything about you is fireproof," she added with a smirk.

Adria felt lost, abandoned. The Ori could not have deserted me, she tried to convince herself.

Her skin began to crack and peel from the heat, but Isabelle was impatient. "Fire's not working fast enough. Well, as a poet once wrote, 'for destruction ice is also great and would suffice,'" Isabelle said before shunting all of the considerable energy around Adria into the core of the nearest Ori ship, simultaneously rupturing its power core to cause a massive explosion and freezing Adria and the air around her to a mere fraction of a degree above absolute zero.

"Your creators are backwards charlatans, obsessed with peasants' worship," Isabelle said as she circled the frozen Adria, knowing that even then the other woman understood her every word. "I am the ultimate weapon of the future."

Isabelle flicked Adria with a finger, shattering her into uncountable pieces which melted to leave blood-red stains on the grass.

"And this is my world."

The End

You have reached the end of "My World". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking