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Curse of the Seven

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Neither Heaven nor Hell". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: When a curse is removed, Martin Fitzgerald finds out he's not who he thinks he is.

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Multiple Crossings > Non-BtVS CrossoversdragonfanFR131921,91052723,6256 Sep 0631 Dec 06Yes

Removing the Curse

Title: Curse of the Seven
Author: Dragonfan
Summary: When a curse is removed Martin Fitzgerald finds out he isn’t who he thinks he is.
Warnings: This is an AU of the Two Blood AU by Joe Lawson and a crossover with Without a Trace
Disclaimer: I own nothing of the Two Blood AU, the Magnificent Seven or Without a Trace
Rating: T for teen or PG13

The men and women of the New York FBI Missing Persons Unit waited in the waiting room of the Magical Injuries Unit of the local hospital and fretted over the welfare of their youngest member, Martin Fitzgerald. He had been just fine, although a little run down for about a week, making jokes about the visit from his parents wearing him out. Until he collapsed in the bullpen no one had realized he was really sick. It was the doctors in the ER who had diagnosed Martin with a curse. Now they were waiting for one of the Witches on staff to come and tell them how he was.

Danny knew that curses were hard to detect, but there had been nothing that could have had this effect on his partner. This wasn’t a regular curse, it had all the earmarks of a death curse and there was nothing in the last few weeks that could have someone that mad at his partner. They’d had several cases but all of them had been regular run of the mill stuff. They hadn’t had anything really serious for about three weeks and death curses were very swift. The time frame was all wrong.

Jack looked at the members of his team sitting and pacing around the waiting room. He could tell that they all were trying to figure out how Martin had such a strong curse placed on him. Knowing Danny he was kicking himself and going back over their cases looking for a perp he had missed. Sam would be worried more about Martin’s health and kicking herself over not getting him to the hospital sooner. Viv, well, she would be doing both. Jack knew however that it probably hadn’t had anything to do with Martin at all. Unknown to the members of his team, Martin was the son of one of the FBI’s Assistant Directors, and a highly placed one at that. It was only a matter of time before someone found out about his family and used Martin as a bargaining chip against his father. They would have no idea that Martin and his father didn’t get along.

“Agent Malone?” Jack stood up and faced the Witch that was approaching him. She was fairly short, with long brown hair and brown eyes that looked very weary in her young face. If she was over thirty Jack would eat a crow. However, no one who served in this unit of the hospital was anything but the best.

“I’m Jack Malone. How is Martin?” He said.

“Well, the good news is we know exactly what is wrong with him. The bad news is there are some very strange complications.” She sat down in a chair and gestured to all four of the FBI Agents to sit down as well. “First off my name is Witch Chloe and I’ve worked a lot with curses placed on children. Before you all tell me that Martin isn’t a child, I’m well aware of that. But this curse was placed on him when he was a small child, most likely as a toddler.”

“Why on earth would someone put a curse on an toddler?” Viv cried.

“I’m told that all of you work in Missing Persons?” Chloe asked.

“Yes we do.” Jack said, waving his team down. It wouldn’t do Martin any good for them to get upset at his Witch.

“This curse is often put on infants and small children who have been kidnapped and sold in illegal adoptions. The curse is placed on the child to suppress the child’s memories and to make them compliant to their new parents. The parents get a wonderful, obedient child. The thing is, this curse kills the child years down the road but I have never seen anyone survive it beyond their fifteenth birthday. Ten years is the maximum and there is no way this was placed on him when he was sixteen. Somehow, he had a spell placed on him when he was an infant that is fighting off the curse. I don’t know how it is doing that but it is finally starting to succumb to the curse. What I do know is that I have removed the curse and when he wakes up, any and all memories repressed by the curse are going to come flooding back. Right now he is going to need some friendly faces with him. Do you know who his best friends are and can you contact them? It is extremely important.”

“That would be me.” Danny said firmly. He had often told Martin he should get out and socialize more, but now he was grateful that Martin’s closest relationships were always with his coworkers.

“We’ll all go.” Jack said just as firmly. Witch Chloe smiled and led them back to a room where Martin lay on a hospital bed. Martin was asleep, but already they could tell that he was doing better because his face had lost the pallor that had scared them so badly.

When Martin came awake it was very abruptly and immediately he grabbed for his tie and began choking. Within seconds he had ripped the tie off his neck and flung it as far away as he could. As he sat gasping on the bed both Danny and Jack reached for him, only to find themselves attacked by the man on the bed. Picking themselves up off the floor and gasping themselves, they turned towards the man who had backed himself into a corner and was visible prepared to fight to the death.

“It’s all right; we’re not going to hurt you. You’re in a hospital. Can you tell us what the last thing you remember is?” Vivian asked softly as she stood in between Martin and the others.

“Who are y’all?” Came the quiet drawl.

“My name is Vivian. I work for the FBI. Please, tell me what the last thing you remember is?” Vivian pleaded.

“Hangin’ I all’ays die by hangin’.” Vin Tanner looked around at the people in the room. They were familiar. He just couldn’t place them.

The Texan drawl surprised the team almost as much as the declaration of death by hanging seeming to be a common event. Was Martin talking about a nightmare? “Hanging you said?” Witch Chloe said with suspicion. She took a closer look at the spell that she could now see clearly, as well as the six off shoots from the spell that she hadn’t seen before. “You are under a reincarnation curse, aren’t you?” She asked suddenly. Vin nodded. He knew she was a Witch, he wasn’t sure how he knew, but he did. “Do you have access to the memories of your previous lives?”

“Yep. All three of ‘em.”

“Well, how about this life?” Witch Chloe asked. She had a feeling she knew who this man was, or rather who he was supposed to have been. There was one very famous reincarnation curse and it involved seven different men. It was held up to all young witches as an example of ingenuity under extreme circumstances. The curse of the seven. A widowed hedge-witch with a young son had been blackmailed with her son’s life into cursing the seven lawmen of her town. Knowing that the outlaws that had her weren’t the smartest bunch in the barrel but able to feel her magic, she had done as they had demanded. They had then dragged the hedge-witch and her son back into town with them to confront the lawmen and tell them what she had done. The men who had survived the confrontation had been arrested and then the lawmen had told her they hadn’t blamed her for what she had done. They had only wanted to know what to expect from the curse. She smiled and told them that they would never enter heaven nor would they enter hell. They would be tied to this world and each other for all of time, death and birth would be a cycle for them and they would always remember the lives they had led before. The leader of the lawmen had grinned at her and said it sounds more like a blessing to me. Twice the seven men had been reborn and had gathered together to become lawmen once again. Chloe suspected she was about to witness the third.

Vin searched his memories, and as he looked for them he remembered. “AW HELL!” He sat down on the floor abruptly. “Sorry Jack, Danny you alright?”
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