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In This Lifetime Alone

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Summary: Each person has their turn to spin fortune's wheel, and sometimes their 'luck' trickles down to everyone else. Based on a random Game of Life playing. Warnings: death, noncrossover, future fic.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > DramaJmariaFR1564,146011,81630 Aug 0613 Sep 06No

Remember to Use Your Heart

Title: In This Lifetime Alone
Author: Jmaria
Rating: FR-13
Disclaimers/Spoilers: Joss owns the Buffy crew, I own the newbies.
Summary: We only get this one lifetime alone to own, the rest is out of our hands…
A/N: I was bored, and playing the Game of Life with random players and used Buffy characters - thus this story.

In This Lifetime Alone

1. Remember to Use Your Heart

Dawn Summers held her sons hands tightly as she led them through the gates of the graveyard. The sun was bright on her face as she stared straight ahead of herself. A lot of people were here, to say goodbye. There had been too many goodbyes in the last few years. The memorial service for Angel had been tough on Connor, Buffy, and even Dawn herself. The boys hadn’t understood it, not really. How could someone as young as Grandpa Angel be gone?

Alexander Rupert Angel and William Wesley Angel were six years old, the only offspring of the Destroyer and the Key, and luckily had no prophecies surrounding their births. For once, there were normal kids in the Angel and Summers lines. As far as they were concerned they had three grandpas - Angel, Hank Summers, and Rupert Giles, and two grandmas - Darla and Joyce Summers. Only one of them was really left now, and that was Giles. And one thing these two little boys had had too much of were funerals.

Angel had been killed less than a year ago in a demon attack, and neither Connor or Dawn could explain to little Alex and Billy why he wasn’t coming back. Joyce and Darla had never even met their grandchildren, let alone the mate that their children had picked. And as for Hank Summers, he wanted to be left alone in Spain with his newest and youngest secretary.

“Mommy, who’s in the box?” Alex asked, tugging on Dawn’s sleeve.
“Cooper’s mommy, Miss Rona?” Dawn said sadly, remembering the young slayer she’d once shared a house with. Rona was the first of the original Potential slayers to die since the Battle against the First Evil. Kennedy, Vi, and Rona had been the last of the original six. Now they were down to two.
“Hey runts,” Kit Trejo’s voice startled Dawn out of her thoughts. Carlos and Kit had gotten married two years into Watcher’s training, and had been going strong ever since. They had a three year old daughter name Matilda Rose, who was currently snuggling up against her father’s shoulder.
“Aunt Kit!” The boys screeched, hugging their favorite Aunt.
“Why don’t you go cheer up Coop? He’s been pulling at that tie all morning,” Kit grinned, nodding over to the little boy.

Dawn’s heart clenched. Cooper Williams was Rona’s only child, and now that his mother was gone, he truly had no one. Rona Cooper Williams had lost the love of her life, Jacob Williams three years ago to vampires. Now all that was left was their son.

“How’s he holding up?” Dawn whispered.
“Better than we could hope for. He’s staying with Robin and Faith. Rona left him to her,” Kit sighed, hugging her friend. “Where’s C?”
“Doing the detective thing,” Dawn’s voice caught. “We’re losing too many, Kit.”
“Carlos said something about that. How’s Buffy?”
“Still asleep.”
“And Spike?”
“He and Illyria haven’t left her side in days. Giles is freaking.”
“One of his girls is dead, and the other is in a coma, wouldn’t you be freaking too?”
“Who says I’m not?”
“And the boys? Buffy’s boys?” Kit prodded.
“Spike and Illyria wanted to take care of Liam and Henry. But they‘ve both got their hands full.”

Liam and Henry Summers were Buffy’s twelve year old gifts from the Powers. She’d never found out who their fathers were, but Dawn had a suspicion that they were the offspring of both Angel and Spike. Mainly because they reminded her so much of the vampires, in both looks and attitude. Henry had dark hair and eyes, like Angel had, but had Spike’s spunk. Liam had a lot of Spike’s coloring, but Angel’s tendency to brood.

A week ago, Buffy and Rona had headed an emergency rescue operation with a few of the younger slayers. The Council still wasn’t sure what had really happened, but none the less, they had lost one of the senior slayers and the Council head was in a coma. Rupert Giles had paced back and forth in Buffy’s room for two days, and he wasn’t alone. Spike, Xander Harris and Willow Rosenberg had joined him less than an hour later. Connor and Dawn hadn’t been far behind, but someone had needed to break the news to the boys.

“So you and Connor have them?”
“For now. Gunn’s been watching them when he can, and Faith and Robin too. Andrew even offered to pitch in.”
“Sounds like everybody loves them.”
“They do. They’re so much like her, and it’s hard not to love Buffy,” Dawn said tightly. “Buffy’s gonna pull through this. She’s beaten death before. Twice even.”
“Yeah, you’re right,” Kit said quietly.
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