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LA Demon Riots

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Life After the Invasion". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Sam Winchester watches as his father and brother fight at the demon invasion in LA.

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Supernatural > GeneraldragonfanFR1366,091213231,0981 Sep 063 Oct 06Yes

Time to Rest

Seven hours after the Wolfram and Hart building collapsed Sam was driving the Impala into the parking lot near the freshman dorms. Between he, Jessica and two of their friends who rode motorcycles they had gotten to where the Impala and his dad’s truck were parked in record time. It wasn’t often that he could bully both his father AND his brother at the same time, but they had been too worn out, hurt and worried for the other to give him much grief when he told them he was taking them back to school with him to recover.

He had also been able to finally get them away from that reporter.

Now Sam looked over at his dad in the seat beside him. He was asleep and beyond him Sam could see Jess pull up in his dad’s truck. “Hey Dad, we’re here.” He shook John’s knee, the training keeping him from reaching for his father’s shoulder bone deep. Even unconscious touching his father’s shoulder would lead to his father waking ready for an attack. Legs were for ‘safe’ waking, shoulders and arms were for ‘the crap is about to hit the fan’ wake ups.

John opened his eyes slowly; Sam was leaning over the back of the seat and shaking his brother. “Time to wake up Dean, we’re here.”

“Easy on the leg, Dude!” Dean was not a happy camper. Being the shortest in a family of very tall men did not mean that he was short. He was just over six feet tall and for him the leg room in the back of his beloved Impala just wasn’t enough. The only way he could get comfortable was to lay out lengthwise, but that was almost impossible to do with his seatbelt on. As someone who had almost literally grown up on the road, not wearing his seatbelt was something that would never occur to him.

Sam helped Dean out of the car and John wearily climbed out the other side. It wasn’t until they met in front of the car at the sidewalk that Dean and John noticed the stares they were getting. “What, they never saw two banged up guys before?” Dean was uneasy at the attention.

“Dude, that camera was broadcasting live,” Sam said.

“Yeah, so?” Dean didn’t get it. The situation had been more than a little hairy and farther up the scale of demons than they usually worked, but other than that, it really hadn’t been all that different from any other hunt that he could see.

“Soooo, everyone on campus was watching. My professor even had it on a large screen tv in his lecture hall. That’s how I found out about it. And with that camera following the two of you around, you gave quite a performance of ‘introduction to a Hunter’s life’. Everyone knows who you are. I ended up giving Hunting 101 lectures on what you were doing.”

By that time the four of them had reached Sam’s dorm room. “So it looks like both of you broke rule #1 and ended up as celebrities.” The smirk on Sam’s face was enough to send both of the other men into a cursing fit that didn’t end until they were both lying down on the twin beds in the dorm room.

“Just how bad is it out there?” John wanted to know.

“Bad enough that I think you’re going to have to go legit. No more credit card scams, no more hustling pool, or fake ids. You’re both public heroes now.”

“AW CRAP!” Dean actually pouted for a moment. “Wake me up when it blows over. Demons I get, but people are just plain crazy.” With that pronouncement he lay down and pulled the covers over his head, much to the amusement of Jessica and Sam. John was trying hard to fight his own smirk at Dean’s expense.

Sam took the weapons bag from Jessica and kissed her goodbye. Then he sat on his bed next to Dean. “Go ahead and get some sleep Dad. I’ll clean the weapons.” He took out the gun cleaning kit and set to work.

“Thanks for coming for us.” John wanted to apologize for the fight they’d had and the things he’d said the summer before, but couldn’t bring himself to do so.

“I just wanted to go to college Dad, be on my own for a while. I never wanted to leave the family. I’d have gotten there sooner, but I couldn’t get there while the roads were closed.”

“I was just worried that you would be hurt without me or Dean to watch your back.” John admitted.

“I never stopped taking precautions Dad.” Sam gestured to the window. “The window is warded with salt and the building is too. I’ve carved warding sigils on the doors into the building and this room. I’ve kept up with working out and I’ve been taking two different martial arts classes.”

“None of that stops me from worrying about you,” John said as he slid out of his boots and jacket.

“You don’t need to worry about me Dad. Get some sleep. This time, I’ve got your backs.”

The End

You have reached the end of "LA Demon Riots". This story is complete.

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