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Tara's Rebirth

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Summary: Tara gets brought back as a present for Willow's control over magic. Yet she gets taken away and has to fight her way back. AU towards the end of Season 7, AU in HP

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Chapter 2

Tara’s Rebirth

Last time:

Tara spun around and ran towards the door she saw behind her. When she got through the door, she noticed that she was in a maze of mirrors. She searched for a way to escape, but she felt something slam into her sending her crashing through the mirror in front of her.

The shards cut into her body as she flew. She landed on the ground and rolled to a stop, slamming into the next wall of mirrors.

Tara laid there as the glass fell on her. She slowly sat up and pulled out the bigger shards in her body, grimacing in pain with each one. She looked around a saw Kennedy slowly rise as well.

Kennedy stood and turned to face her prey. “She rejected me for a chick that can’t even hold her own in a fight. How pathetic can that slut be?”

Tara rose, placing her back against the mirror behind her. “I have something you’ll never have.”

“What’s that?” Kennedy asked as she sauntered over and stood in front of Tara.

“Well for starters compassion. Second, I’m the first girl she’s been with and will ever be with.” She spat.

Kennedy fumed, knocked Tara down, and pulled out a wand. “You’ll pay for that bitch! CRUCIO!” she bellowed.

Tara’s body exploded with pain. Her back arched and she started convulsing. She lost sight of her torturer as her vision went black.

Kennedy sighed and lifted the curse off of her victim. ‘How can she be so weak? Any powerful witch should be able to throw that spell off.’ “Rennervate!” she muttered, causing Tara to come to.

“Why are you so weak? Voldermort said I could have fun with you; but if you keep passing out so easily, I can’t.” she asked while drawling blood with a dagger upon Tara’s face.

“Bite me bitch!” Tara bawled as she kicked at her, Kennedy easily dodged the half powered blow.

“Is that the best you got witch bitch?” Kennedy scoffed.

Tara again tried to kick her torturer but she missed again.

Kennedy smirked at her quarry and leaned closer to Tara and muttered, “I wonder if it’s the way you taste. Maybe that’s what made her want you again.” She bent her head down and licked Tara’s cheek. “Hmmm, that it was. I wonder if the rest of you will taste as sweet.”

She leaned back for a moment and yelled “Diffindo!” cutting Tara’s robe down the middle. She noticed gleefully that the spell also cut into Tara’s skin.

Tara tried to back away as she saw Kennedy descend towards her breasts. Kennedy however grabbed her arms and held her in place. “No, Mommy wants a taste.” She bent down and licked the length of one. “Oh yes, this is defiantly worth dumping your current lover for. It’s like nectar of the gods!” Kennedy cried out in ecstasy.

Tara’s eyes were brimmed with tears as she watched Kennedy bathe her breasts. “GET!” she commanded motioning with her hand away from her, causing Kennedy to soar into another mirror.

Tara gradually made her way up to a standing position. She looked around the hall they were in for another way out. Kennedy, she noticed was out like a light, giving her time to get away.

Her chest hurt from where the spell had sliced through her skin, but she knew she’d die quicker if she stayed put. By the time she rounded the corner, blood had started seeping into her vision, making it hard for her to see where she was going.

She placed her hand on the side of the hall, leaning heavily upon the gossamer surface. She went down a few more feet before she collapsed in pain. When her body collided with the cold tile, she cried out mentally ‘Goddesses, if you can hear me, please help me out. Help me get back to my Willow.’ She pushed herself up on her knees, when she heard a whistling noise behind her.

She looked over her shoulder and saw a dagger coming towards her. “Protect.” She half whispered, causing a barrier to shoot up around her. The dagger came to a stop inches from her back, the spell wasn’t as strong as it should have been because of her exhaustion. Tara dropped the shield, and picked up the dagger; then she resumed her attempt to get up on her feet.

Once she was standing, stumbling slightly, Tara racked her brains for any type of healing spell that would stanch her rapid loss of blood. She remembered one and began chanting it, “By the power of the Lady By the power of three, Pain away, rest well, pain away. As I do will, So Mote it be.”(*) she recited it the required three times before she felt the pain start to ebb away.

She rubbed the blood out of her eyes, and her vision became clearer; but she knew it was only temporary, the longer she stayed functioning, the sooner her wounds would reopen. She made her way down the hall when she saw Kennedy appear in front of her.

“Nice tricks you have. Still, it won’t protect you forever.” Kennedy sighed. “It’s a shame I have to kill you know, you are so tasty and cute.” She walked over to Tara and backed her up onto a wall, “Ta-Ta Tara.”

Kennedy smashed her lips upon Tara’s and forced her way into them. She then proceeded to bite her lip and draw blood. Kennedy grinned as she backed away, licking her lips.

“God it truly is a pity to have to kill you.”

“Wait, one question, how are you still standing? You crashed into as many mirrors as I have.” Tara questioned.

“Voldermort supplied me with numerous healing potions. You are a sweet catch, yet we must part now. Buh-Bye now. AVADA KEDAVRA.” She muttered firing the green bolt of magic at Tara.

Tara backed away from the spell as much as she could but slipped on what blood had spilled out of her body. It hit the mirror and shattered it, sending the shards down onto Tara’s body.

