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It's gonna be a long weekend.

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Nick Fury and his new Dawn". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Where does a weekend turn into a week? At the home of Nick and Dawn Fury of course. Bring your own ribs.

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Marvel Universe > Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.CrazyDanFR1512,7155146,4084 Sep 064 Sep 06Yes
Part of my Xander as Nick Fury/Dawn ficlets
Disclaimer: Come's fanfic. What's the harm?

“You know I never really figured you to be the homey type.” He said after he took a puff on his cigar.

“And I never saw you as a mild mannered school teacher, Logan. Now then, how bloody do you want it?” the other man asked him, waving his Barbecue tongs menacingly.

Logan grinned around his cigar. “For the record, Petey boy was retiring and asked me to do it as a favor. As for the meat? Two words bub, flame kissed.” Logan responded.

Fury laughed. “You sure Tim Taylor wasn't an illegitimate love child of yours?”

Logan snorted. “Nah, Nick, that was even before your time and now that I can remember it was a lot more about lust than love back then. As for that Tool freak? Hope not. I'd like to think my progeny would be at least a little saner than that.” He said as he stared at the last remaining steak being tossed on the grill while the the flames were turned up higher.

Logan was about to intervene when Nick warned him off with a growl and flipped the steak himself.

Nick raised an eyebrow as he stared at Logan. “You'd better be glad you're outside. This is the only safe haven for any kind of smoking right now. Dawn's managed to turn half of the 'lounge' into a reading nook.”

Logan chuckled and took a sip of his beer. “She just did that so you'd cut back more. She wants you to give'em up you know.”

Nick laughed as he took the steak off the grill and put it on a plate. He shut off the flames and closed the lid. “Give it up? I'm already down to five a week of 'real time' while I'm not working, and she won't let me work more than needed anymore even if the kids are grown.”

Logan shrugged and poked his steak with a claw. It bled enough for him to be happy with it. “You have been at this a long time Nick.” Logan said grudgingly while putting out his cigar. It was hard to eat smoke and drink with two hands, claws or not.

Fury sighed as they walked from the grill. “Yeah, believe me I know. Not all of us can go to the back woods of Canada if we want a vacation. With my luck I'll stumble on some sleeper cell of HYDRA's or something.” Fury said as he ran a hand through his hair.

“You're still on about them? The current batch was nothing but a bunch of trust fund babies who dropped out of college because it was boring.” Logan said before taking a big bite out of his steak.

The man still didn't use utensils sometimes when womenfolk weren't in sight.

“Disgruntled white kids with trust funds and access to very dangerous although outdated technology. I mean we searched the databases for ten years after the take down and still there are a few bunkers out there, like the one those idiots found. I can't even begin to conceive the odds of something like that happening.”

Logan grinned as he swallowed. A bit of steak juice being wiped away by the hand holding his beer before it ran down his chin. “You're just pissed that Joyce stumbled onto the whole thing before you did.”

“Damn right I am! She was dating the leader! That was after I'd already given the little twerp the shovel speech at the dummy house. Hell Rupert had already shown him the hole he was 'practicing'. It's like a family curse or something!”

Logan chewed another bite of the meat in thought before looking at Nick. “Sure, question is which side of the family does it come from?” He asked him.

Fury's eye widened before he giggled for a short moment, an act that raised Logan's Hackles a bit. “You know ol' pal, I never thought of it that way. Guess we can blame the Summer's genes for once.”

“Just don't tell your wife that. Let's go inside, there's potato salad in there somewhere for us to ignore.”

Fury shuddered and glared at the mutant. “Dammit Logan, don't ever bring that up! I didn't like those movies and I certainly didn't like a firsthand experience with the Brood.”

“You're just pissed cause your body was cycling and you ended up on the can giving 'birth' to the critter.” Logan said with a tint of humor in his voice.

“And I've never made a pregnancy joke ever since. Let's get inside, you're the last one here, again.”

Logan laughed. “Blame traffic and that damn time bubble. Stupid 3.5 to 1 ratio.”

Fury grinned. “Yeah but where else can a weekend turn into a week's vacation?”

“Vegas and the Negative.... nevermind.” Logan muttered.

With that the two rugged men walked inside Fury's home.
They came across an unusual sight. A well aged Stephen Strange was sitting in a lotus position, in midair. While this wasn't all that uncommon, the fact there were well over two dozen barren spare ribs floating about the man in orbit while he was still munching on another was. Not to mention the sauce stains. He was blitzed on on the ribs. When Dawn makes a special sauce, it's very special.

