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Sex and the Vampire

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Summary: Cordy gets a vision, leading Angel and Co. to NY.

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Television > Sex and the CityCantineraFR13118,250011,43330 May 0330 May 03Yes
Title: Sex and the Vampire
Author: Cantinera
Rating: PG
Content: C/A and various others, later
Summary: Cordy gets a vision which leads them to New York. A crossover with Sex and the City eventually.
Spoilers: This takes place post-Fredless, before Offspring. For SatC, it takes place in Season 5
Disclaimer: The characters from Angel do not belong to me, unfortunately, but to Joss Whedon and David Greenwalt. The characters from Sex and the City do not belong to me either, but to HBO
Distribution: Nothing-Fancy. Anyone else can have it, but just let me know where
Notes: To MissKitieFantastico, the greatest beta in the world. And of course, LaLa247 and Kitty for helping with questions about NYC.


Part 1

Cordy was sorting through her office, just trying to look for something to do. It had been a very slow week and everyone was getting restless with the lack of clients. She mindlessly thumbed through old files, as if busying herself would get her mind off of their financial problems. Gunn slouched in the hotel lobby playing his Game Boy, too preoccupied to care about anything else. He was determined to beat his highest score. Fred was in Wesley's office, flitting about and chattering away while Wesley quietly listened to her from his desk, a small smile forming on his face. Meanwhile, Angel descended down the stairs with something other than business on his mind.

"Cordy," he said in a nervous manner, as he slowly approached her.

"Hi Angel!" she exclaimed, as she jumped up from a bending down near a file cabinet, and flashed a huge smile his way.

"What are you doing?"

"Nothing. Absolutely nothing. We haven't had a case in over a week, which means we haven't been paid in over a week. You know what that means? No money. Angel, we need money."

"Yes.we do. But you know, there was something else I wanted to talk about."

"You aren't upset I wiped up the coffee spill with your shirt, are you? I mean, it was a black shirt, and you have a million of those. It's not like- "

"Cordy, it isn't about the shirt. Wait, you cleaned up a spill with my shirt?" he paused for a moment, then continued. "Nevermind, it's not about the shirt. I was just thinking about you and me, and how we've grown closer over the years and-"

"Angel. Vision. Grab me!"

Cordy started to fall towards the floor, arms stretched out as her head bobbed back, but luckily Angel caught before she fell. She started to writhe about in his strong arms as images of a man performing a spell in a modernly decorated mansion flashed inside her head. He was playing with dark magic, which she knew was about to backfire on him.

"Oh, eww!" Cordy gasped, all the while trying to catch her breath.

"What is it? What did you see?" Angel asked quietly, as he slowly eased her on to the chair. He tried not to notice how worn out the latest vision made her look.

"It's seems like some bored, rich guy in Bel Air is casting a spell. I am not sure why, you've got to love the vagueness of these things, but he is going to summon a demon which will eat his brains and make a necklace out of his rib cage. Can you say yuck?"

"Do you know what kind of demon it was, Cordy?" piped in Wes. The screams from the latest vision sent everyone running into Cordy's office.

"No, all I know is it is going to kill him. Oh, and it's kind of orange-y. I wrote down the address for you. Hurry, before anything happens."

Cordy handed Wes the paper with all the information about the man in distress. She motioned for Angel and Gunn to go along with him; she knew it would happen soon, and she didn't want them to be too late.

"Cordy, are you sure you don't want me to stay with you? You seem." Angel's voice was filled with concern, but he didn't want to alarm her.

"Nah, I will be fine. It's not like anyone split my head open with an axe - it just feels that way."

"Angel, I will be here with Cordy. Go along and do your fighting thing, I am sure that will calm your nerves." Fred said as she came over to them with a glass of water in her hand for Cordy. "Here you go, Cordy."

"Thanks, Fred." Cordy turned to Angel and said, "Run along now, I will be fine."

"When I was in Pylea I almost had my head split open by an axe. Twice, actually. Once I ran, but the other time Angel saved me." Fred stared dreamily at the ceiling. "Well, it actually wasn't going to be split open, more like split along my neck, but thankfully that didn't happen, or else I wouldn't have a head. Or I wouldn't even be here. I wouldn't be talking to you!"

"What a shame." Cordy remarked in a deadpan tone as she held the glass of water to her head. Her head ached, and it wasn't just from the visions. Angel was confusing her.

* * *

Angel, Wes and Gunn arrived at a huge, white mansion, two stories high and set deep within the estate, just like Cordy described at the address she gave them. Although, not without a struggle.

"Well, if we knew we would have been sneaking into someone's estate over gates I would've brought along your gadgets." Wes commented. He looked around the mansion, which took on a rather creepy appearance in the dark, especially with the full moon obscured by wispy clouds; creating a sinister effect. The neatly trimmed hedges, as well as a big, iron gate was surrounding the place to keep out intruders. Well, most of them since they managed to sneak in, but it wasn't easy. Sure, Angel could jump to the top, grab on, then hop over. Gunn and Wes had to climb over it, which proved difficult with the sleek bars.

"Well, how was I supposed to know there'd be a gate." Angel whined.

"You guys should've took note when Cordy said this place was in Bel Air. Like we could just walk up to the front door." Gunn stated, obviously annoyed.

The three men cautiously approached the front door, more afraid of setting off an alarm or alerting guard dogs than anything supernatural. Angel slowly opened the door, and when he didn't hear an alarm go off, he motioned for Wes and Gunn to come in.

"You guys check upstairs, I will check this floor." Angel commanded.

"Hey, I'm the boss now, you can't give orders," Wes noticed the annoyed look Angel gave him, "but that does sound like a good idea. So let's do that."

As Angel went from room to room, he didn't notice anything out of the ordinary, or anyone in the house even. He just took in the trendy décor, which dominated the interior of the house; the modern art signaled that the resident was into the latest fads in Los Angeles. Everything about this place screamed money.

Then, all of a sudden, he heard a scream come from a room down the hall. He ran towards the noise as fast as he could, and when he arrived he found a man cowering in a corner, clearly terrified of what he saw. Standing in front of him was an orange, slimy demon with three eyes and seven feet tall; its long arms reaching for the man who summoned him, as he growled from a hole in his face full of razor sharp teeth. The monster snarled as he reached towards the cringing man, full of rage for being beckoned.

Angel swung his right fist into the demon's stomach, punching the demon as hard as he could, not causing any damage to it. The demon kept coming forward, so Angel did a spinning back kick into the demon's head, only causing it to lose balance for a second. The demon was stronger than Angel thought, so he jumped up and tried to snap his neck, but it vigorously shook Angel off, sending him to the floor. Angel took this as an opportunity to grab his axe and charged the demon as fast as he could, then struck him hard in the side of his head, leaving it there. While slowing the demon down, it didn't kill him.

At that moment, Wes and Gunn arrived with their weapons ready, and right away they began to attack the demon with as much strength as they could muster, striking their weapons and ducking blows. Angel kept throwing punches, trying to break down the demons defenses, but nothing seemed to work. With one smack from the demon, Gunn flew across the room.

"Gunn, quick, throw me your axe!" Angel shouted across the room.

Gunn quickly tossed his weapon to Angel. Angel caught it in the air, and with one mighty swing he took off the demon's head causing sticky, blue goo to squirt from his veins all over Wes.

"Hmm, thanks." Wes responded as he casually wiped his glasses clean.

Angel went over to the man still huddled in the corner, with Wes and Gunn following not too far behind him.

"That was a Fengata demon you summoned, a very lethal hunter demon. Why would you send for one?" Wes inquired.

"He.he j-just doesn't hunt," the man, still shaken from what happened, stuttered as he tried to explain, "he seeks out a certain type of demon if under the right spell. I guess I screwed it up."

"A certain type of demon? Why would you need this demon to find another one?" Gunn wondered.

"Because, my wife has been kidnapped by some Bhorai demons and I needed him to go get her. If I don't get her back by the end of the month, they will sacrifice her in an attempt to end the world."

Wes spotted a clear opportunity to get some business as well as saving a life. "Sir, we are from Angel Investigations. We investigate supernatural occurrences, and we'd be more than obliged to help you with this problem."

"Great!" the man exclaimed. "I will pay you anything, including your expenses to New York."

"New York?" all three men asked in unison.

"Yes, New York, for some reason the sacrifice needed to be done there. I am still unclear on the details of what is happening," he started to choke up thinking of the danger his wife was in, "and all I know is I want her back."

And so New York it was.


Part 2

It was a half hour before take-off and everyone was on board getting ready for the flight to New York. Looking out the airplane window, you could see the hazy night settling on Los Angeles. The stars were blurred, just like anything else associated with dreams in the City of Angels. You knew it was there, but not quite in reach.

The whole gang searched for their seats in Upper Class, taking in the more affluent atmosphere. The spacious seating was definitely a plus from the cramped, uncomfortable seats in Economy Class. Cordy was pleased to get a taste of luxury again, no matter how small the taste was. When she found her place, she hopped in seat near the window and looked out into the night, while she began to twirl a strand of her chin-length, brown hair. Gunn took his place right behind her, placing his carry on bag on his lap. Wesley looked at his seat number, and saw he was seated next to Cordy.

"Do I have to sit next to Cordy? She snores, so I won't be able to concentrate on my research."

Cordy glared at Wesley, but it turned into a lighthearted look. "Hey, I don' t snore! Besides, it's not my fault we need a night flight."

Angel was situating himself near Gunn when he heard the banter between Cordy and Wes. He glanced up and began to defend himself. "Well, if we didn't get a night flight, I'd become dust on arrival. So we chose a flight that would get us there at four am. I will switch with you, Wes. That way you can do your research."

"Sounds good to me." Wes responded, as he picked up his stuff and walked towards the seat next to Gunn.

"Alright, English!" Gunn yelled out, as they slapped hands and smiled at each other. "You know I don't snore, so I won't be bugging you."

"I've never been to New York before," chimed in Fred, her long hair pulled back in a French braid, "I hope it's as exciting as they say it is."

"Me too, babe," Lorne added, as he and Fred took their seats next to each other behind Wes and Gunn. Lorne was wearing an oversized coat, as well as a large hat to make him less conspicuous. "Especially after what happened to Caritas. I so need a break from LA."

"I can't believe you got through security, Lorne." Cordy called out as she turned towards them and rested her chin on the top of her seat. "In fact, I can't believe any of us got through. I mean, with a green demon, a vampire, and weapons in our luggage, you'd think someone would question us."

"They probably just assumed we were eccentric millionaires, or were snoozing on the job. Either way, I am just going to relax, check out the in flight entertainment, and drink some Seabreezes." Lorne responded as he slinked back into his chair.

Fred smiled at him and opened her book. Her nerves were acting up again. She could feel the butterflies dance about in her stomach, tickling her with the excitement and fear. She was still adjusting to her new life.and going out. She smoothed her pink, knee-length dress out and took a deep breath. Slowly she was coming back to this world, and she was determined to do it.

