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The Vampires of Old London Town.

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Willow and Kennedy; The Untold Story.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The long awaited prequel to the Willow and Kennedy series of stories. The Slayers and Guardians Council must learn to deal with two types of Vampire, and secret Government Departments.

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Television > Ultraviolet(Recent Donor)DaveTurnerFR15916,643037,80529 Aug 0629 Aug 06Yes

Chapter One

The Long awaited Prequel to the Willow and Kennedy series by Dave Turner.

Disclaimer: I do not own BtVS or Ultraviolet. I write these stories for fun not profit.

Crossover: BtVS with Ultraviolet.

Spelling and Grammar: Written in glorious English, English! American and English slang expressions are used through out. Spelling and grammar is English.

Timeline: This story is set in Autumn 2005, so that’s well after the end of BtVS S7. Ultraviolet was set in 1997, so I’ve extrapolated from what happened in the last episode.

Words: Quite a lot!

Warnings: Lesbian relationship, nothing graphic. Minor violence again nothing graphic.

This is nothing to do with the recently released film of the same name.
For those who don’t know; Ultraviolet was a short drama series (6 Episodes) shown on Channel 4 (a British TV channel) in about 1998. It concerned the work of a small government run organisation tasked with hunting down vampires. It was a remarkable little series with a well-written plot line and good acting. In the six episodes the word ‘vampire’ was never uttered once (they were always referred to as ‘Code Five’ or ‘Leeches’) and you never saw even one set of fangs, as far as I can remember. Code Five vampires or ‘Leeches’ explode when killed! The explosion would be powerful enough to wreck a fair sized room and set small fires. Unhealthy even for a Slayer!


Authors Apology: The first half to two thirds of this fic was written nearly a year ago. Since then it has been languishing in my computer. You’ll probably notice a distinct change in style, plotline and who knows what else. Sorry.


The Vampires of Old London Town.
London, October 2005.
Part 1.

“BUFFY!” Screamed Willow as she ran to were her friend lay. She slid to a halt and threw herself to the ground and started to beat at the flames that even now smouldered on Buffy’s clothes.

It was early evening and commuters were walking home from their offices. Half a dozen people, attracted by the sound of the explosion and Willow’s screams ran to where the two young women lay. A middle-aged woman pulled Willow away from Buffy’s motionless form, while a young man covered Buffy’s body with his coat; several people had their mobile phones in their hands calling for the police and the ambulance service.

“It’s all right dear!” Soothed the women hugging Willow, “Your friend will be alright…the ambulance is on its way.”
The young man who had got to Buffy first came over to Willow and knelt down in front of her.

“Your friend will be okay. I’m a medic let me see your hands.” Willow shakily held out her hands to the young man. For the first time she realised they were red raw and burnt in several places. Willow noticed the young man wince a little and caste a look at the woman when he saw her hands.

“You’ve burnt your hands,” He said, “But burns often look worse than they are. They’ll probably take you to A and E clean you up and let you go home tonight! What happened?
Willow had to think quickly, she had to keep her story close to the truth without mentioning the vampire.

“There was a bang and a flash and when I looked ‘round Buffy was lying on the ground on fire!” She sniffed through her tears.

The young man looked at the woman and said, “Keep her warm and talking ‘till the ambulance gets here would you?” The woman nodded as he turned to go back to Buffy’s unmoving form.

“What’s wrong with Buffy?” Willow sobbed as she reached out to the man with her burnt hands.

“Your friends unconscious, and she’s got burns to her face and hands…she’ll be alright…don’t worry. Look the ambulance is here!”


Willow looked up to see the ambulance’s blue flashing lights coming towards her. Within moments the vehicle had stopped and the paramedics got to work on the two injured women. They put Buffy on a trolley and wheeled her into the back of the ambulance, and then one of the paramedics put a red blanket around Willows shoulders and helped her into the back of the vehicle. As she went the young man who had helped her said, “Good luck.” And squeezed her shoulder before walking off into the night. Within five minutes Willow found herself in University Collage Hospital Accident and Emergency department.


Buffy, Giles, Willow and Kennedy had come to London in the hopes of finally sorting out the transfer of funds from the accounts of the old Watchers Council to the new Slayers and Guardians Council. Even after two years the change over was not quite complete. There were still many loose ends that needed tidying up. Giles also wanted to start the ball rolling on setting up a Slayer’s school in England.
If he could achieve this Slayers from Britain and Europe would only need to go to the US for advanced training. It would also mean that Slayers from countries that looked on the United States with suspicion had somewhere they could be trained.


