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Summary: Cordelia gets a new lease on life after her death on Earth.

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Star Wars > Cordelia-Centered(Moderator)JoeHundredaireFR181225,3151111355,29829 Aug 061 Mar 12No
CoA Winner

A Celebration…

Joe's Note: Moving on now… no, Cordelia's not a slut in this story. *bashes Wise over the head with a keyboard* Flirty? Yes. In possession of a dirty sense of humor, especially compared to the emotionally repressed Jedi? Yes. But a slut? No.

     Arriving on the proper floor, Cordelia emerged from the turbolift and found a very familiar figure waiting for her. She shook her head in amusement. Her girlfriend - she supposed it was official now that they had dispensation from the High Council to be together until they split of their own volition - had a bad habit of camping out in areas she knew Cordelia had to pass through so she could waylay the brunette. It was one of the many things that would normally turn her off romantically but only managed to seem cute when it came to Hiskari Dorset.

     Like, well, Hiskari herself. Before her reincarnation adventure, Cordelia had been strictly about the humans… emphasis 'mans'. Demons were more Xander and Buffy's thing than hers, while girls were Willow's domain. Well, she had been getting kinda close with Doyle before his death… but he didn't count, being only half-demon and all. And there was that freaky demonic pregnancy thing. Twice. Except here, the weird looking ones were aliens instead of demons and even that wasn't always true. While Hiskari was about as similar to her genetically as a fish was to a human, there were plenty of near-human species who had horns or odd skin tones but were only a tiny bit different from a baseline human DNA-wise.

     Cordelia was still amused by the fact that the Powers had quite literally dropped her into Hiskari's bed. She wasn't sure if it was just a random place she'd materialized or if they'd been trying to play matchmaker, but she'd appeared over a year ago in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant… out of thin air, evidently. The security logs - and how creepy was it that they watched each other sleep? - showed Hiskari sleeping alone, then suddenly being curled around the newly reincarnated Cordelia. There had been lots of shouting, some threatening, tests out the wazoo, and some arguing between the members of the Council before Cordelia had been told she'd be staying in the Temple.

     It hadn't been until six months after Cordelia's arrival that Hiskari had been able to talk to her without blushing, stammering, and fleeing à la Willow. Even then, it had taken another month of regular conversation and 'hanging out' - a concept Cordelia had actually had to introduce to her fellow teenagers - before Hiskari had been able to step forward and tell Cordelia that she felt a bond with the brunette. That had inspired a few long brooding sessions on Cordelia's part, before she'd come to the conclusion that Hiskari was someone that she enjoyed spending time with and that if she could find alien men attractive, what was wrong with being attracted to alien women? Once she'd made that decision, the vaunted Jedi Code was never an obstacle. She was Cordelia Chase. She didn't follow the masses, she was the one at the front of the pack giving them directions.

     They certainly made for the oddest-looking couple - or rather pair, since Jedi supposedly didn't date - in the Temple, that was for damn sure. Cordelia had been given back her original body, or something near enough that she couldn't tell the difference, and had finally grown back to her official DMV height of a hair over five feet, seven inches. Her skin was slowly growing paler as she spent more and more time inside the Temple and making her dark hair and eyes seem even more striking… although her natural curves combined with her snug outfits made her a striking enough figure in a group of teenagers forced into ugly brown robes, unflattering haircuts, and overall androgyny by the Council.

     Hiskari, on the other hand, definitely wasn't beautiful by human standards. Even Cordelia had to admit that her girlfriend looked like the unholy lovechild of a human, a Roswell alien, and a squid. But for some reason that escaped her, Cordelia just found the long, sleek lines of Hiskari's body to be beautiful. Sure, kissing her girlfriend's neck and getting a mouthful of gills had been ubercreepy before she learned to aim higher and those bulbous red eyes were unsettling to have staring at her when she was in trouble. And Hiskari was a bit shorter and a good deal more petite than Cordelia was, meaning they couldn't share outfits if they wanted to.

     But that was okay with her these days. It'd taken several years and a half-demon love interest, but Cordelia had finally learned to appreciate people for what was on the inside instead of the outside. Even if the outside had headtresses, webbed hands, and gills. The only thing she really had to worry about was making sure she didn't buy anything that clashed with her girlfriend's pale blue skin tone, but other than that, things were copacetic.

     Shaking herself from her thoughts, Cordelia returned her attention to the Nautolan and raised an eyebrow. "You know, waiting places you know I'm going to be? So not the way to prove to the Council that we're not attached to each other."

