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The War God's Sword on the Hell Mouth

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Summary: YAHF. Another Response to the In Jim Baen's Memory Challenge, hey if nobody else is going to write one ...

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Literature > Sci-Fi > Author: Jim BaenghostwhowalksFR1527972337,64229 Aug 062 Sep 06No

Chapter One

Title: The War God’s Sword on the Hell Mouth

Author: Ghost who Walks

Disclaimer: All owned by others, this time it is David Weber, and good old Josh who own it all

Responding to the “In Jim Baen’s Memory” Challenge #1578

Crossover: Oath of Swords, The War God’s Own, and Wind Rider’s Oath books

Author’s note: Yes I’m responding to my own Challenge again, Hey if somebody else wrote one, I wouldn’t keep having to would I?

Upon waking up Xander knew that there were going to be repercussions from Halloween. If Willow hadn’t found the first chapters of the new book on the internet just a few hours before they had gone to get costumes he probably would have gone as a generic solider or something. He and Jessie had loved the first book when it came out a couple of years ago and had even tried turning it into a Dungeons and Dragons setting. Until Willow had found those chapters he hadn’t even known there was going to be a sequel released next spring.

He had known he could have never pulled off going as the main hero but the new character, the novice knight, was another story altogether. A sword borrowed from Giles’ weapon cage, a blond wig and some fake chain mail armor rented from Ethan’s shop, and he thought he made at least a half way decent impression.

Then Ethan’s spell had gone off and everything had changed. People had become their costumes. Suddenly he was no longer in control, and it wasn’t the novice knight who had looked through his eyes, but the man that novice had become, a full fledged champion of his God, what Dungeons and Dragons players would call a paladin. A man whose entire lifetime of memories had remained with Xander after the spell had ended.

So when Xander woke up this morning and opened his eyes to see the ten foot tall majestic presence of Tomanak Orfro, Sword of Light and Judge of Princes, God of Justice and Truth, Captain General of the Gods of Light standing beside his bed he did the only reasonable things he could think of. He pulled the covers up over his head and put his fingers in his ears.
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