Half an hour later Willow lay on a bed recovering. Her hands had been cleaned and dressings applied. The young man had been right and her injuries had looked worse than they were. The doctor had given her some painkillers and an injection to prevent infection. She had been told that she could go home and rest; if there was someone to look after her. Willow told them that there was but, she would need to make a phone call. The nurses explained that she should rest for awhile before she did anything and that the police would want to take a statement.

In due course two young uniformed police officers turned up in Willow’s cubicle. She explained to them how Buffy and herself had been walking back to their hotel near Regents Park. Willow explained how she had got a little ahead of her friend and only turned around when she had sensed the flash and heard the bang. The next thing she had seen was Buffy lying on the floor with her clothes burning.

“Did you see anyone run off?” Asked one of the policemen.
“No, “ Replied Willow, “They must have been in the park. I didn’t see or hear anyone!”
“Bloody kids with fireworks!” Announced the other policeman looking up from his notebook. “They must have been hiding in the park, saw your friend and threw a firework at her. Then ran off into the park. With these dark winter evenings it’d be easy enough for them to get away!”

“Look,” Said the first policeman, “We’ll have a look around where it happened, but to be honest we’re unlikely to find anyone…sorry.” The two officers put away their notebooks and made ready to leave. One of them gave Willow a card with his name and telephone number, under a Metropolitan Police badge. “In case you remember anything else,” he said, “I hope your friend recovers soon.” With that the two constables left.


Moments latter a young nurse came into Willows cubicle carrying a cup of tea. She placed the tea on the table next to the bed and asked Willow if there was anyone she wanted to call. Willow replied that she would need to call some friends.

“I’ll get you a ‘phone.” Said the nurse.
“No...It’s alright I have my cell!”
“Oh! We’d rather you didn’t use that in here!” The nurse replied, “It can mess up all the equipment. I won’t be a jiffy!”
The nurse turned and left, leaving Willow to wonder what a ‘jiffy’ was and why the nurse was not going to be one. A few minutes latter the nurse returned with a phone which she plugged into a socket on the wall.
“There you are!” She said cheerfully, “Can you manage?”
“Yes…thank-you!” Replied Willow as the nurse left.
Painfully Willow pressed the numbers on the phone and got a ringing tone. After about four rings the phone was answered.

“Kennedy?” Asked Willow, “It’s Willow there’s been an accident! No I’m okay a little singed around the edges but I’ll live. I need you to find Giles and get down to University Collage Hospital, A and E. Buffy’s been injured! I can’t say how…not on the phone. I need to talk to Giles…Yes come quick…I love you too honey!” Willow hung up the phone and waited.


Half way across London deep under one of the many government buildings a heavily built black man in a smart suit listened to a police radio while watching a computer monitor.

“Interesting!” He said to the blonde woman in a white lab coat who sat across the desk from him.
“What’s up?” She asked.
“Two American tourists walking near Regent Park at about 18:30. There was an explosion; one of them was quite badly burnt.”

“What’s that got to do with us? Sounds more like a job for the anti-terror boys or the local police than something for us.” Replied his partner.
“Local police say they found a red residue were the explosion occurred.”
“Could be a ‘Code Five’. We better take a look, which hospital were they taken to?”
“Got any names?” asked the woman as she took off her lab coat and went for her street coat.
“A Willow Rosenberg, and a Buffy Summers!”
“Odd names!” Commented the woman, “Mind, they are American so….Rosenberg? That sounds Jewish we can use the anti-terrorist angle as a cover. We’d better get the hospital to keep them until we arrive.”
“Already on it!” Said the ‘suit’ as he reached for the phone.


Willow still lay in the cubicle waiting for Kennedy and Giles to arrive. The hospital authorities now said they could not release her until someone came to collect her. She lay on the bed rapidly becoming more worried about Buffy and how long it was taking for Giles and Kennedy to arrive. She was just considering the pros and cons of a little locator spell when two people in street clothes came into her cubicle.

“Ms. Rosenberg?” Asked a blonde women, “I’m Detective Inspector March this is my colleague Detective Sergeant Rice.” They both flashed warrant cards at Willow. They did not give Willow time to examine the cards before they were put away.

“We’d like to talk to you about the incident earlier tonight.” Said Rice.
“I’ve already spoken to the police; they said it was kids with fireworks.” Replied Willow.
“You’re Jewish and American Ms Rosenberg,” said March, “We’re just checking that this wasn’t an attempted terrorist attack!”