Meanwhile, Wes was already starting his research. He brought a couple books pertaining to Bhorai demons and apocalypses on board in his brief case, and with determination, he tried to connect the pieces together. The abduction of Mrs. Cox - the husband filled Wes in on their details - happened while she was at work. She was well known as Madame Zelda, and ran a New Age shop in West Hollywood on Melrose Avenue. A renowned psychic to the stars, she was famous for her tarot readings and expensive astrological charts. Most people who didn't believe in the mystical world dismissed her as a con artist, but her husband claimed she was for real - she just kept her more serious, magical work to herself.

So all Wes knew was Mrs. Cox was involved with some form of magic, she was well known in many circles, was believed to be a key to bringing about an apocalypse, and Bhorai demons were involved. Wes had his work cut out for him, and he knew it. He began to frown at all which lay ahead of him. Gunn looked up from his music magazine and tried to cheer up Wes.

"It's cool, man. I know you can do it."

"Thanks for the encouragement." Wes replied as he smiled back.

Just in front of the two men, Angel stared straight ahead of him, lost in thought. Who knew his life could get more complicated than it already was. On top of all the events over the past year, he started to feel something stir inside of him. The way he felt towards Cordy started to take on a feeling beyond friendship, and he was unsure of what could happen. Falling for your best friend has so many emotional repercussions. Does she even feel the same way? What would happen if he tried to take their relationship further? He loved the closeness they already shared, and he wasn't confident if he could risk it for something which might not even be a place she would want to go. Fighting demons was easy compared to falling for your best friend. But this.this wasn't just swinging an axe and killing something. This was going to transform the connection he shared with the closest friend he ever had.

"Angel, is something wrong? You are getting that look again." Cordy observed as she finally looked away from the window which seemed to fascinate her so much before take-off. She wasn't necessarily fascinated by it, she just felt Angel wasn't acting like his normal self, and he wasn't opening up to her, so it was a good distraction for the time being.

"No, not really. Well." he looked over at her and saw the worry on her face as she intently listened for him to explain what was on his mind. He knew she just wanted to know what was going on inside him, just so she could help him with his problems. But he wasn't sure if this was something she could handle, nor was he ready to tell her. ".it's just." he continued, ".I'm unsure of whether we can actually solve this case. I mean, I understand how Mr. Cox feels about his wife missing, and I'd hate to disappoint him." He didn't tell her the main thing on his mind, but he wasn't ready to tell her what is really on his mind.

"Oh." Cordy responded with a slightly disappointed look on her face. This case makes him think about Buffy, she thought. "Well, I am sure we are going to find her. With Wesley's research, Fred's brain, Lorne's connections, Gunn 's brawn and your, well, your, I don't know. What do you bring to this team?" They both flashed big smiles at each other as Cordy playfully teased him. "Angel, you are good at saving people, and I doubt you will let these people down. You care so much, and even if you can be rather Stoic when it comes to expressing yourself, you show it in other ways."

Angel once again flashed a huge, gorgeous smile her way. "Thanks, Cordy."

"Glad to be of service."

"And unlike Wes, I don't care if you snore, or even drool on my shoulder."

She smirked as she leaned back into the seat. She was glad he was smiling again, but she knew he wasn't telling her completely what was on his mind, and she was going to find out. She just wasn't going to press it right now.

"Oh, if you need any blood, I have some in a thermos in my bag. Just reach in and grab it."

"You're so thoughtful." He replied, somewhat bemused and amused at the same time.

"I know, I'm all about the altruism." She quietly said as she started to fall asleep.

The captain announced the local time, temperature and introduced himself. He projected an on time arrival at JFK airport, and a flight with no complications. The crew from Angel Investigations just sat back and waited for the flight to take off, waiting for whatever came next.


Part 3

The fang gang arrived at JFK shortly before four am, and proceeded into the baggage claim area. As Angel and Wes slowly gathered everyone's luggage, the rest of the group slowly gravitated towards the luggage carts. Cordy yawned, while stretching both arms towards the ceiling. She was wearing hip hugger jeans and a shirt which was cut high on one side, but swooped around at an angle and came to a point right below her belly button, so Angel couldn't help but take a peak when she stretched the sleepiness out of her.

"Angel! You need to pay attention. You just missed Fred's suitcase." Wes shouted, slightly annoyed.

"Sorry," Angel said, thankful nobody noticed what he was doing, "I am just somewhat tired from not sleeping on the plane."

"Ahh, Cordy's snoring. I see." Wes joked back. "Well, Gunn can help with the luggage then."

"I heard that, and I do not snore." Cordy shot back.

"No, you just drooled all over my shoulder." Angel responded, then turned to Cordy to make sure he didn't face her wrath. "Not that I mind, honestly."

"Yeah, yeah. I can't wait till we get to the hotel. Especially since the Waldorf-Astoria is supposed to be very classy, definitely my kind of place."

"I'm hungry." Fred declared as she watched Gunn and Wes collect all of their luggage and place it on the carts.

After they gathered all their belongings, they headed outside the terminal to catch taxis to their hotel. Cordy hailed down two, and they began to load the trunks. She directed each taxi to take them to Waldorf-Astoria, then she hopped in the cab with Angel and Lorne, while Fred, Gunn and Wes shared the other.

"Isn't it great how this is an all expense paid trip?" Cordy mentioned as she began to get excited. "A case and a vacation in one, it's fabulous."

"Now, listen up guys, Wes has been doing the research of what the Bhorai demons could possibly want with Madame Zelda, but there are some places I know of where we could get more leads. There's a club in Manhattan on Avenue of the Americas with a vampire theme called Club Dark. Although on the surface it looks like it serves the gothic chic of New York City, there are actual occult connections if you know who's who there. And man, do they make some great Electric Watermelons. Anyway, if we don't get any leads there, I know some people who own magic shops in Greenwich Village that could help us, but stay away from Mistress Jhula, she will rob you blind. Literally, she steals your eyesight."

"Thanks Lorne, I really appreciate your help." Angel responded, even though his mind was still on the brunette sitting next to him. She turned and smiled at him, as she leaned over him from the middle seat to look out the window into the dark. He just wanted to reach out and grab her.

"I can't wait to go shopping." She said.

* * *

Everyone arrived at the front of the hotel and proceeded to check into their rooms. They were amazed at how gorgeous and rich the place looked; the place oozed wealth to anyone who saw it. The immaculate presentation of the concierge and the clothing worn by the employees indicated the high prices of the rooms. After signing in, they found that there were three rooms with two full sized beds in each. While being led to the rooms, everyone in the team started to argue amongst themselves over who would be sharing rooms. Wes and Gunn decided it would be best to share a room, like everything else, these two seemed to stick together. That left Angel, Cordy, Lorne and Fred to pick rooms. Cordy didn't seem into the idea of sharing a room with Fred.

"I like her Angel, trust me, I do," she whispered when they were walking a little behind the group, "but I just don't think I could handle being in the same room with her all night. She talks a lot, and it just might drive me a little nutty."

"I know, but don't you think this would ruin the nice pattern we have here? Two guys, two girls and two demons. It makes sense."

"Angel, I don't know why you don't want to share a room. It's not like I haven't spent the night at your place before. So what's the difference? Besides this hotel being a little nicer, of course."

Before Angel could counter what Cordy said, she caught up with the rest of the group and told them how they were sharing rooms. Lorne and Fred seemed okay with the idea, so Wes passed out the keys, and everyone went into their rooms.

While Cordy started to unpack, she began to get frustrated over Angel's behavior. What was with him? Ever since they started out on, trip, whatever, he was acting a little strange - even stranger than usual. She felt like he was holding something back, and she didn't like him not telling her what was going on. This is what usually led to problems between them, and she didn't want to go down that road again. Most of all, it made her feel like he couldn't open up to her, and that hurt. He was the most important person in her life, and she didn't want to feel like that didn't matter to him.

After everyone was situated in their rooms, Cordy decided she needed a cup of coffee. She went back to her room to find Angel reading on his bed. He looked troubled and trying to ease himself in the book to escape from whatever was on his mind.

"Well, it's 7 o'clock already, and I am dying for a cup of coffee. The sun is up now, so you really can't go outside, I know. Anyway, I am going to go to some stores afterwards, maybe even get something for that club we have to go to tonight." Her tone was soft as the anger started to subside now.

As she left, Lorne and Fred came by to announce they were going to the Village to check out some of his contacts and see if they knew about any of the whereabouts of Madame Zelda. They informed Angel that Wesley was going to stay in his room and continue some research. Meanwhile, Gunn decided he wanted to spend the day as a tourist, so he went off sightseeing.

* * *

Right before the sun was setting, everyone started to arrive back at the hotel. Cordy came back carrying six bags full of clothing, including a pair of black, leather pants and a red corset. She also had a gothic, black dress with a low cut bodice which was form-fitting at the waist and an ankle length skirt which flowed loosely away from the body. Cordy held them up and asked Angel which one she should wear tonight.

"So...Faith, or Drusilla?"

Angel almost choked on his coffee he ordered from room service when she said that. " pick."

"I think I will go with the leather ensemble, the bouncer is more likely to respond to it."

She turned away and started to sort through all the clothing she had bought. A girl has to take advantage of an all expenses paid job when she can, and so she did.

Gunn saw the door was open, so he came inside and told them about his day as a tourist. He went to the top of the Empire State building, as well as checking out Times Square.

"Yeah, I enjoyed it." Gunn said. "That is until hundreds of screaming girls almost trampled me to get to MTV. Apparently Enrique was appearing on TRL today, so that place was packed."

"You saw Enrique?" Cordy said as she turned her head towards Gunn.

"Nah, I just did some CD shopping," Gunn smiled as he held up a T-shirt displaying 'I Love NY' on it, "and I bought this. So what did you all find out?"

Fred and Lorne arrived and hovered in the doorway, relaying to them what the word in the mystical world was.

"Hey!" Fred called out as she waved to everyone.

"Listen guys," Lorne started, "apparently, there have been a lot of whispers in the Village about some sort of sacrifice. A lot of books have been pointing to-"

"If someone of a mystical nature is sacrificed by tomorrow's sunrise, the whole world will be sucked into hell!" Fred shouted.

"You like doing that, don't you sweetie."

"Sorry." Fred quietly mumbled.

"It's okay, pumpkin. Miss Brains here noticed something in one of the shops that seemed strange."

"Yeah," Fred explained "I noticed in one of the more unfriendly places we visited there was a man in there buying some strange herbs and book on Hellmouths. He looked like he was hiding something. Apparently he frequents Club Dark, and according to the lady working at the cash register, he is well known among the club goers there. I don't think his intentions are pure."

"So Cordy and I should be watching out for this guy at the club?" Angel asked.

"Yes," Lorne replied, "but do not be too slow about it, we need to get this done before sunrise."

Cordy and Angel were both on Angel's bed, leaning against the headboard and thinking about what they were heading into. Gunn was sitting on Cordy's bed, taking everything in and thinking about which weapons he would need tonight. Just as they were discussing the possible plans for tonight, Wes strolled in between Fred and Lorne, who were still standing in the doorway, with two books in his hand, staring down intently at the pages.

