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Xander in Smallville

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Summary: Xander's visit in Smallville continues

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Smallville > Xander-CenteredKarlStahlFR15811,88724734,4365 Sep 0618 Jun 07No

Chapter One

Title: Xander in Smallville
Author: Karl Stahl
Rating: PG
Pairings/Characters: Xander, OC; Lana, Chloe, Clark
Summary: Xander's visit in Smallville continues
Disclaimer: Not mine. No money made.
Warnings: none
Crossover with: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Smallville
Timeline: years after Chosen for Buffy, not sure for Smallville
Spoilers: possible
Length: 1152 words
Author's Note: This continues my story "20 Minutes with Xander in Smallville" written for the "20 Minutes in Smallville"-challenge #1655. You might want to read that first.


Xander continued to watch the three teens. A blonde, a brunette and a boy. It reminded him of happier times. At least, times long ago.

Liza had been thinking for a short while. Finally she beamed. "He could be a robot!"

Xander shook his head slightly. "Not impossible, but I don't think so. Looks like normal boy in girl trouble."

Indeed the two girls were now ganging up on the guy, demanding some kind of answer.

Liza grinned. Her slayer hearing allowed her to follow the conversation. The guy seemed to disappear at the most convenient and inconvenient times. And reappear where he could pull the fat out of the fire for his friends, who seemed to be getting in trouble quite often.

Xander hid the grin that threatened to appear on his face. He had been in situations like this often enough himself. The boy had only the choice between begging for mercy now and doing even more begging later on.

Then the boy was gone.

Xander blinked.

"Wow, he's fast." Liza commented. "I only saw him start to move than I couldn't track him anymore."

"That fast? There definitely is something weird about him."

"The girls act as if it they are used to it." Liza said. "Did you notice that they didn't look at him when he ran off?"

"Good for him. Now back to normal; we are here to work."

Xander stood up, collected their dishes and brought them over to the counter.

"Great coffee, I needed that."

The brunette smiled at his compliment. The blond reporter watched him with mild interest.

"Can one of you tell me the way to the Native Americans that live near this town?" Xander asked.

Lana briefly inspected the man standing in front of her. The eye patch of course stood out, even against his dark, suntanned face and unruly, slightly greying hair. A beaten, brown leather jacket, worn jeans and a dark red shirt. Working boots like a construction crew would wear. His posture was relaxed and confidant. He reminded her of someone but for the moment she couldn't figure it out.

"Why do you want to go there?" Chloe asked. "There are only a few of them around."

"I was kinda invited."

"Do you want to visit the caves?"

Xander showed the small version of his lopsided grin. Her curiosity reminded him of Willow. "Do I have to?"

Both girls laughed. "No," Chloe answered, "but the caves are famous. A lot of people want to get in there. But the caves are under guard. Only few people may enter."

"I am not here for the caves. I came to visit the people who invited me. Now, can you tell me the way or shall I ask somebody else?"

"No, I'll tell you. It's easy to find."

Chloe's description was brief. Xander hoped he would remember it correctly. But he was sure Liza was listening in. "Thank you very much."

He turned to the brunette: "How much do I owe you?"


The way was indeed easy to find. Xander parked their car, a rented Jeep Cherokee. There were only a few simple houses, mostly made out of wood.

Xander went to the biggest house and knocked on the door. Only a short time later the door was opened. A tall thin man with grey hair in simple clothes stood in the door and looked at him.

"Hi, I am Xander Harris. I am looking for Jim. We spoke on the phone."

"I'm Jim." The man extended his hand. Xander shook it. "Thanks for coming."

Xander introduced Liza. The two shook hands.

Jim took a deep breath. "Let's cut the formalities. You'll want to see her."

Xander nodded.

Jim guided them to one of the houses. "She's in there."

Liza took point unasked. Xander knew better than to tell her otherwise.

The front door wasn't locked. They stepped into a living room.

The huge amount of empty beer bottles strewn all over the floor and the furniture made them stop.

An open door to the left let to a kitchen. Empty except for more empty beer bottles.

Xander peeked into the refrigerator. Empty.

Behind the living room was a closed door.

Xander used hand signs to guide Liza into position. On his signal she knocked on the door and stepped to the side immediately.

Nothing happened.

Liza knocked again, stepped aside.

Still nothing.

Liza carefully opened the door and peeked in. She signalled Xander to follow her.

Inside was a bedroom. Littered with even more beer bottles. Most of them empty. Another door, to the bath probably.

But there was someone in the room. A young Native American girl lay sprawled over the bed, apparently passed out. Still clutching another bottle to her chest.

Liza turned to Xander. "She stinks." she complained.

Xander grinned. "I noticed."

Hearing a man's voice in her bedroom woke the young girl. She launched herself at lightning speed from the bed at Xander. The bottle flipped in her right hand. Clutching the neck, she turned it into a weapon.

And found herself down on the floor. Her arm painfully pulled up behind her back, Liza's knee on her neck.

"You touch him, you die." Liza growled as she twisted the bottle out of the other girl's hand.

"Let her get up." Then Xander addressed the girl directly. "Perhaps you like to clean up first? We will wait in the living room."

The girl rose slowly trying half-heartedly to appear subdued. Then she attacked again.

Xander simply stepped out of her way and let her collide with the wall behind him.

She hit the floor for the second time in a short while.

"I suggest you clean up and then we'll talk. Or you can run. Then Liza will drag you back and we will talk however you look. I am Xander Harris and we will help you."

The girl snorted against the floor.

"We can tell you about your dreams." Xander said and left the room.

Liza followed him and closed the door.


"How can she be drunk?" Liza wondered.

"Lots and lots of alcohol, I guess." Xander looked around. "Let's clear the bottles from the couch and the seats. I'd like to sit, when I give her the talk."

Xander started cleaning the room. "Don't go too hard on her. She lost her parents and her little sister in a car accident the day before yesterday."

"She could have gone for revenge."

"The other driver died too. Bad weather, bad road, bad luck. Nothing to fight."

"Do you think she will run?"

"Only if she plans to circle back and get the drop on me."

"I hadn't thought of that."

"That's why we always send an older, experienced watcher with the impulsive baby slayer." Xander teased with his lopsided grin back in full force.

Liza stared at him with wide opened eyes. Then she shut her mouth with an audible clack.
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