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The Rise of Andraste

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Summary: The long awaited sequel to Springtime in Colorado, femslash, Buffy/Cassie Fraiser, multiple other pairings

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: OtherElectroniszappaFR1818880122,78931 Aug 0631 Aug 06No
Title: The Rise of Andraste, sequel to Springtime in Colorado (1/?)
Author: Electronis Zappa
Rating: All
Pairing: Buffy/Cassie Fraiser , as well as other pairings
Spoilers: Buffy’s been over for three years now, shadowing of events through end of SG-1 season 8
Feedback: But of course.
Disclaimer: I own them all. Believe that, and I have some real nice ocean front property in Arizona I’m looking to sell. Just to be perfectly clear, I do not own any of these characters
Archive: My site Anyone else, just let me know where it's going
Notes: Janet wasn’t killed during Heroes
Dedication: For all those who wanted to see a Sequel to Springtime in Colorado
“Thanks for the mocha” the slayer said as she and Cassie found a private table at the coffee shop

“You saved my life, Least I could do” Cassie replied. “Ok, so least I could do is nothing.”

“Still, I appreciate it, its awfully sweet”

“You said your last name is Summers right? There’s a Dawn Summers a grade behind me I have a few classes with, any relation?”

“Yeah, that’s my little sister.” Buffy confirmed taking a sip of her drink

“She seems really cool.” Cassie noted. “I’ve seen a few guys ask her out, but she gets kind of elusive and says she’s seeing someone. Is she?”

“A lesbian? Yes.” Buffy answered, misinterpreting what the younger girl was asking.

“Oh, well, I was just asking if she was really seeing someone., not if she’s into girls. It’s cool though, I have two mommies. My mother FINALLY got together with her best friend and we recently moved in with her.”

“That’s nice.”

“In a sense, but officially they’re not together. They’re both in the Air Force, so it’s two friends sharing a house. But everyone knows. How about you, you gay or straight and are you seeing anyone?”

“Historically, I have dated guys, but it never ended well. Back in high school Dawn’s girlfriend made it very clear she wanted to be with me, but we had a bit of a falling out before anything happened. We patched things up though, which is why I am ok with her being with my sister. Then freshman year of college, my best friend Willow came out by telling me she’s dating a girl she met in Wicca group.”

“Wicca group?” Cassie inquired.

“Willow’s a witch, the most powerful one on the planet. She’s told me about a woman named Hermione she met in England who’s pretty powerful, but from what I hear she doesn’t hold a candle to Will. “

“This Willow is your girlfriend now?”

“No, she’s dating our friend Fred, Winifred sorry. I’m a single vampire slayer with a heart of gold and hatred for demons and things that go bump in the night ”

“So, vampires and witches and demons are really real hunh?”

“Find it hard to believe?” Buffy asked, recalling when she first found out.

“Not so much actually, I’m a firm believer in life on other planets” Cassie smirks

“Oh I know that exists too.” Buffy adds. “I don’t know how advanced or anything, the only one I ever came across used a hollowed out meteor to get to earth. Every so often they’re summoned to rid the world of crazy people, and a few years ago there were a lot of them around Sunnydale.”

“California, the town that……………collapsed last year? That’s where you’re from?”

“Yeah.” Buffy admits “That was us, it’s a long story.”

“I’d love to hear it sometime, but I should get home before my moms start freaking out.” Cassie says as she writes on a napkin. “This is my cell number and IM name, we should get together again.”

“I’d like that.” Buffy smiles as she takes the napkin
~Two Weeks later, Cheyenne Mountain~
“Major, how goes your life outside the base?” Colonel O’Neill asked as he and Carter boarded the elevator to take them to level 28.

“Great. I briefly met Cassie’s girlfriend on my way out the door.” The blonde replied

“I still can’t get over that.”

“It’s not really all that surprising given who her mother's seeing.”

“I guess not. You know there are some people who wonder about Jackson and Me?”

“It takes all kinds. Maybe if we’d meet this elusive Ms. Johnson……” Carter teased

“Or we could catch Osiris and your dad and his buddies could de Goa’uld……her? Him? Damn pronouns. Point is Daniel could get back together with Sarah.” O’Neill added

“So, what’s so important I couldn’t give the lovely Ms. Summers the third degree?” Carter asked as they exited the elevator.

“I thought it was Dr. Fraiser that was into cute blondes?” Dr. Jackson joked as he came up to them carrying several books in ancient Celtic.

“And I thought you were into Colonels?” Carter shot back.

“You told her?” The archaeologist asked O’Neill

“It’s not like it’s a big damn secret.”

“Right. Anyway, Master Bra’tac contacted us. Apparently there’s a new Goa’uld on the rise.”

“Anubis? That’s old news. Bray’s slipping in his advanced years” O’Neill added to the jocularity

“When one hundred and thirty-nine years old you reach, think as good you will not” Teal’c said joining the group in the corridor.

“Seriously though, recently a minor goa’uld formerly in the service of Mórrígan has been slowly amassing power for herself seemingly out of nowhere.” Daniel informed his comrades

“She have a name?” O’Neill asked

“Andraste.” Daniel stated. “Celtic goddess of war”

“Nice.” O’Neill replied.

To be continued

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Rise of Andraste" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 31 Aug 06.

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