"A-ha! I think I figured it out." He blurted out as he went and sat next to Gunn at the edge of Cordy's bed. "The Bhorai demons are using the blood of a true mystic to open up a forgotten portal to hell. It took awhile to figure out, since there isn't a real connection between Bhorai demons and apocalypses, but I did a little research on any paranormal activity in New York and came across this doorway to hell. Sadly, I cannot pinpoint the exact spot in New York, as these books don't list a specific place."

"But why Madame Zelda? I am sure there are genuine mystics in New York." Cordy asked Wes.

"That is what I can't figure out, nor can I guess the intentions of why the Bhorai demons would be trying to do this. They are usually uninvolved in these matters." Wes responded, resigned to finding out the answers at this point in time.

"So I guess that just leaves the lead on the co-owner of Club Dark." Angel added. Cordy and Angel looked at each other, knowing it was up to them to find out what exactly was going on, so they decided to get ready and hit the dance floor.

* * *

Angel and Cordy were patiently waiting in line outside of Club Dark. They were surrounded by beautiful people, all dressed up and ready to hit one of the hot spots in New York. The night had a slight chill in the air, causing Cordy to shiver. The streets were alive with people going about their business, ready to enjoy a night out, completely oblivious to the fact if Angel Investigations didn't come through, the whole world would be sucked into hell.

Cordy was wearing the outfit she bought earlier, the tight, corset accentuating her narrow waist and curvy shape. She wore deep, blood red lipstick to match her top only serving to highlight her striking, dark features. The leather pants she wore hugged her form, revealing the shape of her body, and this didn't go unnoticed by Angel. Angel stood next to Cordy, trying not to ogle her; meanwhile, every woman in line couldn't keep their eyes off him. Usually Cordy didn't go for the black on black look, but tonight she made sure he wore it to give him the more 'authentic' vampire look. He even wore some eyeliner, making him more Angelus-like in appearance.

They weren't talking very much. Most of the tension on this trip was still there, and so thick you could cut through it. Angel was still uneasy about these feelings he was slowly becoming more aware of, while Cordy was upset by Angel's recent distance. She just wanted to reach out to him, but something was holding her back. She didn't like the closed off vibes she was getting from Angel; she knew he was keeping something from her, and that always added up to problems in her book. Right now she would focus on the case before she decided to talk things over with Angel.

They gradually made their way to the front of the line, and after Cordy gave the bouncer a huge smile, he waved them through. They paid the cover charge and entered the dance club. It was already beginning to fill up with people, soaking up the gothic atmosphere of romanticized vampirism. Not only was Angel uncomfortable with the crowds, he didn't enjoy the notion of the beautiful vampire. He knew what it was like to be a vampire, and it was anything but pretty. Violence, gore and pain - that is what being a vampire is really like.

Eventually, they made their way to the bar and Cordy began to mingle. While she ordered a Margarita, she began to describe the man Fred and Lorne told her about to the bartender.

"Hi," she said flirtatiously, "I am wondering if you've seen a man here tonight. He's about 6'2, jet-black hair, muscular, blue eyes, and very pale. He comes by often."

"That's Jeff, but he usually doesn't arrive till 1am, so you are going to have wait awhile for him."


Cordy grabbed Angel's wrist and looked at his watch, noticing it was only barely midnight. They had an hour to kill, and she was determined to enjoy herself while she was there. She quickly finished her Margarita and ordered another.

"Hey, slow down there. You've barely ate anything tonight and we are still on a case." Angel whispered to her as he pulled her closer.

"We have an hour till he arrives, so why not enjoy ourselves until then?" Cordy casually said as she began to walk towards the dance floor.

Angel quickly ran to catch up with her as she walked towards the center of the club. The music was blaring through speakers and Cordy slowly began to sway with the rhythm. She began to feel a slight buzz from the alcohol, so she began acting more mischievous. She pulled Angel to the dance floor with her, even though he protested.

"Cordy, you know I don't dance."

"Well, you do now." She replied.

Cordy danced next to Angel, allowing the beats to guide her. Angel just stood there, staring, too self-conscious to move. Cordy continued to dance as the song changed to Closer by Nine Inch Nails.

Angel decided he would humor Cordy, unaware of the song playing. He moved reluctantly, and bit by bit, he got into the music. Although he wasn't the most amazing dancer, he was adequate. Cordy came closer to Angel and motioned him to follow her lead. Their bodies were moving in sync with each other, the beats pounding through them, causing the uneasy tension to turn sexual.

You can have my isolation
You can have the hate that it brings
You can have my absence of faith
You can have my everything

Angel moved his face closer to Cordy. With her standing right in front of him, the music swirling in his head, all he wanted to do was lean in and kiss her, let her know what was going on inside him. To clear up all the confusion and uncertainty he felt about their relationship.

Help me
You tear down my reason
Help me
It's your sex I can smell
Help me
You make me perfect
Help me become somebody else

Cordy was unsure whether Angel was sending out signals of his desire, or if her head was fuzzy with tequila. More alarming was her own response to him. Was she being turned on by her best friend? Angel has always been off limits to her. There were way too many issues before she got to really know him: the curse, the fact he's a vampire and his emotional baggage. On top of that, now he was the closest person to her emotionally. He could hurt her, and he has. Cordy always guarded her feelings, not letting anyone in. She'd already let Angel in, and she was afraid of risking letting him in more.

I want to fuck you like an animal
I want to feel you from the inside
I want to fuck you like an animal
My whole existence is flawed
You get me closer to God

Their bodies swayed with the music, closing in on the gap between them. Heat radiated from Cordy's body, her breath quickening, reminding Angel of what he wasn't and what he wanted. He wanted to taste her, to make her his, to let her know just how he felt. He felt lust course through his dead veins, but was reminded of his limitations. She was the humanity in his unlife, and it wasn't quite in grasp yet.

Cordy reached to touch his face, insecure of what she was doing. She looked into Angel's eyes, before he looked away and started shouting in her ear over the music.

"Look over there, I think that is the guy we are looking for."

"He sure looks how Fred described him."

Cordy grabbed Angel's hand and led him towards the bar where the dark haired man was sitting. As he ordered a drink, Cordy indicated to Angel to stay back a bit. She sauntered over to the bar, all the while trying to clear her head of what just happened on the dance floor.

"Hi," she said as she beamed as she held her hand out "I'm Cordelia, and you are?"

"Jeff. Nice to meet you Cordelia" He looked Cordy up and down, checking her out and nodding with approval. Angel noticed from a distance and glowered at him.

"So, do you come here a lot?" Cordy continued.

"All the time."

"I heard this is the hottest place to go."

"Yeah, it is. I like the vampire theme."

"Yeah, but who believes in vampires and all of that stuff."

"I do."

"You do?"

"Yeah, I even practice magic." He said, leaning in towards her.

At that moment, Angel, feeling a tinge of jealousy and irritated that he disrupted what could've been a chance to tell Cordy what was on his mind, stepped forward and interrupted their conversation.

"Sorry, I just can't handle this anymore. What do you know?"

"Angel!" Cordy chastised.

"Know about what?" Jeff asked.

"About Madame Zelda." Angel said coldly.

"Who is Madame Zelda?"

"Okay, don't play dumb. Just let us know." Angel retorted as he walked towards him.

Suddenly, Fred entered the club and came running towards them, frantically waving her arms, clad in the Goth dress Cordelia bought. She was sent by Wes to check on them and make sure everything was okay.

"Angel, stop. That isn't the right man!"

"Huh? We described him to the bartender, and he said it was a man named Jeff."

"Yeah, but that ain't the one I saw." Fred said as she looked down, shyly smiling as one side of her face pulled back. She then pointed to a dark-haired man sitting in the corner, surrounded by people. "The man I saw earlier is over there."

"I don't have time for this." Angel moaned. He dashed over to the table as Fred and Cordy chased him. He picked up the man, turning towards Fred to confirm if it was the right guy this time.

"Is this him?" he asked.

"Yeah, that's him."

"Alright, you are going to tell me all you know about Madame Zelda." Angel uttered angrily through gritted teeth, as the pent up anger started to surface. "I don't want to hear any lame stories, and I don't have time for any games. If you don't talk, I will get it out of you my way."

"Okay, okay," the guy responded, "let's go outside so we can discuss this in a quieter place."

Fred and Cordy exited the club with Angel, dragging the guy in tow. Angel was frustrated and confused - again. Dealing with evil was his way of dealing with his inner turmoil. It's what he resorted to when he didn't know how to handle what was brewing inside.

As they emerged out of the club and into the city, the fresh, new rain fell down onto them while they stood there, waiting for Angel to interrogate the man he was pulling behind him.

"Angel, is something wrong?" Cordy asked; it was obvious Angel was agitated.

"Cordy, we will talk about this later. Right now, we've got to deal with this," he gestured towards the dark-haired man he had pinned against the wall, "or else the whole world will be sucked into hell, and we won't be able to discuss my problems."

"No need to be testy."

Angel paused for a moment to collect his thoughts, then apologized to Cordy. "Sorry."

"Guys, we don't have time for this. Right now we need to figure out where Madame Zelda is." Fred interrupted.

"Right, so what do you know about Madame Zelda?" Angel demanded. "Don't make me beat it out of you."

"I will tell you what I know. I was asked by a friend of mine to bring him a book and some herbs today. I was told to drop it off at a sewer in Harlem. I do know they were keeping Madame Zelda there, but I don't know why they were needed."

"You swear that's the truth?"


Angel let go of him and watched as he dropped to the floor. After standing in the rain for that brief moment, everyone was drenched. Fred was shivering and confused by the way Angel had just acted. Cordy leaned down to get the exact location of where in the sewer they had to go. Afterwards, she got up and hailed a taxi. All three of them got in and headed towards Harlem.

"Angel, I don't know what's going on with you, but you are acting very strangely."

"We'll talk about it later, Cordy."

"You were a little rough with that man back there."

"Now's not the time, let's just finish this case."

"Cordy, I think we need to focus on the case right now," Fred said, "and get back to this later. We don't have much time left."

Cordy glared at Fred and turned to look outside the window.

"I'm just saying." Fred quietly stated, almost under breath. As she looked out the window, she remembered she had to get the rest of the gang. "Oh, wait! That's our hotel!" she shouted. "Stop right here, I'll be back in a moment!"

As Fred leaped out of the car to get everyone else, Cordy continued to stare out the window while Angel looked down. The world was ending, and it didn't seem like Cordy and Angel would go on good terms.


Part 4

After collecting the rest of the gang, along with their weapons and supplies, the crew from Angel Investigations arrived at the spot where Madame Zelda was located. The rain had stopped, leaving a sleek surface reflecting the light from the moon onto their faces.

The gang walked towards the manhole in the road. This was definitely the entrance to the where the Bhorai demons were hiding Madame Zelda. They all approached the sealed hole and tried to figure out a way in.

"So," Gunn started, breaking the silence, "how do we get in?"

"Why don't you take one of your hammer thingies and smash it open?" Cordy suggested.

"Nah, won't work."

"Why doesn't Angel just twist it open? It may not be easy, but with his vampire strength." Wes proposed.

