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Fractured Fairytale

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Summary: Willow persuades Mal to give the crew the night off to watch a flick W/M

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Firefly > Willow-CenteredEmeraldEyesFR1553,0521138,47229 Aug 0628 Sep 09No

Get used to disappointment

Disclaimer: I own nothing, Joss Whedon owns all. I just like to take the characters out for a good time. Don't sue I don't have much.

"So, let me get this straight. You want me to give everyone the night off."


"So you can tell them a folk tale?"

"Essentially, yes."

"About a gorram princess."


"From the Earth-that-was."

"You got it."


"You can come too." The little red head chased Mal down the stairs as he turned away from her.

"Does it look like I'm fixin' to hear a bedtime story?" Mal asked as he tried to lose the pixie.

"Well, why not?" Hands on her hips, she looked indignant as hell... she sure was right cute when she was angry.

"'Why not?' she asks. It's a fairy tale, a kid's story, hell, it's a little girl's story if the title gives anything away."

"Don't let the title fool you. It's what we used to call a 'fractured' fairy tale."

"I'm sure."

"Jayne wants to watch it."

"Jayne? Big, sarcastic, power hungry, ape-like, Jayne?"

"Yes, I believe that would be an accurate although rather insulting description of him from your point of view." She agreed albeit reluctantly.

She and Jayne had a strange relationship - being that he actually treated her with respect and she worried over his well being as a sister would. Almost from day one he held her as trustworthy - a rare thing from Jayne. The respect might stem from the incident that occurred almost immediately after they were introduced; Willow held Jayne out over a ledge when he pointed his gun at her, or, possibly it was caused by her almost immediate protection of him once the realized they were both on the same side. Somehow Mal thought it was door number one.

Willow's treatment of Jayne was unexpected until you understood the way her heart and mind worked. What was unbelievable about the whole situation was how Jayne reacted too the redhead's attempts at caring for the lug - he was appreciative and happier - if that was possible. Almost like the time he got the home made hat from his momma.

"Why? How did you con him into watching this...story?'

"I told him what it was about."

"He knows and still wants to watch it?"

"Of course! Once I told him some of the plot he got really excited and said something about taking notes, but I can't be sure...."

"What exactly did you tell him was in this movie."

"I just told him some of what could be expected. Basically what I remembered from a passage in the book and movie."

"And that would be?"

"S. Morgenstern's Classic Tale of True Love and High Adventure: The Princess Bride. Then he asked what I meant by high adventure, so I told him, the usual: Chases, Escapes, Revenge, Giants, Sword-fights, True love, Miracles, Pirates, Torture, Murder, Betrayal-" She hadn't taken a single breath with that speech.

"I get the point. All that is really in the story?"

"Well yeah! It's only the greatest story I have ever heard."

"Alright. You can have your evening off - provided all get their chores done in advance."

"Thanks Cap! Will you be joining us? We are gonna make protein brownies and sleep in the galley."

"No, I've got... captain-y duties to uphold." He hoped his hesitation wasn't noticeable.

"Suit yourself." The little red head left him at the door to his quarters and made her way back towards the shuttles. He stared after her momentarily, he had to have gone stark raving mad, that is the only reason he could muster up that would explain why he ALWAYS got steam rolled by the tiny woman.
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