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Reality Shift

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Summary: Buffy visits other worlds - I claim no rights to copyrighted material.

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Multiple Crossings > Buffy-CentereddragonvampFR18311,359012,4851 Sep 061 Sep 06No

It's a smallville after all

I don't own any of the people or places in this world as I did not change names or anything this time. Smallville and all it's people belong to it's creators.

One man though made a motion for me to sit next to him. I don’t know why but I did.

“I’m Jonathon. I am your guide through the next part of your journey. After talking with the PTB we think this time you can help someone else from your experience. We are headed to my hometown. My son is having trouble excepting that my death was not his fault. I think you could help him learn he cannot save everyone. He will need it for the battle he is going to be facing. It was much like yours with the First. You will not be there as long. You are not there to fight but to teach.” Jonathan said before disappearing. As I fell asleep and dreamed of the battles with Faith, Glory, and the First, then of losing Mom and coming back from the dead. I think the powers wanted those experiences fresh in my mind when I meet Jonathon’s son.


The bus stopped in a city not much unlike L.A. This was the city I had seen in my dream. It did not take long before I found myself outside of the Daily Planet. This is the newspaper place from my dream. Right on time I see the super guy whom I assume is Jonathon’s son. He runs over and stops some guy from getting hit by a car.

Now I don’t know either guy from Adam, well I did know Adam but lets not go there. I can see super boy’s powers rolling off of him, wait super boy, Kansas, Daily Planet, all sounding familiar, oh shit I’m in Metropolis! I’m supposed to help Superman??? Well supper boy as he can’t be but maybe 18. Well the PTB work in stranger ways I guess. Okay time to hit Smallville and find the Kent farm. I wonder how much will be the same here as in the comics or those old movies with that cute Chris guy. Something about blue eyes I guess.

I try to find a way to get to Smallville but no go. Finally I get a ride with a girl who is headed that way. I try not to act surprised when I find out her name is Lana. I asked her about Clark and she got very protective. I was not surprised, I told her I was a distant cousin and had just heard about Jonathon’s death. “I lost my Mom when I was about his age and I know how hard it could be without much family near by. I left school and headed this way to check on Clark and Aunt Martha. Dad would kill me if he knew I was here. He didn’t talk to Aunt Martha much, something about someone name Luther or something.” I told her hoping she bought it.

She got quiet as if thinking. “So what were you taking at school?” I knew this check recheck method well and I told a bit of the truth for plausibility, “Psychology! My folks split when I was a kid. Mom got my sister and I. When she died I was left with my sister to look after. Dad was gone a lot and didn't have time for kids. Once my sister graduated, Dad sent us both off to college and sold our house. Sis is doing well in London with friends of the family and going to Oxford. I stayed in New York with friends of my own. I thought about Aunt Martha often but was to scared of my Dad to ask for her number. I was hoping they would not mind a surprise visit.” As I hoped Lana seemed to believe me and even drove me to the Kent farm.

She did not stay as she said she had things to do, felt to me more like she was avoiding someone. For her benefit I met the red head at the door and tried to let her know to play along, “Aunt Martha, It’s me Buffy. I just heard about Uncle Jonathon. I don’t care what problems Dad has, you came to see me when my Mom died so I’m here to help you and Clark now” I announced loud enough for anyone else who may be listening to hear. Martha was a bit nervous but went along with it.

She wrapped me in a hug, “Oh my it’s good to see you. I wish you had called we would have made a room for you. Clark will be back any moment. Thank you Lana for giving her a ride out here” Martha said as she waved bye to the small brunette.

While she hugged me I whispered to her that I was a friend and needed to speak with her and Kal-El alone. Surprisingly she was still calm as she nodded understanding. “Lois this is a distant cousin of Clarks. Buffy will be staying with us for a few days.” Martha said looking back at me. I nodded and she continued, “Why don’t you visit Chloe tonight while Clark and I get Buffy settled.” Martha suggested.

Lois looked at me suspiciously, “Your Clarks cousin hmmm?” she asked. I knew where this was going so I answered before she could ask, “Aunt Martha’s mom and My Grandmom grew up together. They were closer than sisters. If fact they looked so much alike some thought they were. Any way, I grew up knowing Martha as my aunt. She and Mom were kinda close until my Dad had a falling out with Uncle Jonathan over something to do with a guy or a business deal or something. I haven’t seen them in years, but once I heard about Uncle Jonathan I had to come. I knew she was in Smallville so I figured if I could get here I could find her. It’s a good thing I ran into Lana. I was not sure how I was going to get here.” My answer seemed to appease her for the time being. I still could not believe I was talking to Martha Kent and Lois Lane.