"Well, it's worth a try." Angel said as he bent down, putting all his strength into loosening the opening. It came off, allowing access to the sewers. Everybody looked around until Gunn started to climb in first.

"Dude, it smells naaasty in here." Gunn commented as he descended down the stairs.

"Yeah, well, it is a sewer." Fred said as she came down, brushing herself off.

Cordy, Angel, Wes and Lorne followed suit, looking around the dark, damp surroundings. The stench was enough to cause anyone to vomit. Cordy covered her nose with her hand, gagging on the smell.

"Yuck. Why can't demons pick anywhere non-smelly and gross to end the world?"

"It's just the nature of the beast." Lorne joked. "Get it?" Nobody looked amused. "Never mind."

"You guys, it's this way." Angel said, flashing the light towards a tunnel. "It's not just the sewers, I can smell them."

"Great, smelly demons. Can it get any better?" Cordy snapped.

"Sure," Wes answered, "we don't have very much time to get the job done. Let 's hurry."

They began to walk into the tunnel, following Angel as he trailed the demon' s position. They were getting near, so Wes started handing everyone weapons, just in case any of them were to face imminent danger. All of a sudden, Fred screamed and grabbed hold of Gunn.

"What is it, Fred?" Gunn said, as he stayed alert for any demon.

"R-ra-ats." Fred responded as she pointed down.

"Rats? You lived in a hell dimension for five years, faced demons and you are afraid of rats?"

"Yeah," she quietly said.

They persisted in the direction Angel believed the ritual was taking place, sticking together and being as careful as possible. Eventually they came across an opening, illuminated by red light from torches. They quietly entered, one by one, observing the ceremony at hand. A mature-looking, blonde woman, presumably Madame Zelda, was tied up in the middle of the room. Her eyes revealed the horror she felt. She was encircled by five demons, dressed in gray robes. They sprinkled a mixture from a bag around as they walked, chanting a spell.

They paused, and lowered the hoods of their robes, making visible their blue faces. Their eyes, completely red, stared at Madame Zelda. The grotesque features twisted into a sneer as they raised their arms and shouted, calling for the pits of hell to swallow them whole.

"You guys.we should really do something right now." Gunn asserted.

"Alright," Wes said, as he took in a breath, "on the count of three, we attack. One.two.three!"

All three men ran into the room, charging at the demons with their weapons ready. Startled by the intruders, the Bhorai looked up and stopped for a moment while the leader figured out what to do.

"Go!" he commanded in his scratchy, deep voice. "I will continue the spell, but get rid of them!"

The first demon rushed towards Gunn, but he quickly punched it - knocking it to the floor. It got back up, kicking Gunn, causing a force of blows to be exchanged among the two. Finally, Gunn got in many forceful punches, weakening the demon. The demon struck back, so Gunn whipped out his axe and swung it at the demon, beheading it in one swipe.

Meanwhile, Wes was fencing with another demon. The clashing of swords clinked, causing an echo through the room. Wes persisted in his attemp to spear the demon, but his will wasn't enough in this fight. The demon managed to whack Wesley's sword out of his hand, and knocking him to the ground. Wesley was struggling with the Bhorai which had tackled him to the ground. Wesley held it off with his hands; resisting it with as much force as he could.

"I could use a little help here." He said, taking great effort to get the words out.

Gunn came over, axe in hand, whacking the demon on the back. Wes, free from the demon's grip, was able to pick up his sword and stab the demon, watching it squirm as it fell to ground.

All the while, Angel was battling two of the Bhorai demons at the other side of the room. Angel wielded his sword, but the demon ducked and was able to knock it out of Angel's hand in one swift movement. Angel fell to the floor, weaponless and facing two demons. Since Gunn and Wes were too far away, they feared they could not get to him in time.

"Angel!" Cordy shouted, ready to run in, before Lorne grabbed her to hold her back.

Angel looked up, and saw the opportunity to grab the long torch on the wall. He jumped to his feet, grabbed the torch and spun it around in his hands. He then stuck the fire side into one demon's torso, causing it to scream in agony as he burnt from within. Then Angel quickly stuck the other side into the other demon, skewering him and dropping him to the ground.

"You still haven't stopped me." The lone demon cried out. He then grabbed Madame Zelda by the neck, holding a knife to her throat. "This one sacrifice and the world will be sucked into hell."

In one quick movement, Angel grabbed a knife from his coat and threw it at the demon, nailing him in between his eyes. He dropped to the floor, instantly dead.

"Not this time." Angel answered.

"Thanks." Madame Zelda said as she walked towards everyone, her nerves starting to calm. "I don't know how I could repay you."

"No need, Madame. Your husband already did." Cordy responded.

"We are from Angel Investigations." Wes supplied "Are you alright?"

"Yes, I will be fine. Especially now that we won't be sucked into hell. But let me tell you, that was one scary moment. Woo! I recover quite easily though." The quirky woman responded as she winked at the group.

"Yes, thankfully. We knew that was the goal. Although, we are still unclear on why they needed you to do this ritual." Wes mused.

"Oh, that's easy. Someone thinks I ruined their career."

"You ruined somebody's career so they tried to suck the world into hell?" Gunn said.

"I did not ruin anyone's career. They just think I did. You see," she continued as she started to walk towards where everyone entered, "I was hired at some big Hollywood bash several months ago to do Tarot Readings for the guests. A well-known producer came to get a reading from me that night, and the cards pointed to a box office flop. He didn't believe me, but when it came true he thought I put some sort of hex on him."

She paused for a moment and turned to everyone to finish her story. "You see, his career wasn't completely free of magic. And trust me, if you've seen any of his films, you'd realize this. Anyway, he figured I tampered with the forces keeping him afloat in Hollywood, so for revenge he wanted to sacrifice me in this hell ritual."

"To get revenge on you, he wanted to suck the whole world into hell?" Angel asked.

"Trust me dear," she said, touching his arm as she winked at him, "the man wasn't all there."

"So we almost went to hell because some psycho producer wanted revenge on a Tarot reading?" Cordy asked, still in disbelief.

"You've got it, dear."

"Well," Wes exclaimed as he clapped his hands together, "case solved. What shall we do next?"

"Enjoy yourselves in New York for a little while." Madame Zelda told them. "Now shall we leave?"

"Well, she recovers quickly, doesn't she?" Cordy remarked.

"Tell me about it." Lorne added.

The woman walked away laughing. Meanwhile, Fred, as if sensing the weirdness emanating from Madame Zelda, caught up and started to joke with her as they left the spot where the world almost joined hell.

* * *

Everyone arrived back at the hotel room just before dawn approached. Madame Zelda checked into her own room, getting a night's sleep before she went back to LA to rejoin her husband. Meanwhile, the rest decided what they were going to do.

"So, what do you say, everyone," Lorne said, "check out Cabaret, see some Broadway musicals."

"Oh," Fred shrieked with joy, "that's sounds great!"

"I see someone's starting to adjust to this dimension." Gunn declared as Fred shyly smiled at him.

"I don't know you guys, maybe we should get back to LA as soon as possible." Angel protested.

"I think it sounds like fun." Wesley said.

"We could hit all the hot spots in Manhattan tomorrow night. I mean, it's still an all expense paid trip. How often is this going to happen? We might as well take advantage of this small break." Cordy said.

"Well, if everyone else wants to, I guess so."

"Great," Wes said enthusiastically, "why don't we all get a good night's rest and enjoy the nightlife tomorrow."

Wes and Gunn retired to their room while Fred and Lorne went to theirs. Angel and Cordy went back to their room, suddenly recalling the strange night they had together. Angel got ready for bed first, emerging from the bathroom only in boxers while Cordy waited for her turn to get ready. He went to his bed, laid down and waited for sleep to hit him. A little after that, Cordy came out of the bathroom wearing sweats and a T-shirt, yawning as she moved the covers and crawled into bed. Still not comfortable with what happened between them earlier, she rolled over and called out for Angel.

"Angel," she whispered, "are you asleep?"

"No," he answered as he turned to face her, "not yet."

"I am not quite ready to sleep yet."

"Neither am I."

"I'm still thinking about everything that has happened today."

"It's nice that Madame Zelda didn't die, don't you think? And on top of that, we didn't get sucked into hell."

"Not going to hell is always a good thing."

Cordy just stared at Angel, giving him a gentle, prying stare. Angel could sense Cordelia wanted him to talk some more, but there was a pause in the conversation for a moment as Angel tried to figure out what to say next.

"Cordy, about tonight, I didn't mean know.act weird."

"You always act weird." She smiled at him in the dark. "Kidding. You don't have to explain it right now if you don't want to."

"I know. I just don't know if I can explain it right now. It's complicated."

"Everything with you is complicated, but that is what I love about you. When you are ready to let me know what's going on, I will be here, okay?"

This time Angel smiled at her in the dark. "Okay."

"But you know I will still be bugging you every chance I get."

"I know. It's what makes you you."

"So, are you ready to tell me?"

"Goodnight, Cordy." He smiled at her again.

"Goodnight, Angel."

They continued staring towards each other after they finished talking. With Angel's vampire vision and Cordy's night vision finally adjusting, they could see the other staring at them. They looked into each other's eyes, noticing the slight sadness, which laid behind the carefully perfected facades. The facades which both built to protect them from the pain the outside world caused. They both recognized the confusion in each other; a reflection of what they were feeling inside. And maybe, just maybe, they could sense the emotional turmoil inside which manifested itself in a look of.longing. Slowly, they were becoming aware of what the other possibly could feel, but neither were ready to admit it. The fear of this unknown still paralyzed both of them from making a move. If it was just hopeful thinking, it could cause a bigger problem that neither wanted to contemplate. They continued to look intently into each other's eyes until they both drifted into sleep, not knowing what tomorrow could bring.

Continue on...

Title: Sex and the Vampire
Author: Cantinera
Posted: 09-08-2002
Rating: PG
Content: C/A and various others, later
Summary: Cordy gets a vision which leads them to New York. A crossover with Sex and the City eventually.
Spoilers: This takes place post-Fredless, before Offspring. For SatC, it takes place in Season 5
Spoilers: The characters from Angel do not belong to me, unfortunately, but to Joss Whedon and David Greenwalt. The characters from Sex and the City do not belong to me either, but to HBO
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: Nothing-Fancy. Anyone else can have it, but just let me know where
Notes: To MissKitieFantastico, the greatest beta in the world. And of course, LaLa247 and Kitty for helping with questions about NYC. Special Thanks to Karura for the idea of Serendipity 3. Oh, and thanks to Kelly22 for the Carrie flirting idea I worked into the last part.


Part 5

All around the city, people were beginning to enjoy the night out on the town. High heels clicked on the sidewalk as people hurried to make their reservations. In a classy, elegant bar situated in Manhattan, well-dressed people gathered to sip on overpriced drinks.

Among the patrons, four women sat at a table in the corner. They were the closest of friends. All single, thirty-somethings that shared a bond and an affinity for a good night out. Carrie Bradshaw, with her petite frame, flashed a huge smile at her friends as she laughed with them. She was a well-known columnist in New York City. Her slightly addictive personality manifested in her addiction to smoking and collection of shoes.

