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LA Demon Riots

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Life After the Invasion". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Sam Winchester watches as his father and brother fight at the demon invasion in LA.

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Supernatural > GeneraldragonfanFR1366,091213231,0981 Sep 063 Oct 06Yes

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I own nothing from Angel the Series or Supernatural
Summary: Sam Winchester watches his father and brother fight at the demon invasion in LA.
A/N: I have never seen the episode of Angel where the demon invasion took place. Although Angel regulars will be seen there is nothing from their point of view. This is all from the view of Sam watching the invasion on tv.

Sam didn’t know what the big deal was but it looked like everyone was in his class was gathered in front of the wide screen tv that his professor used to show his classes everything from late breaking news reports to old documentaries on the subject of the day. He didn’t know what was so fascinating about today’s topic, but he peered around Jordan, one of the basketball scholarship kids and who was even taller than he was, and got a good look at the screen. What he saw made him drop both his natural and the ingrained politeness his father had insisted in installing in him and his brother. He shoved his way to the front of the class, not even noticing who he shoved out of his way. Everyone else was just as absorbed in the scene as he was, but unlike them he knew what was going on. Those were real demons, there was enough to make up an army if they had been more organized and they were rampaging through the downtown area of LA. Oh, this was sooo not good.

The next time the camera swung around to cover the street, his heart about stopped. Where the reporter was going on about people trying desperately to escape the city, there was one car moving in to the city center. It was followed by a big truck. Both vehicles were black and were almost showroom perfect. It was obvious to anyone who knew cars that their owners took great pride in the vehicles. Sam didn’t have to know the obvious because he knew those vehicles. The car belonged to his brother, and the truck to his father. It didn’t surprise him one bit to see that they were headed into the city rather than heading away from it. There was no way his family would ignore this if there was anyway they could get there. For the first time in a long time, Sam wished that he too could be in the thick of things with them.

The sight was an odd enough one that the cameraman pointed it out to the reporter and focused his camera on the vehicles. They parked in the middle of the street and both drivers got out and headed for the back of their respective vehicles. The two men walked almost in tandem, both with a seriousness that came through loud and clear. This wasn’t a joy ride. This was serious business for them. Sam noticed that his dad had a new cut on his forehead and Dean had a small limp. They had just come in from another job he realized. He had seen them move like that too often not to know what was going on. They weren’t fully recovered from their last job, but this one was too important to put off.

And for once, yes he can see that. This job is too important not to do it, not to go looking for it. If he wasn’t a full day away at top speed of his little beater of a car and the likelihood of his being able to get into downtown LA nonexistent, he would be running for his weapons right now. As it was, all he could do was stand there at the front of the crowd and watch his family, his brother and his father take on an impossible job just so someone else might live long enough to escape. The Impala’s trunk was open now as was his dad’s weapons stash. He could see them arming up, not even trying to hide what they were doing. “Don’t forget the machetes,” Sam whispered just before both men picked up machetes. He didn’t see the look the girl next to him gave him as he continued to softly talk. She noticed that whatever he said, the two men on tv would do, almost like he was directing them or something. Maybe Sam knew them really well? Or maybe he just knew what professionals did in this sort of situation? What did professionals do in this sort of situation? Who was a professional for this?

The camera followed the two men after they had armed up as they walked directly into the path of one of the demons. With Sam coaching under his breath, both men attacked the demon, Dean going low while John went high. Sam called every shot before his brother or father made it. Soon everyone around him was listening to his quiet commentary. “Slow down, lean back. This one needs to be decapitated. Let him take the shot, be the distraction.”

“Sam, how do you do that?” Greg asked. Greg was Sam’s roommate in the freshman dorms.

Sam had been keeping his head down, trying to act normal here in college, away from his family. He didn’t even bother to consider his answer. As important as being normal was to him, as it was something he had never known, he wasn’t ashamed of his family. It was simply hard to explain them to people who had no idea that the supernatural was real. Everyone knew the truth now. “That’s my dad and older brother Dean. My mother was killed by something like that when I was six months old. They’ve been hunting things like that ever since. I grew up learning how to hunt those types of things.”

The answer had been so calm, so matter of fact that the people around him just gawked at him. “You know how to hunt those things? What are they?”

“Demons,” Sam said as he watched his brother fire a shotgun at one demon and duck the swipe of another’s claws. The room fell into dead silence.
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