Lois went to see Chloe and I sat down to talk to Martha before Clark got home. As soon as we were alone I saw her change. Gone was the sweet lady I met when I arrived and in her place was a lioness ready to protect her cub. “Okay who are you and why are you here?” She demanded. I could not help but giggle.

I stopped at the furious and confused look I was getting from Martha. “Calm down Mrs. Kent. I am Buffy Summers and I have an amazing story for you but for some reason I think you and Clark will believe the truth. I would like to wait until you are both here to really explain but let me tell you first that I neither bring or intend to bring any harm to you or your family. Also know that I am not Kryptonian and I do not work for or with Jor-El. I also have no ties to the Luthor family. Beyond that the hardest part to believe will be that Jonathan sent me.” I told her. She calmed down a bit as curiosity took over.

“Well Ms. Summers I must say you have my attention.” She said sounding like the senator she was. “Where I come from our high powers are called the Powers that Be. I come from a universe full of real monsters and demons that most people are ignorant about. I was born with the ability to stop them. No one was to know about my sacred duty or me. I was the one person in the entire world with the abilities to match the demons. I have great strength, speed, agility, and accelerated healing. I was called, or rather my powers manifested when I was fifteen. I am what is called a Slayer." she paused to see the other womans expression before continuing.

"I am the oldest and longest lasting on record. I can explain more about that later. I have fought back the darkness and evil in my world every night since gaining my powers. I have help from my friends. They are average people who see the monsters and cannot sit by and do nothing. To me they are the true heroes. I lost my mom to cancer not long ago and had to take care of my little sister. I had to quit school and find a job and fulfill my duty. It has been a struggle but I made it through and I am stronger for it.” I paused and looked into her eyes, “Jonathan and the Powers That Be, sent me to help Clark. There is a great battle coming in his life and to face it he will need to learn a few things. I must help him accept certain truths, like that his father’s death was not his fault.”

Martha looked at me with the eyes of a Mother again. This time they held none of the fire I saw before. This time it was more pride and compassion of a Mother looking on a daughter, “Ms. Summers, you are right. As weird as it sounds I do believe you. Let’s talk more about what you have told me and see what we wish to tell Clark. I don’t know if all of your story will be as good for him to hear if your going to help him, and call me Aunt Martha. I liked that.” “Only if you call me Buffy.” I smiled at her, she had a lot in common with my Mom, but I guess a lot of moms are like that…………or they should be.

We talked for a while before Clark got home. I told her a bit about my Mom and what a slayer was and we spoke of what to tell Clark. “Hey Mom, you here. Lois said we had company. I wanted to make sure everything was okay.” Clark said as he came into the room with the two women. He looked at me and I at him for a few moments.

“Clark this is Buffy. She is a friend of your fathers and you can trust her. I want you to listen to what she has to say. She will be staying with us for a few days. As far as anyone knows she is a distant cousin who has come to check on us after hearing about Jonathan’s death.” Martha said as she left the two alone.

Clark looked at me suspiciously. “Look I’ll tell you like I told your Mom. I am not here to harm you or bring any harm to your family. I was sent here because the Powers that Be thought I could help you. If you give me a chance to explain and you promise to keep my secret.” I said and saw him visible relax a bit.

“My name is Buffy Summers and I come from another universe, another dimension I think as well. I am a warrior who fights forces of evil,” I told him about being a Slayer and what that meant. I told him a bit about my life including dealing with my mother’s death. He seemed to take it all okay.

“You expect me to believe you have strength, speed and agility near mine but your not a meteor freak and not from Krypton? Prove it.” Clark said as he lead me to the barn. I smiled, as it seemed yet again I would have a good sparing partner.

We had been sparing for a bit when I felt something was off. I stopped and gave Clark a look he seemed to understand. I found a place to hide and watched at something in the form of Jonathan Kent came into the barn. It told Clark some of what happened the night Jonathan died. He tried to tell Clark to kill the man he said was responsible. Before Clark could respond I stepped forward.

“Be gone foul one. You wear the form of a loved one but I see through you. You are a minion of the ship you serve, nothing more than a program.” I told the being be fore speaking an Elvish spell, “Show your true form” It was something Daran had taught me and it worked.

I gasp as I saw the man before me change. I almost lost my hold over my emotions as Spikes face showed forth on the being. His hair was dark but it was still my Spike, only this time it was pure demon with no humanity in it. Clark did gasp as he spoke, ”Professor Fine?” The minion looked at me ignoring Clark. “Your good? Are you Kryptionian too? No your something different aren’t you.” He said as he advanced on me.

I got into a fighting stance as he began to stalk me in true Spike like fashion, but I had danced this dance before. I let my Master Slayer out to play before speaking to Clark, “Clark don’t worry I got this and remember what I said before ‘cause you might not like what your about to see.” The being before me raised his eyebrow. It held the same scar and the expression was so like my big bad I sighed. That really confused the thing calling its self Professor Fine.