Especially Manolo Blahnik’s.

Sitting next to Carrie was Charlotte York, a small brunette with a big smile. A bit prissier than her friends, Charlotte wasn’t as comfortable about the topic of sex as the others, so sometimes she was the object of mocking when the topic turned too steamy for her. As the group’s romantic dreamer, she was usually full of hope. But at the moment she wasn’t the eternal optimist; the separation with her husband she was going through was taking its toll on her.

Next was Miranda Hobbes, an extremely sarcastic lawyer with a wry sense humor. Recently she became pregnant, resulting from a one-night stand with an ex; however, this did nothing to soften the sardonic redhead. The smart, proud woman maintained her biting outlook on life.

Last, but not least, was Samantha Jones. The attractive, blonde with an alluring smile and an inviting body. Cool, confident and forward, the public relations executive knew how to work anybody and anything to her benefit. Along with going to the most exclusive parties and restaurants, Samantha had another hobby.

“You know, I haven’t been fucked in three days!” Samantha announced, as she leaned forward, casually brushing a misplaced strand of her blonde hair to the side. She grabbed her peach martini, sipping it slowly as she glanced around the room.

“Three days? Try being pregnant and see what that does for your sex life.” Miranda countered dryly. The redhead hunched forward, exhausted from walking on her feet. Her pregnancy was beginning to take its toll on her.

“I tried! Remember?” Charlotte whined. “I fucked and I fucked without any results! I had a sex life, but not anymore. Trey is gone.” She frowned, remembering the life she was planning. She gave up her job at the art gallery to start a family, but that failed. Now she was depressed and starting to get lonely.

“Yes, we know.” Miranda said. “You remind us every day.”

“Well, I want him back.”

“Aww, sweetie.” Carrie cooed, slightly tilting her head as she reached to comfort her friend sitting next to her.

“You don’t need Trey, honey. What you need is new dick.” Sam stated as she watched the brunette sitting across from her gasp.

Carrie beamed at Charlotte’s shock. Sex was the usual topic among her friends, which was a good thing since she wrote about sex for a living. She hadn’t found the topic for her latest column yet, but she was on the lookout for something to write about. She brushed her blonde curls out of her face, dug into her purse and pulled out a cigarette. Lighting up, she proposed a question to the group.

“Well, what should we do tonight?”

“Go see a play!” Charlotte said, smiling at everyone.

“Eat pickles and ice cream.”

“I don’t know what you guys are doing, but I am going to get laid tonight even if it kills me.”

“What a shocker.” Charlotte sarcastically mumbled under her breath, as she watched Sam glance around the room.

“Honey, what can I say? I just enjoy sex.”

“Who doesn’t?” Carrie asked, as she continued to smoke.

“I don’t anymore. Nobody wants to do the pregnant lady.”

“Isn’t your sex drive supposed to go up, though?” Charlotte inquired.

“Mine? Yes. Men I want to have sex with? Not when they see this.” Miranda looked down at her stomach.

“Don’t worry. Soon you will be in too much pain to want to have sex.” Carrie offered.

“Thanks for the comfort.”

“That’s what I’m here for.”

Across the room Sam spotted a group of men with two women walk towards the bar. In front was a stunning, curvy brunette being closely followed by a good-looking man dressed in black. Not too far behind them, an attractive man with glasses and blue eyes chatted with a ruggedly handsome bald, black man; as well as a cute, thin woman with brown hair, and a man covered up so you couldn’t make out his features.

“Ladies, gorgeous men at 9 o’clock.” Sam proclaimed as she looked back towards her friends.

Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte all turned to check out what Sam was talking about. At the bar, they saw a group of people conversing and laughing.

“They’ve got women with them.” Miranda declared as she looked back at Sam.

“They could just be friends.” Sam countered as she shrugged off Miranda’s statement.

“Please, men like that don’t remain single long.” Charlotte said.

“I think one of them is green.” Carrie observed, as she squinted to make out his features.

“But they are cute.” Charlotte added.

At that moment, Samantha got up and walked toward the bar. She seductively strutted her way towards them, causing Carrie to get up and follow her.

From the corner of her eye, Cordy noticed a woman coming their way. She swayed her hips, sending off a come-fuck-me vibe which would be noticeable a mile away. Right away she set off Cordy’s radar.

Samantha approached them, getting ready to introduce herself to the man wearing all black.

“Hi, I’m—”

“Listen lady, Angel here is a no-bone.” Cordy stated firmly as she leaned forward, narrowing her eyes. Angel just stared at her.

“Handsome and mysterious is obviously taken.” Sam whispered as she tilted towards Carrie.

“Hi, I am Fred.” Fred called out, introducing herself. “This is Gunn, Wesley and Lorne.”

“Hi.” They all greeted her in unison.

“I’m Samantha.” Sam smiled at everyone. “This is Carrie.”

Carrie quietly waved at everyone, noticing up close that the man in the hat, who was introduced as Lorne, was actually green. Confused, Carrie stood there as Sam started to make conversation.

“Do you mind if I join you guys?” Sam asked flirtatiously.

“Not at all, Madame. Please, take a seat.” Wes said as he got up.

“Just call me Sam.”

Sam took the seat Wes had offered, carefully crossing her legs so she could reveal enough skin to entice the Englishman. She turned and took a closer look, noticing the handsome features. He was gorgeous, and Samantha knew just who was going to go home with her tonight.

“So, what do you do…Wes?” Sam began to rub on his shirt, her voice dripping with sex.

“I…uh…am, head of a Detective Agency.”

“Oh, a detective. I have a possible case for you.”

“Oh, but we work in LA.” Fred blurted out.

“Fred, sweetie, I don’t think that’s what she meant.” Lorne said.

“Excuse me,” Carrie said, tapping on Lorne, “but why are you green?”

* * *

Angel and Cordy slowly backed off from the group, retreating into their own world. The blonde who introduced herself as Sam continued flirting with Wesley while he smiled at her nervously, responding favorably to all the advances she made. Angel was looking at the bar counter as Cordy rested her chin on her arms.

“So we finished the case, huh? No world being sucked into hell.” Cordy said, trying to start up a conversation.


“And all because of some producer’s need for revenge.”


“Can I have a 15% raise?”

“Ask Wesley.”

“Oh, so you are listening.”

“Yeah, I just have something on my mind.”

“Something on your mind, huh? Would it be the same something that’s been on your mind all weekend?”

“Yeah. Can we talk?” He said.

“Sure. What’s up?”

“Not here. Let’s go somewhere else.”

“Okay.” Cordy began to call out to Wesley. “Hey Wes, Angel and I are going now. Just going on a walk. See you later at the hotel, maybe?”

Wes waved to her as he continued his conversation with Samantha. Cordy followed Angel out of the bar. He was finally opening up to her, but for some reason it made her uneasy. She felt her stomach tie in knots; a sense of foreboding of what was going to happen next.

* * *

Gunn was beginning to get bored by this dumb woman hanging all over Wes. This New York Barbie flirted shamelessly, while her friend stood in shock at Lorne’s coloring. Gunn told Lorne not to come out. Although most people pretended not to notice a green demon in an overcoat out of fear they might be crazy and hallucinating, someone would notice and not ignore it.

Annoyed, Gunn ordered another whiskey. He turned around, preparing to just stare into the crowd, but noticed an eye-catching brunette walk towards him. With her was a pregnant redhead, looking very uncomfortable about coming his way. He smiled at her, and she stopped right in front of him, flashing him a huge smile.

“Oh, Gunn, this is Charlotte and Miranda. Miranda, Charlotte meet Gunn.” Sam said, breaking briefly from her discussion of who-knows-what with Wes.

“Hi Gunn. That’s an interesting name. Where does it come from?” Charlotte sweetly asked.

“It’s my last name. My full name is Charles Gunn.”

“Oh, I see. Do you mind if I sit?” Charlotte indicated the chair next to his.

“No, not at all.”

“I think I will go join Carrie…” Miranda said, slowly walking away from Gunn and Charlotte.

Carrie had been talking to Lorne and Fred while Sam pursued her hopeful fuck. Apparently Lorne was out here from LA filming a movie. It was too much of a hassle to take his costume off, so he just went out with a hat and coat.

“Yeah, I start filming in the morning…”

“Isn’t it uncomfortable?” Carrie asked.

“No, it feels as if it is my own skin.” Lorne said as he nervously laughed.

“Right.” Carrie smiled at Fred and Lorne. “What are you guys up to?

“Nothing really.” Lorne said. “Although I would like to check out a musical or club.”

“I know of a great club down the street.” Carrie said. “I think you’d love it.”

“Alright, let’s skiddaddle.” Lorne said as he and Fred got up to go.

“Where are your other friends?” Carrie asked.

“Cordy and Angel? They had a lot to talk about, trust me.”

“Relationship problems?”

“You could say that. It’s not always easy falling for your best friend.”

“Oh, that old problem.” Carrie said. She thought for a moment about the complicated dynamics between members of the opposite sex. It was hard enough falling for someone you haven’t known for long, or dealing with feelings stemming from an instant attraction from someone you just met. But falling for your best friend? Carrie thought for a moment, then pondered about the subject of her next article.

Can the transition from friends to lovers ever be smooth?

* * *

Angel and Cordy walked alone together in Central Park. They spent a fair amount of time in silence as they strolled along.

“So…” Angel started.

“So.” Cordy responded.

They stopped, staring right at each other. An uneasy stillness permeated the air, the hush which overcame them not leaving any time soon. Angel looked down towards his feet, avoiding eye contact with Cordy. Cordy looked at him, a little impatient, a little disappointed – waiting for him to say something. She just wanted him to spit it out. But she wasn’t even sure if she really wanted that.

“I…” Angel started.


“I…love you?”

“Is that a question?”

“Um, no?”

“Okay, so I am totally not getting you here.” Cordy gulped, secretly she feared understanding him. Deny, deny, deny.

“Well, you and me, we are close, you know? Very close.”


“Well…what I am trying to say is….I love you,” Angel sighed, “and I’ve been wanting to tell you. But—“

“No, you don’t.” Cordy interrupted.

That was the first thing that popped into her head when it became clear Angel didn’t just mean it in a friend manner. Cordy’s head started to spin at the revelation. What Angel was declaring was hinted at before, but she wasn’t sure he’d be ready to say it. Oh man, she thought, and she had been pushing him to tell her this. Sure, it was a possibility, but she didn’t really think it would happen. The voice in the back of her head telling her maybe was always pushed aside. It just wasn’t logical to her. This was Angel, after all. The vampire with a curse, issues with love and the whole redemption thing. Not to mention he was her co-worker and best friend. Talk about problematical.

“I don’t?” Angel asked.

“Look, Angel. I don’t think now is a good time for this.”

“You wanted me to let you know what is going on, so I am.”

“Not now. Not this. No, you can’t. We cannot.” Cordy said, shaking her head. “You can’t. It is too much. It complicates things.”