That wasn't the only.....strange thing. Fury's second eldest, his daughter Jessica was currently in a staring contest, with the Eye of Amagatto.

“Steve, I know I'm gonna hate askin' but what's going on?” Nick asked the Sorcerer Supreme and master of mysticism.

“A staring contest. I need an apprentice.. I'm getting on in years and while the inner energies that your wife possesses as the Key are far too unstable for it to be her, her children have quite the potential Plus it helps that your children are long lived..” Stephen said as he paused from his gnawing on ribs and took a sip of his non-alcoholic beer. Once a top grade surgeon.....

Nick nodded, “But couldn't you recruit elsewhere?” Nick said, more in token protest than anything else.

“I could, but it was the Eye's choice. Now then, I need to..... meditate some more.” Strange said as another plate loaded with ribs floated into the room.

“Sure, where's my wife?” Fury asked him while Logan sat down to enjoy the show and possibly pilfer some ribs as well. They smelled heavenly.

“She's with the ladies club of the Avengers. Something about your last vacation and stories to tell.”

Fury's eye widened...”No...” he whispered and took off in the direction of his wife.

Logan laughed at Fury's sudden need to run full out indoors. “Must have been a heck of a trip.” he said.

Stephen smiled a little smile as the plate floated higher. “Shh....ribs.”


He found them in the living room. He cringed when he heard the voice of Jen Walters, “And somehow the sombrero stayed clean the entire time.”

This was followed by uproarious feminine laughter.

Fury walked into the room and the laughter increased, there was some pointing involved and Jen Walters, the Jaded woman that she was simply sat there with her legs crossed, smirking at him.

Regaining a small shred of composure, Fury spoke. “You know Shulkie, it was your idea to go there.” he told her.

She nodded. “True. But it's not my fault the four of us are banned from ever going to Little Havana again.”

Nick rolled his eye as she continued. “Or the real Havana, or Cuba as a whole, or a few small neighborhoods throughout the continental US. “

“Well you started it. I had no way of knowing that they had a satellite uplink for that fight, or that it was webcast as well. I also had now way of knowing it was the Castro sisters under those masks. It was also your fault I was naked if I recall correctly.”

“Which is why Dawn won't let me tag along on any of your vacations anymore. Trouble seems to follow you more than the army did my Cousin.” Jen told the still chuckling women.

Fury sighed. “At least some good came out of that.” he said grudgingly.

His wife disagreed. “I don't think the proceeds from the lawsuit counts, Sweety.” She told him.

“We did get those offers though.” he said defensively.

“We're never going to do Pornos, honey. I swear it was bad enough that the Church of Jeremy got on that whole bandwagon. They thought you were the second coming or something.”

Anyone within earshot who'd had a few started giggling.

“You wound me dear. It's not my fault myself and the Ron man have a similar birthmark in the same place, or if the 'size' matches. I can't be his reincarnation anyways since the man died when I turned thirty. Oh, before I forget, Jessie's in a staring contest with Stephen's Eye, something about him needing an apprentice.”

The others stopped laughing as Dawn got a strange grin on her face. “Well someone's going to Sizzler after the week's over.” She said with an air of finality. The others looked at her. “What? Jessie's been a Sizzler girl for a while, granted it's mostly Synth-Beef these days but still.”

“That'll change once they finish terra-forming Mars” Logan said as he walked into the room, munching on a rib.

Dawn smiled again. “That's still thirty years off, even with Doom helping.” She said with a wave of her hand.

Logan nodded and surveyed the room, quite a few familiar faces as always at these get togethers, all of them looked a lot less weary as well. That was part of the reason for them.

Nick walked form the group and headed out to the back deck, where is only son, Rupert was playing Battleship. With Vision, and losing horribly to the android.

“Rupert?” He said to his son

“Yeah Dad?” his son asked, his wife's eyes staring at him from a close approximation of his own face.

“Carry on.” He told him.

“Will do pops, B12” He told the Vision who simply said. “Miss.”

Nick Fury kept on walking and found the new SHIELD cadets and the latest generation of X-kids playing mixed team volleyball in the sand pit. The top ten from each graduating class of the academy were invited to come for the annual weekend cookout. So far after close to twenty five years of it, only seven had been assassins. Good odds.

They stopped playing and looked at their host.

“How's everybody doing?” He asked them.