     Her words were softened with a smile, just in case her girlfriend missed the concept of 'teasing' again, making Hiskari smile back at her nervously. "Well, considering it was my idea that got you in trouble, I wanted to know what was going on." Fiddling with the tip of one headtress, she waited. And waited. And waited some more. Finally, the vaunted Jedi calm cracked and she started getting visibly impatient. "So, what's going on?"

     "Oh, the usual High Council whining." Cordelia waved her hand dismissively. "Attachment is bad, you need to learn better emotional control before Hiskari leads you down a dark path, we know we can't get rid of you so maybe we should throw your girlfriend out of the Order…" Hiskari displayed a very human tendency then, the blood draining from her face and shifting her skin from a pale blue color to pasty white. "…and then Master Ti either made a huge mistake or threw me a bone, I still can't figure out which. I asked what the big deal was, since I've walked in on other pairs of padawans and we're the only one they're complaining about, and she let slip that it was our relationship that bothered them and not the actual sex. The emotional, not the physical. And so I might have mentioned that if you were gone, I'd sleep my way through most of the other padawans. Of both genders. And maybe Master Ti herself."

     Hiskari gasped. "You didn't."

     Grinning, Cordelia buffed her fingernails against her navy jumpsuit. "I so did. At which point Master Koth decided that it made more sense to give the two of us an exception and sacrifice you to keep me contained, rather than let me run wild and corrupt other padawans. So they're officially cool with us now."

     "You rock!" Hiskari squealed, launching herself at Cordelia and wrapping her legs around the taller girl's waist. Cordelia laughed and hugged Hiskari back, enjoying the smaller girl's furnace-like warmth. She still marveled sometimes at how much she'd managed to rub off on Hiskari in their time together, both in terms of vocabulary and mannerisms. Most of the Jedi were physically standoffish and spoke like a college English textbook, but she'd managed to 'fix' Hiskari with some time and determination. Leaning in, Hiskari pressed her lips against Cordelia's briefly before pulling back. "So, they just sent you on your way? No punishments like, say, taking away your private quarters?"

     Cordelia blinked at the seemingly random question. "Um, no? I'm the Girl-With-No-Master, dear. Where else are they going to put me? Although speaking of punishment… now that I think about it, you're kinda beyond the reach of the Code now too. I mean, if they punish you for something by giving you the boot, I can go right back to that 'sleep my way through the Temple' plan that scared the crap out of them. Or threaten to. Not that I would, but they don't know that. Which means… I can finally buy you jewelry to wear! And real clothes! One of my designers has been nagging me to bring you onboard as their official Nautolan model ever since you came with me to that one fitting." Suddenly, it occurred to Cordelia that Hiskari was staring at her and smirking, and had probably been asking about her quarters in particular for a reason. Not that she knew it. That was easy enough to fix, though. "But yeah, keeping my room. Why?"

     Letting out a disbelieving chuckle, Hiskari gave Cordelia a gentle swat upside the head. "To quote you? 'Um, duhh!' We just got the kind of exception that's handed out to something like one in five thousand Jedi. Right now, the only two I can think of who have them are Cereans, one of them is on the High Council, and they only have them because of the birth rate problem their species is suffering from. This is… this is incredibly special." Leaning in, she bit down on Cordelia's lower lip and tugged it gently as she pulled back before releasing it and winking. "I was thinking we should go celebrate. Just wanted to make sure we had somewhere to go to."

     "Oh please, like my room being available or not has ever slowed you down in the past." Cordelia gently patted her girlfriend on the ass, Hiskari obediently unwinding her legs and dropping to stand on her own two feet. The Nautolan immediately grabbed Cordelia's hand and began tugging her down the hallway, Cordelia's longer legs allowing her to keep up easily. The two passed Aayla Secura in the hall, the Rutian Twi'lek giving Cordelia a smirk and a knowing look as she slipped by, flashing three fingers at the brunette who nodded in agreement before turning her attention back to Hiskari. "At any rate… what exactly did you have in mind for this 'celebration'?"

     Hiskari peered up at Cordelia and her pale blue skin flushed an almost sapphire color in two spots high up on her cheeks as she pulled her hand out of Cordelia's grasp, pulling it up into the flowing sleeve of her brown outer robe for a moment before emerging with… a trio of shiny metal balls? What..? "What would you say to me, you, a few of these, and some… um… creative telekinesis practice?"

     Wow. Considering the source, that was a shockingly naughty suggestion. Cordelia grinned widely. She was such a good influence on Hiskari. Leaning down, she pressed a kiss to the top of the Nautolan's head, right at the base of one headtress. "Well, Master Windu did say I needed to work on my control of multiple objects." Although… Cordelia looked back over her shoulder, only to find Aayla long gone. Damn. Maybe she should have told the Twi'lek she needed to reschedule entirely instead of just pushing their practice back a few hours?
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