“Oh! I never thought of that!” Replied Willow doing her best to sound surprised.
The two detectives asked more questions much like the ones the uniformed officers had asked then just as the two detectives got up to leave the woman, March, produced a light with a small florescent tube built into it.

“Would you mind if we scanned you with this? I just need to shine it over any exposed skin, it doesn’t hurt and it sometimes picks up traces of explosives. It would be helpful.”
The woman sounded reasonable, and although Willow had never heard of such a device she told March to go ahead.

March switched on the light and ran it quickly over Willows hands. Willow noticed that March took longer examining her neck, and that the scanner appeared to be nothing more than an ultraviolet lamp. Eventually March stood up and gave Willow a small smile. “You’re clean!” She said and gave her partner a significant ‘look’ that Willow could not help but notice. Moments latter the two detectives left.


“Not a mark on Rosenberg, did you get to check the Summers girl?” Asked March.
“While you were talking to the Doctor,” Replied Rice, “she’s got two maybe three bite marks on her neck. All treated at sometime and visible under normal light.”
“Code Five?”
“Looks that way!”
“I didn’t believe Rosenberg’s story, she’s hiding something. I think she knows about the Code Five!”
“We’d better get Research to dig up everything they can about Ms Rosenberg and her friend.”


Just after 10 o’clock that night Kennedy and Giles finally turned up at Willow’s bedside.
“Thank the Goddess you’re here!” Exclaimed Willow as Kennedy wrapped herself around her girlfriend. “Ken! I need to breathe…soon!” Gasped Willow, Kennedy reluctantly released Willow from her Slayer strength hug.

“What happened?” Giles and Kennedy asked in unison.
“We’d picked up on this guy just after sundown,” Explained Willow, “Buffy’s ‘Spider Sense’ started to tingle and I picked up on his aura. It was so weird Giles! It was like a Vamp but odd!”
“In what way?” Asked Giles.

“It’s hard to put in words, Giles. It was all wrong and weird colours! Anyway we followed him until we came to a clear bit of road an’ Buffy decides it’s time to stake him!”
“What! Just like that! With no thought about investigating?” Demanded Giles as he started to clean his glasses.

“You know Buffy Giles,” Pleaded Willow, “Lives in the ‘now’. She thought we might lose him or something so she went in for the kill and confronted him! He didn’t even try to fight Giles! His face didn’t change or anything he just gazed into Buffy’s eyes. It reminded me a bit of Dracula when he did that Thrall thing.”

“Yes, I suppose there could be more Vampires like Dracula.” Mused Giles as he replaced his spectacles.
“Giles, when she staked him…he exploded! Buffy’s all burnt an’ she won’t wake up…” Willow started to sob again; Kennedy wrapped her arms around Willow and hugged her gently.
“Oh!” Said Giles removing his glasses again, “Good lord!”


Giles left Willow and Kennedy alone and went in search of a Doctor to explain what was wrong with Buffy. After a short wait (luckily it was a quiet night in A&E). An oriental looking Doctor came to talk to Giles.

“Are you family?” Asked Doctor Wang.
“No I’m a colleague and a friend of the family; Buffy has a younger sister in the States.” Replied Giles.

“Alright then,” Said Doctor Wang, “Ms Summers has received superficial burns to her face, right hand and arm. In a way it’s lucky this happened in winter and she was well wrapped up against the cold! None of the burns are deep and they should heal up and leave no scars. What I’m more worried about is the concussion she suffered. She must have hit her head really hard when the blast hit her, but she should have come round by now. There must be something else wrong. We’ll be doing a scan, then I’m going to admit her as soon as we can find her a bed."

“You think it could be something serious?” Asked Giles. “The police said something about fireworks.”
“Hmmm,” Mused Wang, “It might explain the burns, but she was thrown to the ground with some force. Look, Mr Giles, I’m in the Territorial Army and I was deployed to the Gulf last year, I know the difference between the effects of a firework and something more powerful. If this was Northern Ireland or Basra I’d have said she’d been hit by a ‘Blast Bomb’!”

“Good lord!” Exclaimed Giles.
“Yes Mr Giles. I don’t care what the police say. That was more powerful than any firework! Now if you’ll excuse me I have to see about Ms Summers’ scan.”

“Yes! Thank-you Doctor…would you mind if Ms Rosenberg’s partner stayed with Buffy while I take Ms Rosenberg back to our hotel?”
“I don’t think that’ll be a problem…He’d better have a good book as I don’t think Ms Summers will be waking up anytime soon.”
“She.” Said Giles.
“Ms Rosenberg’s partner is a ‘she’. That won’t be a problem will it?”
Doctor Wang gave a small shrug, “We don’t live in the dark ages Mr Giles.”