“Every thing's great, Sir.” Answered Casey Jones, granddaughter of Rick Jones, man that kid's family bred young.

Fury grinned. “Good. The grill has been shut off so you're going to have to rely on burgers, hot dogs, and the pot luck. I think Dr. Strange has eaten the last of the ribs, so those are out.” he looked on at them and saw more than a little awe in their eyes. “Carry on then.” he said and walked away from the slightly dazed group.

“That man is a legend.” One of the X-Kids said.

“No.” Casey answered. “He's more than that, he's an embodiment of what humans can do, powers or not. Everyone at the academy tries to see if they can meet the Fury standard at least. No one's managed to outclass all of his records unless they weren't total flatscans.” she told the Mutants.

They looked at her funny. “It's a good term to use at certain times, throws people off their game. Speaking of which....GAME ON!!” She yelled before serving.

Nick went and sat at the little gazebo near the herb garden. A place he'd helped nurture from the ground up for years on end, sometimes horribly killing or damaging things, but nothing a trip to the Home Depot couldn't fix.

He sat down on the bench swing and started thinking, growing more pensive. He was past a century now and Dawn's Centennial from the birthday on her birth certificate was coming up soon. His three children were grown, Rupert going to college in Salem of all places in the fall. The only reason he'd have to pop back home for a weekend would really be just to cram for finals. His oldest, Joyce had already been locked in the prime age of Twenty four. The family condition rang true for all three of their kids. The tests in the lab had proved it.

He sighed and sat, swinging slowly. He pulled out the emergency cigar he'd been saving and clipped it before lighting it. He had more of a life in the past forty some odd years Dawn had been in his life again, than he had before that. HYDRA was well and truly gone, all of the bastards were dead and the next wave would just be pretenders again. His 'mission' was done and he wanted more of life but didn't know what.

He was brought out of his musings as he felt someone else sit down on the bench. Very few people could sneak up on him, his wife being the main one. He looked and it was indeed her. He sighed. Smokey time was over. He pulled out the stainless steel cigar tube and opened it. He dropped it in and screwed the lid back on the airtight container. He might have a chance to smoke the rest later.

“So what were you being all broody for?” she asked him.

“Is the staring contest over?” he asked her, dodging the question for a moment.

“Not yet. Stephen did seem to reach a state of Nirvana though, after the last plate full he started glowing gold.”

Nick chuckled. “You make a mean sauce these days dear. You've certainly improved from your Peanut Butter and Pickle Pancake days. I swear you cooked like an insane pregnant woman when you were a kid.”

She snorted and leaned on his shoulder. He breathed in the scent of her hair and relaxed a bit more. “So what now?” she asked him, somehow catching his thoughts from before.

“Let's wait till you hit the century mark and Rupert does whatever he feels he wants with his life. After that I was wondering if you'd like to pull an Odysseus with me.” he told her. “Well, after I take care of some other things.”

“Like what?” she asked

“I'm only about halfway done with my list of graves to piss on for one.”

“You've got the strangest hobbies, husband. Now this Odysseus thing, does that mean you want us to get horribly lost and never ask for directions?” she asked him, seriously.

“No, no that.” he told her.

“You want to disappear for close to fifteen years then come back and slay any and all suitors after myself, my titles and wealth?” she asked with a hint of a smile.

“No, no. After that.” He told her

“You mean along with a few trusted advisors, sail off into the unknown and go off on a new adventure because our children and country, as it were, had outgrown their need of us?”

“Something like that yes.” he told her.

“Want to throw in a bit of Mallory with that? Maybe we could jump to some alternate reality where You're still in high school and we get to screw with the Powers or something.” She asked him grinning.

“Or something. Maybe Stephen could cook something up for us.” He said.

Suddenly they heard a loud roar of cheering from the house. The staring contest had finished and Jessica was the victor it seemed.

“Or maybe our daughter. Seems she's now an apprentice. Let's go inside dear, see if the manage to not break more furniture than they normally do.” She told him.

“Yes dear, just think it's only the first day of the 'weekend', things are bound to get a lot more interesting.” He told her with a knowing look.

“True, provided the female telepaths don't kill the youngest.”

“What can I say? The kid likes linoleum.” He told her grinning, slinging an arm over her shoulder as they walked toward the chaos of their home, the sound of the water flowing in the moat becoming nothing more than faint background noise.


The End

You have reached the end of "It's gonna be a long weekend.". This story is complete.

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