Cordy began to run away. She wasn’t ready for this. It was too much to take. Sure, she noticed some signs which could possibly be interpreted as Angel wanting something more than just friendship. Hell, she even felt herself respond to them, but she didn’t want to acknowledge them. At least not yet. She was not ready to vocalize this yet.

Angel stood there stunned, trying to take in what was happening. He felt his unused heart fall from his chest and plummet towards his stomach, causing a rolling sensation. He feared this could happen, but he mustered the courage to finally do this.

Once he realized Cordy was running far away from, he called out for her and followed. There was a lot that needed to be fixed now. He just hoped he could.

* * *

“So, how are you enjoying this?” Carrie shouted over the loud music pulsing through the club. She looked over and saw Lorne gyrating his hips to the music. She continued to sway, smiling at her friend – who just happened to be green.

And I miss you…
Like the deserts miss the rain…

Everything but the Girl continued to blast on the speakers. Lorne was grateful Carrie brought him to a Costume Night at a New York hot spot; it helped make him less conspicuous. Plus, all the compliments on his great costume were welcome.

“I love it, sweet cheeks!” Lorne yelled, sipping his Seabreeze on the dance floor. “You sure know how to party!”

Meanwhile, Miranda was sitting at the bar with Fred. Fred sipped on a Bahama Mama, observing the men dance around in gold underwear.

“I’ve never been to a gay club before.” Fred remarked. “It’s not like I’ve been many places recently. Being in a hell dimension for five years, and all.”

“Hell, huh? I’ve heard people call LA that, but you’d think you would still be able to party.” Miranda responded.

“No,” Fred smiled, “not LA, but an actual hell. It’s called Pylea. I was enslaved as a cow.”

“Riiiiight.” Miranda said, uneasily backing away.

“Oh, it’s okay. I am slowly getting over it. It does take some time though. Time is a funny concept. You have so many different theories, I mean, with the Second Law of Thermodynamics, Bergson and quantum mechanics. I could go on forever though, so I will shut up. Can I have some of your pretzels?

“Sure, go ahead.” Miranda said through clinched teeth. “CARRIE!”

“Carrie’s over there dancing with Lorne. They look like they are having fun.” Fred slightly frowned, wishing she was dancing with Lorne. She had grown quite fond of him during this vacation.

Miranda made her way through the sea of gay men, bouncing around to the beats as the dancers constantly bumped into her.

“Excuse me, pregnant woman coming through.” She said, but men continued dancing around her. Some of them even grinded against her as she made her way to Carrie and Lorne.

“Hi,” she interrupted, “I need to talk to Carrie.”

Lorne danced as Miranda pulled Carrie aside. “Listen, this girl is really annoying. I want to go.”

“Aww, but I am having so much fun.” Carrie whined and she bent a little, holding her hands in a pleading manner.

“I know, but I want to go. Besides, I am hungry and she ate my pretzels.”

“Fine.” Carrie said as she pouted. She turned back to Lorne to let them know they were leaving. “Listen, we are going since Miranda is hungry. You can stay if you like.”

“No, sugar lips, I will go with you. I am sure Fred would like something to eat anyway.”

They walked towards Fred and informed her they were ready to leave. She finished her drink as they exited the club.

“Well, what do you want to eat?” Carrie asked Miranda as she rubbed her arms, fending off the cold.

“I could go for some pizza.”

“Me too!” added Fred. “I’m starving!”

“Okay,” Lorne said, “pizza first, then back to our hotel room for a par-tay.”

* * *

Cordy arrived back at the hotel and locked herself in her room. She was shook up by tonight’s revelation. This cannot be happening, she thought to herself as she leaned towards the locked door. She slid down the door, slowly falling into a sitting position. With her knees in front of her, she bowed her head down. She realized what Angel told her wasn’t what was bothering, but her response to it. Under all the confusion, anxiety and concern, she felt a part of her react in favor of his revelation. She wasn’t ready to do deal with this.

“Come on, Cordy. Open the door.” Angel called out through the door.

“No.” She responded.

“Please, we need to talk. You said you wanted to.”

“Listen, buddy. I wasn’t ready for this! This is way too complex for me to deal with right now.”

“But you said you wanted me to open up.”

“I wasn’t expecting this. Maybe that you wanted a puppy, but you were afraid, or something. Or that you forgot to water the plants and killed them. Not this.”

“You know that isn’t true.” Angel responded, his voice rising a bit. He was met by silence, until Cordy finally responded.

“Okay, so maybe I knew something was up. But still, you saying it doesn’t make it less complicated or confusing. I just don’t know how to react right now.”

“Let me in.” He said, not just meaning into the room. Cordy understood the double meaning behind those words.

“Not yet.” She quietly said.


Part 6

Lorne, Fred, Carrie and Miranda arrived back at the hotel after picking up some pizzas. Fred and Miranda already finished one on their own, and seemed set on starting another. Extremely tipsy, Carrie and Lorne giggled and joked as they exited the elevator to go towards their room. Their post-party fun came to a halt when they noticed Angel standing in the hallway looking distressed. It became apparent he was arguing with Cordy over something, so Lorne stood in front as everyone eavesdropped on the conversation.

“Cordy, I can’t stay out here all night.” Angel shouted through the door.

“Well, I don’t want to open the door.” Cordy yelled back.

“Uh-oh,” Lorne said, “something’s very wrong.”

“You’re telling me.” Carrie responded.

Carrie thought for a moment about this. Here she was, going to some green man’s hotel room while relationship problems surfaced before her eyes. She couldn’t help but break into laughter over this as she fell to the floor.

“Okay Carrie, you can stopping laughing now.” Miranda advised when she saw Angel notice them staring at him.

“I…can’t…though…” she breathed out in between laughs. “He’s green!” She said pointing to Lorne.

“And you just noticed that? Come on and get up; you’ve had way too much to drink tonight.” Miranda chastised as she picked Carrie up off the floor.

Meanwhile, Fred went over to Angel sensing he wasn’t too happy. She touched his back, but he jerked away from the touch and looked down.

“Not now, Fred. Sorry.” He said, turning away from the door and leaning against the wall. He began to brood.

Carrie finally re-composed herself, and walked over towards Angel. She looked him up and down, definitely enjoying what she saw.

“I don’t know what her problem is,” Carrie declared, “I’d do him.”

Slightly thrown off, Angel looked up at Carrie as she winked at him. He then looked back at the door blocking him from Cordy, causing him to remember why he was leaning on the wall brooding in the first place. He frowned and leaned on the wall again; the sadness taking over his face once again.

“Back off, lady.” Cordy called out through the door.

Carrie ignored the comment while she continued to fumble through her handbag. She was desperate for a cigarette.

“And Angel, stop brooding. I know you.” Cordy added.

“But that’s just it. You know me. You always claim to know me. It’s another reason why you should think about this.”

Finding her cigarettes, she whipped one out and lit up. She thought about what Angel had just said to Cordy. The change from something more than friends was obviously taking a bumpy turn, but that wasn’t what struck Carrie. Is it better to get into a relationship with someone you know? You are already acquainted with the quirks this person has, which could take away some of the thrill of a new relationship. But with the initial phase of getting to know the other person not being an obstacle, can it make for a more comforting relationship?

“Hey cutie, you can come to my place if you have nowhere else to go.” Carrie giggled as she said this to Angel.

“Listen, Angel is completely off limits.” Cordy declared as she came out of the room appearing vexed.

“I don’t see the problem here, Cordy.” Carrie started. “You seem to care about Angel and you’re very protective of him. So what’s the problem?”

“Everything.” Cordy said quietly.

Carrie thought to herself about it. She could tell the girl in front of her was utterly confused over the situation at hand. Sure, Cordy seemed to have feelings for Angel, but this was a huge step to take, and she didn’t seem ready for it. Angel sure did, though, from what she observed.

Another problem with best friends wanting to become more – sometimes you don’t always see eye to eye with each other.

The silence permeated the air, causing a still uneasiness to take over. Angel and Cordy were looking at each other as Carrie looked on, deep in thought. Fred ate more pizza while a sad gaze took over her eyes. Lorne and Miranda just looked at each other, waiting for someone to break the ice.

“So, what are your other friends doing?” Lorne asked Miranda, trying to break the silence which just took over the hallway.

“Your friends, I assume.” She responded.

* * *

The apartment exuded style, taste and pricey in the way it was lavishly decorated: just what Samantha wanted to express. She tugged her catch of the night into the living room, pulling him onto the couch with her as she kissed him. When things started to heat up, Wes seemed to get more hesitant about the situation.

“Why don’t you have some more wine?” Samantha offered coquettishly.

“No, I think I’ve had enough. Maybe I should get going.”

“Nonsense! You are staying right here.” She said as she smiled at him.

She placed her lips upon his again. Starting slowly, she gradually quickened her pace to a passionate long kiss. He responded to her, but seemed a little on edge.

“Is something wrong?” she asked.

“No, not really. It’s just…maybe I should get back. Gunn might be expecting me, and I wouldn’t want to wake him up when I get back…” Wes put forth as an excuse.

“Well, you will just have to spend the entire night here then. Don’t be shy, sweet thing. I know there is something else stiff about you Brits besides your upper lips.” Samantha playfully teased as she put her hand down his pants. “Now just shut up and fuck me already.”

She crushed his lips with hers, causing him to open his mouth to hers. At first the forwardness of Samantha made Wes uneasy, but he was beginning to like it. A lot. He knew he was in for an interesting night and couldn’t wait.

* * *

Gunn and Charlotte walked into her affluent, chic apartment. She turned on the lights and walked down the corridor as Gunn followed her, soaking in every intricate detail of the place.

“Damn, this is one bigass place you have here.”

“Yeah, well it’s all part of the settlement.” She somewhat mumbled under her breath. She turned around to look at him again while smiling. “You want a drink?”


Charlotte disappeared into the kitchen leaving Gunn to look at the art collection among the classy décor. He continued to stare at one of the paintings when Charlotte came back with a bottle of champagne and two glasses.

“So, what do you think of that one?” Charlotte asked as she poured the champagne into the glasses.

“It’s okay. It looks like someone just threw paint at the canvas, though.” Gunn said.

“You are joking, right?” Charlotte responded, completely stunned at what Gunn said. She walked towards the painting as she handed Gunn a glass of champagne. “It’s a one of a kind by only the hottest new artist in New York.”

“Hot don’t mean good.” Gunn replied as he took a sip of champagne while walking over to another painting on the wall. “Now this one I like.”

“Yeah, that’s my favorite.” Charlotte said, beaming. “I am glad you like it.”

* * *

“Cordy, we need to talk.” Angel stated.

“Not now, there are too many people here.” She responded shortly.

“You wouldn’t have wanted to anyway.” He snapped back.

Cordy glared at him as everyone tried their best not to watch the scene which was unfolding before their eyes. Although they couldn’t help it since it was like watching a car crash.

“Fuck you, asshole.” Miranda shouted.

“What’s wrong?” Carrie asked, alarmed by the sudden outburst.

“She ate all the pizza.” Miranda whined.

“I didn’t mean to…” Fred said, meekly.

“Sure you did, I mean, you ate it!” Miranda shouted again. “I was very hungry and you’ve been getting on my nerves.”