It was 9 o’clock the next morning when Angie March walked into Rice’s office.
“What have we got on our two American friends then?” She asked.
Vaughan Rice looked up from the pile of printouts he had been reading.
“Quite an interesting couple our Ms Rosenberg and Ms Summers.”
“Enlighten me!” Asked March.

“Okay,” Began Rice, “Ms Rosenberg, and Ms Summers both work at the Jenny Calendar School for Gifted Girls in Cleveland…Ohio I think it is. It’s a school for gifted young women; the pupils are aged between 14 and 18 years. Ms Rosenberg teaches Computer Science and, wait for it, Meditation!”

“Odd mixture.” Commented March, “What about Summers?”
“She teaches Physical Education and Self Defence.”
“Well, at least they’re connected disciplines.”
“Odd thing is,” Continued Rice, “I can’t find any record of either of them going to teacher training collage, and as far as I can find out Summers never finished collage!”

“Both women are aged about 24 and they went to school in Sunnydale…..”
“That place in California that fell into a crater?”
“Yeah,” Rice started to warm to his work, “Ms Rosenberg has an income from a trust fund set up by her parents and I assume from what she’s paid by the school. Summers is just paid by the school.”

“That doesn’t make them master criminals, or in league with the Leeches.”
“True, but listen to this. Summers has been questioned by the police twice for murder. The first time she actually killed this guy who was dating her mother, the police said it was ‘justifiable homicide’ they latter found out the guy was a serial killer. The next time was for the murder of an exchange student at her school a Kendra somebody, I can’t find a surname.”

“Let me guess the police didn’t charge her with that either.”
“Not quite, they charged her, but guess who gave her an alibi?”
“Wouldn’t have been Ms Rosenberg would it?”
“Spot on!” Replied Rice, “Yes Ms Summers has had an interesting life…Unfortunately we can’t get very much detail ‘cause most of the records disappeared with the rest of Sunnydale.”

“What was she doing when Sunnydale got destroyed?”
“You’ll love this,” Rice chuckled, “she was working at the local High School as a Student Councillor!”
“They do have some strange ideas on who should be looking out for students in the States! What about since she’s been living in Cleveland?”

“No arrests or even parking tickets, I had Special Branch contact Cleveland PD. They said they had no problems with Ms Summers or Ms Rosenberg, and the Captain that Special Branch spoke to said, they’d take it as a personnel favour if we’d ‘cut them some slack’!”
“Wonder what he meant by that?”
“Me too.”

“Anything else?” Asked March, Rice continued reading.
“Summers’ mother died when Summers was twenty leaving her to look after a younger sister. A year latter Social Services did an investigation into the Summers household; they were worried that the sister, Dawn, was being neglected. Oddly the social worker was relieved due to ‘stress’ and nothing more was ever said about the incident!”

“So we have a young woman with a history of violence and possible neglect of a sister, and at least two Leech bites on her neck, put in a position of responsibility over impressionable young girls! Then when we ask the local police about her they imply that she’s a fine upstanding citizen, and would we mind leaving her alone!”

“And get this, during all this time who is either nearby or living in the same house?”
“At a wild guess…Ms Rosenberg!”
“Give the lady a prize!”
“I’m almost afraid to ask…anything else?”

“Ummm, they arrived in the country last Tuesday with a Mr Rupert Giles, a British subject who, guess what? Used to be Librarian at Summers’ and Rosenberg’s High School, which by the way blew up on their graduation day! Also there was a Kennedy Rosenberg who doesn’t seem to have existed before about a year ago when she popped into existence in Canada!”

“Another sister maybe?”
“With these people who knows? If you wrote a TV show about this no one would believe it!”
“Any thought’s on what’s going on?” Asked Marsh.
“If I had to guess,” mused Rice, “I’d say this Giles guy is a Leech and he’s using the Rosenberg’s and the Summers woman to groom young girls as his personnel food supply. I’d also say that there’s a lot of Leech influence in the police in Cleveland and possibly else where!”
“Nice theory,” Announced March, “There’s just one little fly in that particular ointment!”
“What’s that?”

March produced an evidence bag from her jacket pocket and dropped it on Rice’s desk.

Rice picked up the bag and examined the contents. “Found at the scene, it has code five traces on it!” Announced March.
Rice stared at the bag containing the charred wooden stake, he scratched his head.
“You don’t think…?” He began.
“Yes I do! I think the Summers woman drove that into the Leeches heart!”

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