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Who Am I?

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Summary: This story has now been re-opened and a new chapter added - nothing previously written has been changed. Challenge response: Nathaniel looks for his family and brings 3 separate worlds together

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Anita Blake > Willow-Centered
Harry Potter > Willow-Centered
LyndymuiFR151618,05845849,14829 Aug 0629 Mar 11Yes

Who Are You?

I wish I were clever enough to have thought up the worlds of Harry Potter, Buffy and Anita Blake. Unfortunately, I didn’t, but I am lucky enough to be able to play with the characters and hopefully take them to some new places where they can make new friends.

The chapter titles are all lyrics from “Who Are You” by the Who

In order to suit this story, some of your favorite characters might not appear and situations and events may not be described or mentioned. I have contorted all three worlds in order to suit this one story, and for that I hope you forgive me (big happy hopeful grin here ……)

I estimate Nathaniel to be around 21, a troubled and lonely kitty ....



Nathaniel Graison was nervous as he sat in a shabby leather chair, in a shabby office in downtown St Louis.

Anita had recommended Mike Strange. He was a good detective; although he liked reading trashy detective novels and loved watching old black and white detective movies he was good at his job.

Nathaniel stood and started to pace, only stopping when he caught his reflection in the window. Would this be his chance to find out who he looked like? Why his eyes were the color they were? Why he wasn’t tall? He ran a hand through his hair, aware that Mike’s secretary was checking out his ass from behind her magazine.

He jumped when the buzzer on her desk sounded. She smiled at him and gestured towards the office. Taking a deep breath, he knocked the door and entered.

Mike peered at him through cigar smoke. “Well kid,” he drawled, “I got news … some good, some bad, some plain strange.” He tapped a large manila folder on his desk and grinned at Nathaniel.

Nathaniel felt his heart rate increase and start to pound like a drum in his chest. Everything Mike has said was filtered out, apart from the words “ …I got news …” He was aware that Mike was still talking, he could see his lips move, but he heard nothing.

Mike stopped talking and waited. He owed Anita Blake a favor. That was the only reason he agreed to help – there was no money in tracing missing families. But Nathaniel’s story had intrigued him and seemed to hint at a mystery, and if there was one thing that Mike Strange liked it was a mystery. Besides, he liked the kid and felt a bit sorry for him.

Nathaniel became aware of his surroundings and started to blush as he apologized for zoning out.

Mike brushed off his apologies and began his story again.

“It had a rather unfortunate name “The Happy Valley Orphanage” in Boston …….”
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