“Someone must really love you up there Tara; they just keep protecting you again and again.” Kennedy stated as she walked over to her spread eagle target and hauled the bleeding body up.

Tara looked her killer in the eyes and said, “She was given what wasn’t hers to get, remove the power from this slayer, make her just a player!”

Kennedy staggered for a few seconds, but that was enough for Tara to break her hold. “Still think I’m just Willow’s anchor?” Kennedy glared before stabbing a knife deep into Tara’s abdomen.

Tara gasped in pain, but pulled out the dagger she found and thrust it into Kennedy’s chest. Warm blood spilled out on her hands and they both fell to the ground.

Tara noticed Kennedy’s grip on the knife weakened, so she shoved her off and saw the world getting dark, but she groped around her assailants body looking for the potions. Upon finding one, she popped open the stopper downed the contents.

As the last of the potion spilled down her throat, she slipped out of consciousness.

Several Hours Later:

Tara awoke with a start; she looked down and saw her robe was a tattered ruin. Suddenly it all came rushing back to her…portkey…Kennedy…assault…dagger…potion. Her eyes flicked to the mirror nearest her and she saw that her wounds for the most part were healed. A few on her face still looked red, but she was glad she could at least move.

She stood up and walked away from Kennedy’s lifeless body, but after stripping her of her robe, potions, and wand. She briskly walked through the hall looking for a way out.

Tara saw flames up ahead and she quickly walked towards its source. She came upon the doorway and looked in slightly. She saw two men in robes sitting at a table talking. They both had their hoods up and looked like they were in deep conversation. Tara had been in enough situations to know not to risk going in there; she needed a distraction.

She spotted a small potted plant a few meters down the hall. It was just past the doorway. She slowly brought up Kennedy’s wand and barely above a whisper stated, “Wingardium Leviosa.” She moved the wand in the direction of the room. Once it was close enough, she thrust it into the room and then sprinted past the door.

The men in the room yelled in protest as the plant flew in, but didn’t see Tara flee down the hall. Once she was out of that hall, she began walking again looking for another door. She heard a few voices coming from up ahead, and they were getting louder.

Her eyes darted around looking for a place to hide, when she remembered that she had stripped Kennedy of her robe. She figured it was a Death Eater’s one so she reached around for the hood and pulled it over her head before the voices reached her.

They nodded to her and she nodded back. She then proceeded down more halls, when another person in a robe stopped her. Tara noticed that some strands of platinum blond hair spilled out from the hood, and she instantly equated him to be Lucius Malfoy.

“Where have you been? Have you managed to off the witch yet?” ordered a gruff man’s voice.

Tara mildly panicked before casting a quick glamour over herself so that she looked like Kennedy. “No, the little witch bitch got away. Somehow she had a special portkey on her that she could activate when ever she needed to.” She reported in Kennedy’s voice.

A hand came out and struck her face. “You were supposed to make the portkey so that it removed all objects but her robe.”

“I believe that crafting the portkey was your job, not mine. I was the one who offered to kill her. Now get out of my way, I have to find a way to get her.” Tara seethed drawling the knife that was Kennedy had shoved into her stomach.

Malfoy backed away from her seeing her draw the blade. “I’ll go let the Dark Lord know that you are still relishing in the kill. Just make sure you get your mark quickly.”

Tara nodded and descended the stairs behind Malfoy, looking back over her shoulder to see the dark cloak slide around the bend.

‘Great with my luck, Voldermort’s lair is through the mirror maze, meaning they’ll stumble upon Kennedy’s body and come immediately back here.’ Tara hypothesized.

She quickly went down another corridor when she saw daylight. She sighed with relief and ran towards it. The fresh air hit her like a freight train, and the bright sun blinded her eyesight. She walked away from the building she had vacated and turned around to look at it. She dropped the glamour and took in the house.

It was a well kept house. Black was everywhere imaginable. The windows were boarded up and gates surrounded the grounds. ‘It has to be Death Eater central. Yet where the hell am I. Maybe I should try apparatting and see if I can get back to Hogsmeade.’ She pondered as she focused on the streets of the wizard village. She pictured herself standing in front of Zonko’s Joke Shop and felt the familiar tingling of apparition, but suddenly she was hit with a spell.

“YOU LYING SACK OF SHIT!” raged Malfoy as he stormed down the hill.

Tara cursed her luck before running away from her attacker. She was hit by another spell and sent rolling down the hill. Malfoy soon came down and yanked off the hood.

“I should have known it was you. Voldermort is not pleased that you killed off his slayer. She only turned because we promised her your death.” Malfoy fumed, kicking Tara.

“Sorry to disappoint, but you can’t kill me that easily.” Tara responded throwing up her hands, yelling, “Sensus confundomtor era ah pleator obscurator,” shooting sand towards his eyes.

Malfoy reared back in pain, allowing Tara to get up and run in the opposite direction. Unfortunately several pops signaled help arriving, but not the help she wanted. They instantly fired stunners at her, but she screamed “Protect!”

A bubble of magic shot up around her, yet some of the spells got through before it finished surrounding her. She fell to the ground as they impacted against her chest.


The End?

You have reached the end of "Tara's Rebirth" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 29 Aug 06.

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