“Now, now – can we all just calm down here?” Lorne asked as he hugged Fred.

“Sorry,” Carrie said to Fred, “she is just a bit hormonal right now.”

“Who cares about your pizza, lady? I’ve got love problems right now.” Cordy said.

“Love problems?” Angel asked.

“Well…yeah, I guess.” Cordy responded as her voice wavered.

“So, does that mean you love me?” Angel inquired.

“Well,” Cordy stumbled to answer the question, “I could mean that. Alright, there are feelings on my part, even if I try to ignore them. But Angel, that doesn’t matter. There are other complications…many complications in fact, and I don’t think we can deal with them.”

“Sure we can…” Angel quietly whispered to her, his voice full of hope. He took her face in his hands and looked down into her eyes.

“I don’t think I can.” Cordy said as tears filled her eyes.

“Look, there’s love and there’s an attraction – why not go further?” Carrie asked.

Cordy turned to Carrie with an annoyed look in her eyes. “Listen here, you’ve been annoying me ever since you got here, so please…butt out.”

“Oh, sorry. I was just trying to help.” Carrie sarcastically said.

“Well, you aren’t, okay? Nobody here is helping, especially you. You couldn’t possibly understand what I am going through.” Cordy declared with an icy stare.

“So you two are friends who want to be more? It’s not anything new.” Carrie countered.

“Listen, you don’t know any of the problems between us. You try falling for a vampire!” Cordy shouted as she ran back into the room.

“Great, she went back in the room.” Angel moaned as he threw his arms up. Although, this time, she was in too much of a rush to lock the door, allowing Angel to come and join her.

“Whoa, did she just say vampire?” Carrie asked, completely taken aback.

“She meant Angel uses people, like a vampire.” Lorne threw out.

“Whatever, I am too tired to care.” Miranda said.

“You know, it’s funny, but Cordy always seems like the open book while Angel keeps things hidden.” Fred observed. “But she’s running away from this.”

“Well, kiddo, this isn’t an easy thing for her.” Lorne said as he tapped Fred’s chin.

“I think I hear something.” Carrie said as she leaned to the door, while the others listened in on Cordy and Angel’s conversation with her.

Cordy sat on her bed, slouching her shoulders as she stared at the floor. Angel came and sat right next to her, wrapping his arm around her shoulders for some comfort. She didn’t push him away, but accepted his touch. He took this as a good sign.

“So, are you ready to talk?” he asked her.

“Hey, you are using my line on me!” She exclaimed as she looked up at him. He smiled at her. “I guess it’s ironic, though.”

She looked forward again, allowing the silence between them to grow. She didn’t know what to say right now, and Angel was determined to let her say what she wanted when she was ready.

After a moment, she leaned in and put her head on his shoulder as she began to talk about what was on her mind. With his strong arms, he enclosed her to give her some comfort.

“You know, when I first saw you in LA, I never dreamed anything like this would happen. You were just so off limits. Cursed, clinging to a forbidden love, a vampire, and let’s not forget you were totally not my type.”

“Hey, I remember when you found me hot back in Sunnydale.”

“Oh, that doesn’t count. Sure, you looked good, but when I learned more about you, I was totally not interested. Broody, cheap as hell and life-sucking void of despair – you definitely weren’t the physical embodiment of my dream man." Cordy told him.

“Hey, I remember a shallow, bitchy pain-in-the-ass who used to nag me!"

"Hello? My turn to talk! Anyway," she continued, "I eventually grew closer to you as time passed, and learnt more about you. Underneath the brooding vampire surface there is a man – a good man whose heart feels on so many levels – and I am glad I got to know him. Even with your flaws, you still are a close friend who’s come through for me many times. Sure, you still are cheap, but that doesn’t matter as much anymore.”

"And I've seen the caring woman you've become."

“Still, Angel, you are a close friend. I don’t think I was prepared to take this on, whatever happens between us. After all, I was hurt by you before, and I don’t want to get hurt again. I don’t like the doubt I feel when I am with you.”

“There is nothing to doubt, Cordy. I care about you, and would never do anything to hurt you.”

“Look, I’ve been burned before, and I know you have too. I don’t know if I am ready for this.”

Cordy and Angel sat for a second as they mulled over what had just been said. Everything they felt was now in the air, lingering right in front of them, waiting for the next move.

“But you know,” Cordy continued, “I don’t think I will ever be ready for something like this. I mean, it’s a huge step and I don’t think I would ever be ready to take it. I think, instead, I will just listen to how I feel. And I have feelings for you, so maybe I should go for it. I mean, there’s no turning back now that you opened your mouth.”

“At your urging.”

“It doesn't matter. It was your doing. Oh, and don’t act as if there aren’t other issues we will have to deal with, because trust me, there are plenty that we can’t just ignore – like the curse. I know I can provide perfect happiness, after all, I’m Cordelia Chase and I am definitely good enough to—"

Angel leaned forward and kissed her lips, cutting her off mid-sentence. She slowly responded to the kiss as she felt her body tingle from the touch. She wrapped her arms around his neck, bringing him closer to her. The kiss became more passionate as Angel started to lay her back on the bed. She felt the stir in her body responding to his; his echoed what she felt, their bodies in tune with each other.

Cordy broke from the kiss all of a sudden. “Hello! Curse issues, remember?”

“Right.” He said, smiling down at her. He looked at her, seeing the beautiful woman he always knew stare back at him. As much as he wanted her, he knew he could wait for the right time. He could wait as long as he had to.

* * *

“Oh, wasn’t that the sweetest!” Carrie exclaimed as she got up from beside the door.

“Yeah, I think I am diabetic now.” Miranda said dryly.

“Oh, it was cuuute.” Carrie counteracted.

“Yeah, yeah – whatever.” Miranda responded.

“Listen, do you want to go hang out with us still?” Lorne asked as he opened his hotel door.

“Nah, I’m too tired.” Carrie replied. “But get in touch with me before you leave. Maybe we can go see that play if you aren’t busy.”

“Oh, and sorry for the outburst.” Miranda apologized.

“It’s okay.” Fred said quietly.

“Well, goodbye honey.” Lorne gave Carrie a huge hug.

"Oh! I had so much fun tonight" Carrie said as she squeezed him tightly.

"You so have to look me up if you come to LA." Lorne told her.

"Definitely! And when you come back to New York we have to party again. Maybe you can come without your movie costume." Carrie suggested.

"Ha! I will try." Lorne laughed nervously.

"Okay, we should go now." Miranda told Carrie.

"Alright. Just one more hug." She said as she grabbed Lorne again.

"Bye." Miranda said as she guided Carrie away from them.

"Bye!" Lorne called out before he went and put his arm around Fred’s shoulder as they walked back into their room, shutting the door behind them.

Carrie and Miranda walked away with their arms linked. Miranda half-smiled at Carrie, as Carrie looked straight ahead while lost in thought. They exited the hotel, and stood in the cold while waiting for a taxi.

“That was interesting.” Carrie said.

“Yeah, very interesting. Even for you.”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“Oh, I don’t know, spending the night with a freaky girl and a green man isn’t exactly normal. Oh yeah, and the cursed vampire – whatever that means – and his girl problems.”

“Admit it, you had fun.”

Miranda just stared at her.

“Well, I had fun.”

As a taxi finally arrived, Carrie reflected on what happened between Angel and Cordelia. They endured a trial in their relationship. From friends to lovers, the transition appeared to not be a smooth one. All your insecurities come to the surface as you wonder what could happen next. Nothing will ever be the same, for better or for worse. But it is a step you have to take, even if it scares you. And knowing the person, while it may not have the newness of some relationships, can still be good for a romance. You know what to expect from them, and you have someone that completely understands you in return. It’s as if the person already suits you. It’s the best of both worlds: you have the closest friend you could possibly imagine, and you have the intimacy of romance – in one person. And Carrie couldn’t help but smile at the beauty of that.


Part 7

Cordy woke up surrounded by big arms. The heat of her body mixed with the vampire laying next to her, giving her a warm, secure feeling. She rubbed her eyes and looked at him sleeping. A smile formed on her lips before she leaned over and softly kissed him on his forehead.

“Wake up, sleepyhead.” She said as he began to stir.

She got out of bed to wash up in the bathroom, causing Angel to reach for her.

“No, come back.”

“I need to brush my teeth; I’ve got skanky breath. You probably do too, so you better brush also.”

“Who cares?” Angel said as he yawned and stretched. He just wanted to sleep next to Cordy; it felt nice that it was finally happening.

“I care!” She called out from the bathroom in between brushes. “Oh, and I heard about this great restaurant called Serendipity 3. It serves only desserts. I would love to check it out today."

After Cordy finished washing up, Angel went and placed his lips on hers, the intensity picking up as the kiss grew more passionate.

“I told you it didn’t matter.” He said before placing smaller, sweeter kisses on her lips.

"Well, I am going to make the reservations right now. Let the others know.” Cordy said as she walked towards the bed. She sat down and looked through her purse for the business card. Once she found it, she began to dial from the phone while gesturing to Angel to go check on the others.

Angel walked into the hallway, so happy he began to hum. It was going great for him. In fact, a little too good for him – things never went this well in his life. He brushed the threatening thought aside and began to pound on Fred and Lorne’s hotel door.

“Wake up you two!” He exclaimed cheerfully.

“I’m coming…I’m coming.” Lorne grumbled through the door.

Disheveled, and in a robe, Lorne opened the door looking absolutely miserable. The alcohol consumption from the night before took its toll on the green demon.

“Ugh, what a horrible day.” Lorne complained. “And why do you look so chipper? Listen, from what I know of you, you better not get too chipper or else it spells a trouble I don’t even want to know.”

“I won’t,” Angel responded as he tried to hide his excitement, “Cordy forbids it.”

“Smart girl.” Lorne said.

“Anyway, I came over here as a messenger to let you know Cordy is making plans for all of us to go out tonight. Are you up for it?”

“Oh, that would be fun!” Fred shouted with joy as she propped herself up in bed. She rubbed the sleep out of her eyes before she got out of bed.

“Well, knowing Cordelia and Miss Enthusiastic over here, I don’t think I have much of a choice. So I guess I'm in.” Lorne moaned. “Oh, my head.”

He went and sat back on his bed, causing Fred to be alarmed. She went over to him and sat beside him, rubbing his back.

“Are you okay?” She asked.

“Not really.” Lorne responded before he ran to the bathroom.

“I will go take care of him.” Fred told Angel as she walked towards the bathroom.

“Great.” Angel said. “I will go check on Wes and Gunn.”

Angel went over to their room and tapped on the door. When there was no response, he began to knock louder in hopes of waking one of them up. There was still no response.

“Gunn! Wesley!” Angel shouted, but there was still no response.

“They probably went and screwed those wanton chicks last night. Or each other. Who knows?” Cordy said as she emerged through their door.

“Anyway,” she continued as she walked towards Angel, “I’ve made reservations for tonight. So they are going, whether they like it or not. Don’t worry. They will be there. Are Fred and Lorne up for it?”