He came at me with his advanced speed but I moved. He tried to hit me but I dodged each attempt. I knew it was just testing my abilities. After a bit of ducking and dodging I pressed the offensive. I landed a punch and kick that took it by surprise. My slayer was having fun with this one. After a bit he noticed we were evenly matched. No one but Spike had been so much my equal. I missed him more in that moment.

Fine backed off a bit and smirked, “What are you little one? How do you seem to know my moves before I do?” It asked in awe and confusion. It was my turn to smirk, “We have danced before. In another place and time. I know your true self. I know your more than what you were created to be. I hope one day you realize it and become you own person and not a slave to your master.” With that the thing nodded and took off at top speed leaving the Kent farm. I looked up at Clark who stood there with his mouth open. I realized I was still in Slayer mode and changed back.

“Clark, I told you what I am. I also told you I would not allow harm to come to you or your family while I am here. I happen to know a lot of things about you and more about him than he does.” I said trying to calm the fear I felt in him. Clark gave me an intense look, “He had a good story when we first met too. Trying to be my friend, saving my life, sharing in the burden of my secret. Why should I believe you?” I sighed and stepped toward him.

“Clark, I know you have abilities you have not discovered and I know some will come with time but I want to help you learn one now. Look at me.” He did and I continued. “Concentrate hard and look at me until what you see fades and what is true remains.” Clark stared for a bit then gasp, “I don’t know how and I see nothing but I feel the good in you. How is that possible? What was all that stuff about knowing Fine?”

“Clark, Fine is a version of my soul mate in my world. I have traveled to a few places on my journey. In my world he was a Vampire who sought to do good. Against his very nature he sought redemption because he loved me. In the first world I visited he was an Elf. That side of him was full of what was The soul of my Love. On the next he was human and was everything human about my love. Here he is pure demon and all that was evil inside my champion. In every evil thing there is good and in every good there is evil. It is what balances life. I have seen enough to know that ones nature can be over come if they are strong enough. I have given him something to think about. He is a sentient being and capable of making choices no mater what he was created from or for. He must choose, just as you do daily. You could get up one day and decide to use your powers to take over this world and rule. The ability is there but everyday you chose instead to help humanity. You fight on the side of light. You can not save them all but a wise person once said that for evil to win all it takes is for one person to do nothing. We do what we do because we can.” He seemed to understand.

“Now we need to talk about your fathers. I know Jonathan was a great dad and he taught you to be a good man. You have to realize that in his own way you real father is trying to do the same. I do not agree with all of his methods but he is trying to preserve his people through you and help you learn what you must to prepare you for the battle ahead. You must allow him to help you but you must also help him to rediscover humanity.” Clark was silent for a few moments but nodded and then smiled. “Can you teach me a bit while your still here?” I grinned as well.

Over the next few days we trained and talked. I enjoyed staying with Martha. I came to find I like Lois too. She reminded me of a cross between Cordy and Faith at times but a little bit of Tara too. Martha reminded me so much of Mom that it hurt. I also met Chloe. She is a piece of work. She is kind of like Willow was in high school. In my world she would make a great watcher. It was almost like hanging with the Scoobies, but with no demon attacks.

Oh there was stuff going on. We had to worry about what Fine was up to and deal with the guy Clark had save. He turned out to be a meteor freak and an assassin to boot. What he did not expect was Clark being helped by a Slayer with Magic. I simply made it easy for Clark to see him when he went invisible. All I actually did was teach Clark to see in another way. With his Xray vision and heat vision he was able to look for the guys heat signature and boom, got ‘em.

Before long the week was over and I had a vision that told me to go to San Francisco. I told them all good bye and caught another bus as I wondered what this next world would have in store for me. Would it be like this one where the stories are real or like the ones before where the stories are only similar, or would it be like home? I drifted off to sleep while my mind tried to process what was going to happen.

I woke up as the Bus pulled into the terminal. I did not remember the trip after leaving Smallville. I had no guide so far this time and no clue where to go. I felt the presence of demons near by. I knew I needed to find some shelter fast. I took what little money I had and found a room for the night as I hoped the PTB would send me a clue soon as to where I was and who I was to meet here.

Meanwhile, a man was on his cell phone at the bus terminal. “Sir, We have someone we might want to keep an eye on. I don’t know what she is or why she is here but something about her scares me. I have someone on her Sir but I think she can feel us. She looked around when she got of the bus and made everyone here before seeking shelter fast. She could be a hunter of some sort. Yes Sir, I’ll keep you posted.” The man hung up the phone and turned red eyes on his partner. “Let’s go”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Reality Shift" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 1 Sep 06.

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