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Who Am I?

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Summary: This story has now been re-opened and a new chapter added - nothing previously written has been changed. Challenge response: Nathaniel looks for his family and brings 3 separate worlds together

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Anita Blake > Willow-Centered
Harry Potter > Willow-Centered
LyndymuiFR151618,05845849,14629 Aug 0629 Mar 11Yes

Who am I??

Disclaimers appear at the start of this story - I apologise for the length of time taken to finish it, and hope anyone who has been waiting for this is not disappointed or let down by the conclusion.

The girl now known as Catkin sat in a rocking chair of a small cottage somewhere in the Scottish Highlands reflecting on the past few weeks and trying to understand what had happened.

She giggled as she watched her cousins flying on brooms low and fast over a loch as they chased each other. There were a lot of things she didn't understand and this was just another mystery. She didn't think that flying on brooms should be possible but hey ho! it seemed to pass as normal around her family but at the same time it all felt so alien to her.

She knew something "big" had happened but had no idea what it was. Strangely though, she felt more at peace than she had for a long time, but also felt deep down that huge parts of her were missing.

Shrugging, she stood and moved to the small kitchen to make dinner. Her brother and uncle would be here soon looking for food - no time to sit around thinking of things she didn't think could ever be answered. This is who I am she though and smiling to herself, and humming and old song by "The Who" she started pottering around the kitchen.

Arthur pushed his plate aside and thanked his niece for dinner. He looked at his youngest children, smiling with pride, before the smile tinged with sadness as he turned to look at his niece and nephew.

Nathaniel was stronger than ever and had begun dating a young mediwitch from St Mungos. Nicole, or Catkin as they all now called her, seemed happy, but he felt her smile only reached her eyes and not her soul.

He was still plagued with doubt that he had done the right thing. The war with Voldemort still carried on, but at least one rogue piece had been removed from the battlefield.

Nathaniel worried at the frown on his Uncle's usually cheery face. HE had no doubt that they had done the right thing. His sister could have and would have killed them all, then looked for someone to make her hot chocolate. For some reason she always refused coffee, and just as she was about to say why, would look confused and start to talk about something else.

Despite their best efforts, they had never found any trace of family or friends looking for her. They still had hopes, but were also glad as deep down he didn't want to have to explain to anyone what had happened to her.

Anita had been to visit recently and had approved of his new living arrangements and even liked his girlfriend (though they both knew her approval was no longer necessary to him). Life was great wasn't it? Well apart from the homicidal maniac wizard still running around trying to kill his family and new friends.

Giles sat at his desk and again read the report from Morgan on the "cleansing" they had performed on Arthur Weasley's niece. Something niggled at the back of his mind about the whole situation, but he couldn't quite put his finger on it.

It had been a rather brutal ceremony, but given the circumstances he felt there had been no other alternative than to offer the Council's support, knowledge and access to resources. A few of the councils more magically astute members had taken part in the ceremony and had joined Arthur and his trusted friends in forming a "pseudo" coven for the ritual. Giles himself had to return home following another incident between Buffy & Jean Claude.

By all accounts this has been fully successful, removing all traces of dark magic and outside control from the girl. Her uncle had assured him that, as she had no knowledge of the "wizarding world" before her capture by Voldemort, that her recovery and chances at a normal life would both swift and complete.

Giles sighed as he polished his glasses absently staring at a picture of Willow and wondering if he could have done this to her - somehow he didn't think he could have.

He reflected on the changes to the group since Willow had disappeared and they moved to St Louis. They were still a tight group, but had a new found maturity about them. There were still some issues with vampire/slayer trust, but on the whole things were going well.

He found himself looking forward to meeting Arthur Weasley again and exchanging ideas. He laid the report aside and started to write a letter that the now recovered owl could return for him. Perhaps he could bring Buffy, Xander and Dawn with him. Things were good but a break would do them all some good.

In a dark dungeon, surrounded by minions, Voldemort laughed manically, tears of joy running down his face. Soon not just the wizarding world would be his, but the entire planet. He had eradicated the most powerful threat to his power and in the process gave himself unlimited access to the hellmouths' (slayers were really no match for his death eaters).

And just wait til they all found out - they did it to the girl themselves. His control over her was slipping as her sub conscious fought back. It was all too funny he thought, reaching for a glass and raised it in a mock toast to well meaning fools.

The good guys were just too much fun he mused.

The End

You have reached the end of "Who Am I?". This story is complete.

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