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Fear, Grief, Hatred, Vengeance

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Rise and Fall". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Buffy, recently returned from running away to L.A. Finds she has to deal with her issues quickly, as a new problem just fell into her lap, literally. Sequel to "War, Justice, Prophecy, Magic."

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Multiple Crossings > GeneralBelisariusFR18921,0730166,5522 Sep 063 Dec 07Yes



I do not own any of the trademarked characters in any way. They all belong to other people. Rich people. People not me.

Violence and possible angst ahead.

Fear, Grief, Hatred, Vengeance


Several million years later… and twenty-four years ago…

He knew nothing.

Perhaps that was a lie… he knew fear, certainly, and pain.
He was also acquainted with grief, its cousin guilt and their bitch of a mother; regret.

Mercy and he were not on speaking terms.

He also knew he was in a room. He couldn’t remember why he was in the room, as well as where the room was in relation to the building and world around it. He also knew what happened to him in this room, which was easy considering it happened almost every day. The same thing was happening to someone next door right now… someone that he loved, even though he couldn’t remember their name.

He tugged incessantly at the chains around his wrists. He wasn’t even aware that he did, or that he did so without putting any power behind it. Some deeply hidden, primal, part of him simply refused to ever give up. He stopped when he heard their voices.

They were coming again. He began to shiver, and moved as far back into the room as the chains would allow him. He flinched as the door slammed open, and the three siblings sauntered in. They looked enough alike to be triplets, golden hair, flawless skin and exquisitely sculpted bodies. They also shared the same cruel and sadistic smile and the red glowing eyes which seemed to smolder with an eager and sadistic rage.

He began to tug wildly at his chains, throwing his weight against them in an effort to back away further from them; even though he was in no state to take notice of it however, the three newcomers did in-fact notice how the entire building seemed to shake with each tug. The First of them quickly strode in and struck him across the face with a titanic force, the sound of the blow alone echoing for what seemed like ages.

Her eyes glowed red, and seemed to flare with dark pleasure as he screamed, though more out of fear than pain. The glow faded however when she saw just how little damage she had caused. She growled in rage, her long golden hair blowing in the sudden wind which rose with her anger, the sky outside the small window of the cell growing darker as clouds of ash gathered and embers fell from the heavens.

“Now, now dear sister,” the Second purred, “don’t tell me you got tired of hitting him so quickly.” He was treading on thin ice, and he knew it; though he was the equal of his brother, their sister was stronger than either of them.

She spun around, her fury stoked to an even higher flame, “So what if I am!? I am weary, no bored, completely bored out of my mind with this worm. All we can really do to him is make him fear us.”

She looked back at their prisoner, cowering as he stared at her with those disgusting eyes. Something snapped inside her and punched him as hard as she could, the magical chains actually ripping from their bolts as he flew through the air and cracked the mortar of the just as enchanted prison wall.

“I have an idea.”

First and Second looked at Third expectantly, they both knew he was the most intelligent of them, although neither would willingly admit it. He shared his plan, and excitement entered their eyes for the first time in centuries.


“Hey… hey worm… hey slug, I’m talking to you!

The yell brought him out of the daze the blow had induced. He jumped back again when he realized it was them, again. The First stood before him, an indignant look on her face.

“That’s rude, ignoring us when we’ve brought you a present.”

He could see something behind her, held by Second and Third. He couldn’t see who or what it was.

“We brought you a little present, because you’ve been such a good insect.”

She stepped aside and he saw the figure between them. It looked to be female, a human female… something about her was familiar.

He knew her! He couldn’t remember her name or anything about her, but something seemed to be telling him that he knew this woman better than anybody else.

She looked up, perhaps having sensed his presence, and the dim light shone on what remained of her hair, which shone deep auburn, and the gaping bloody wounds where her eyes had once been.

“J-..” she said, before collapsing into a coughing fit.

First walked up behind her and gently, with her hands on either side, held her head up so he could see her face.

“Oh, sweetie, you’re getting the best present ever,” she said, and smiled at him.

“You get to say goodbye to your sister.”

And she squeezed.

He watched it happen, couldn’t look away; the woman began to scream, but stopped when he heard a loud crack. Her feet kicked wildly all through though, another louder pop was heard when her skull split her scalp open and with a sound unlike any other he could recall, the insides of her head erupted from her.

Something finally gave him the ability to turn away, but he’d seen it all anyway.
He dropped to his knees and turned his head away, to shield himself from the sight. First dropped the twitching corpse to the ground contemptuously, and stared at the strange reaction of their prisoner. Where was the grief? The scream of r-…

She cocked her head; the strange sound was unlike anything she’d ever heard before. It took her quite some time to realize it was coming from the worm, and she grinned in savage delight at the sheer agony contained in the sound. It grew in volume, and her smile grew in intensity, but then faded when the tone of the scream began to change.

Where once had been nothing but pain, a glimmer of anger began to show. Anger she hadn’t seen in well over a million years, when she was convinced she had beaten it out of him. She raised her hand to strike at him, instinctively, but hesitated when the angry roar began to grow, and grow… and grow.

She suddenly realized the walls were shaking again, the storm of ash and fire conjured by her fury replaced by a real storm, lightning hammering at the ground almost continuously.

And then she saw the chains.

The chains they had built to keep him contained, to lock away his power, were glowing red. Even as she watched they began to warp from the heat. And then, with a burst of awesome power, they exploded, and everything went white.

Second awoke first.
He staggered across the broken landscape, pushing aside the occasional block of stone twice his size as he blindly searched for something, anything to tell him what the hell just happened.
He found Third, lying among the ruins, unmoving.
He grinned at his luck, but it faded quickly when Third groaned and shifted.


Third opened a bleary eye, “Is that you Brother?”

“Er, yes my Brother. Are you injured? Let me help you,” which he moved to do, rolling his eyes when his offer to help was graciously declined.

They looked around themselves, and finally realized something important.

“Where’s our Sister?”

“Forget that bitch, where’s the prisoner?”

Neither of them were anywhere to be seen.
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