“Yes – even if Lorne is hung over – they want to go.” Angel said.

He then grabbed her hands and kissed them, looking back up at her eyes. She smiled back at him. They were on a high. The initial buzz of a new relationship still came, no matter how long they’ve known each other.

Angel continued to caress her hands as he leaned down and kissed Cordy on the lips, relishing the sweetness of this new form of love. Cordy responded, completely taken by the manpire in front of her. All the fear she felt last night had melted once he kissed her. She was still cautious, but she was willing to put her heart in his hands.

* * *

Miranda sat at the café alone. She was supposed to meet up with everyone at 1pm, but it was already 1:30pm and nobody had arrived yet. Figures, she thought. She pretty much expected this from them after last night. So she ordered without them, and ate her sandwich while she waited for the others to show up. Although they might not arrive on time, she could depend on them to arrive eventually.

She breezed through a copy of Vogue she bought earlier; it was an attempt to pass the time while Samantha, Carrie and Charlotte took their sweet time to show up. She scowled at all the fashionable dresses meant for ultra-thin models: not pregnant woman.

“Why did I even bother?” She said to herself as she tried to figure out why she bought the magazine.

As she shut the magazine, she looked up and saw Carrie walking towards the table. She was decked out in a pair of sunglasses, sweats and tennis shoes. Her hair was a mess and she looked like she was in pain as she collapsed into the chair facing Miranda.

“You look like shit.” Miranda observed.

“I feel like shit.” She groaned as she pulled off her sunglasses. “I had way too much to drink last night. Boy, do I feel it today.”

“I told you so.”

“Yes, I know you did. You want to get the gloating over with now?”

“Oh, I wouldn’t gloat. Just point and laugh.”


The waiter came to the table to see if Carrie wanted anything, but her stomach was still turning so she ordered just a coffee. She then pulled a cigarette out of her handbag and lit up, trying to calm the nausea.

“So,” she said as she blew a puff of smoke away, “where’s Charlotte and Samantha?”

“Who knows? I was the only one to arrive so far. They are probably tired from their dates last night.”

“Oh, yeah. I remember now. Think Sam got what she wanted?”

“Sam usually gets what she wants.”

“True.” she said as she put out the cigarette when her coffee arrived. She thanked the waiter and took a sip.

“So, are you missing your date?” Miranda asked.

“Mmm…” Carrie responded as she quickly swallowed the coffee, hoping not to choke. “It wasn’t a date.”

“I think the weird girl got jealous.”

“Well, who can resist a man in green?” Carrie joked.

Miranda and Carrie shared a smile as they noticed Samantha and Charlotte walk in. Charlotte looked pristine and beamed as she sat next to Carrie. She radiated a happiness which Charlotte hadn’t shown in awhile. Samantha sauntered towards the chair next to Miranda, sitting down as she looked towards the ceiling. Her hair was tousled, her pants thrown on, and her shirt was not completely buttoned, revealing a hickey on her neck.

“So, how did your night go?” Miranda asked.

“Excellent, darling. I got fucked gooood. All night, too. I am happy.” Samantha responded. “The detective sure knew how to solve my case.”

“Well, Charles and I had a nice chat about art and music last night. It lasted till 4am, and he slept over. No sex though; I don’t think I am ready for that yet. We did share a kiss over champagne.”

“How sweet.” Carrie commented.

“How boring.” Samantha mumbled.

“Hey, I didn’t say anything about your fuckfest, did I?” Charlotte snapped back.

“Now, now…calm down. You guys did well last night. Sam got fucked, Charlotte had a sweet, post-Trey date, and Carrie got trashed with a green guy. At least you guys weren’t in my position; I hung out with a loony chick who ate my pizza.”

“Not to mention the weird fight scene in the hallway between Angel and Cordy.” Carrie added.

“Don’t remind me. Of course you didn’t help matters by hitting on him.” Miranda added.

“What? He was cute.” Carrie remarked, feigning innocence.

“Oh, the brunette and Mr. Mysterious?” Samantha recalled. “The bitch was sure protective of him – she almost ripped my head off.”

“What happened?” asked Charlotte.

“They had a little love quarrel which we got to witness.” Miranda said.

“Oh, and these people were weird. They kept mentioning vampires and curses. What’s up with that?” Carrie threw in.

“Vampires and curses?” Charlotte wondered allowed as she scrunched her face together.

“Who knows what they meant.” Samantha said while she looked at her menu. “They're from LA. They are probably just in some wacky cult.”

“Well, they worked through whatever problems they had.” Miranda said as she thought about ordering something else since she felt hungry again.

“Oh well,” Carrie said, “it made for an interesting night. Plus I have a topic for my new column.”

“I don’t care what you got from last night. I fucked Wesley’s brains out and that’s all that matters.”

The girls shared a laugh as the waiter came back to their table. Just another typical lunch after a night out with friends.

* * *

Angel, Cordy, Wes, Gunn, Fred and Lorne arrived at Serendipity 3 just in time for their reservations. Cordy was in front and smiled at the maitre d as she approached him to let him know she was there. Everybody else stood behind her, waiting patiently for everyone to get situated.

“Hi, Chase: Party of six.” Cordy announced as she intertwined her fingers through Angel’s. “I have reservations at 7pm.”

“Yes, Madame. Right this way. I see you’ve booked the couples section.”

“Yes, I have.”

“Wait, couples section?” Gunn blurted out.

“It’s okay, Gunn. They are open-minded here. Gay couples are allowed, so there won’t be any problems for you and Wes.” Cordy said as she glared at him. “Right, sir?”

“Of course, Madame.” He responded as he led her to their table. Angel pulled out a seat for Cordy and took the spot right next to her. Fred positioned herself next to Lorne. Meanwhile, Gunn and Wes sat next to each other, slightly uneasy at being labeled a couple.

“Cordelia, why didn’t you warn us and tell us in advance. And why did you do this in the first place?” Wes whispered.

“Because, this section is couples only and I wanted to sit here.” She responded as she folded her napkin on her plate. “Besides, you guys act like a couple anyway, so it doesn’t really matter.”

“Damn, girl…if I would’ve known you would pull this stunt, I wouldn’t have come out in the first place.” Gunn exclaimed.

“Fine, if you want, you can be paired up with Lorne.”

“Hell no.” Lorne and Gunn said simultaneously.

“See, there is still animosity over the whole club thing, so this way works.” Cordy told them.

“And I don’t mind being paired with Lorne. At all.” Fred said as she smiled at him.

“Well, aren’t you the sweetest thing.” Lorne said as he looked her way.

“May I take your order?” The waiter asked as he walked to their table. “Whoa! You’re green!” He shouted when he saw Lorne.

“We are shooting an alien movie, and it just takes so long to get him out of that, we figured we should leave it on while we take a break.” Cordy chimed in from seeing the waiter’s shock. “And we still haven’t decided what we want. If you come back in five minutes, I am sure we will be ready.”

Angel took Cordy’s hand once again as they both smiled at each other. The bickering amongst the rest of the gang was not going to ruin their night. Nothing could ruin this moment for them.

“So…I see something happened?” Wesley inquired.

“Yeah, Angel and Cordy are in love!” Fred exclaimed.

“You better not be bringing on Angelus or—“ Gunn said.

“Do you think I'm dumb or something?” Cordy asked Gunn, interrupting him mid-sentence.

“I’m afraid to answer.”

“You better be.” She joked back.

“Well, it’s nice. I guess. Of course romances in the office can be tricky things. Especially if one of the people happens to be a vampire with a curse.” Wesley offered up for advice.

“We know Wesley. Nothing bad will happen.” Angel said.

“Well, I am glad that is clear. I didn’t quite see that coming, although I did have suspicions.”

“I think we all did.” Gunn said.

“Anyway, change of topic.” Cordy threw out. “Nice hickey Wes. Did blonde and loose give that to you?”

“Samantha is not a loose woman.” Wes responded. “She is just a girl who knows what she wants.”

“Damn, bro.” Gunn said.

“Where were you last night, Gunn?” Angel asked.

“You didn’t come home either?” Wes questioned as he turns towards Gunn.

“Now don’t get jealous, Wes. You got some too.” Cordy quipped.

“Charlotte is a nice girl. We just talked all night.”

“So you didn’t get any?” Angel asked.

“No, but it’s cool. I really enjoyed last night.” Gunn said.

“Good, I'm glad we all had fun then.” Angel said.

“You call fighting in the hallway fun?” Lorne asked.

“It wasn’t a fight, we were just confused.” Cordy responded. “Besides, I wasn’t the one who brought back a troublemaker that I partied with.”

“Carrie is a fun girl. You just have to give her a chance.” Lorne said in defense of his friend not at the table.

“She took us to a gay club.” Fred said.

“You should’ve taken Wes and Gunn.” Angel said.

“Alright, enough with the gay jokes.” Gunn said.

“Fine, let’s just order.” Angel said smiling.

He looked over at the girl next to him. They gave each other a small kiss before the waiter came back. Everyone smiled and joked with each other as they chose their dessert. Having one last night out before they went back home.

“Oh, it’s you guys.”

Everyone looked up to see Madame Zelda and Mr. Cox getting ready to leave.

“Hello, Madame. What are you doing here?” Wes asked.

“My husband was so ecstatic to hear the good news, he flew all the way out to see me.”

“Yes, and I cannot thank you enough for saving my wife.”

“No problem, sir. It’s our job.” Wes said as he smiled at them.

“Are you enjoying yourselves?” Madame Zelda asked.

“Yes, we are. And thank you very much for the trip.” Angel said.

“You saved my life! It’s the least I can do.” She answered.

“Oh,” she whispered as she leaned towards everyone, “about that slippery soul, well, I can try and help you when we get back to LA. I cannot make guarantees, but I think I can do something about that.”

She got up and winked at Cordy and Angel.

“Well, goodbye everyone.” She said as she and her husband went towards the exit of the restaurant.

Cordelia and Angel just stared at each other, her heart beating as fast as it could while he listened, as if it was in place of his heart which didn’t beat. Could this be a fix?

“Whoa, your auras are screaming excitement, you two. Let’s worry about dessert first, and think about that stuff when we get back home.”

Cordy and Angel couldn’t calm down though. They just looked back at the menu as they felt their eagerness to get back to LA consume their bodies.

* * *

Carrie pulled her hair as she waited for her laptop to load. She was still nursing the hangover from the night before, but she had a deadline so she sat at her computer to prepare her next column.

There was so much to think about when it came to best friends becoming lovers. The problems you have to work through, the high emotions you have to sort out, and the courage to finally confess what you feel. Not to forget the relationship you are possibly putting in jeopardy. But even with all the possible problems, you shouldn’t be hesitant to express what you feel inside. You will always wonder if the other person felt the same way. And even if they didn’t, you took a chance at what could’ve been a great love. Also, if your friendship is strong enough, it can work through all the bumps which could possibly happen at times like these. And if it does work out, you might possibly find the person who completes you in every way.

You have your best friend and lover in the same person; what more could you ask for in a relationship.

~*~The End~*~

The End

You have reached the end of "Sex and the Vampire". This story is complete.

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