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Going to the Special Hell

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Summary: Priests and Nuns don't usually make out with one another.

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Dean WinchesterlunarknightzFR1816405103,3196 Sep 066 Sep 06Yes
Going to the Special Hell
by Tracy lunarknightz

Rating: PG-13
Category: another bit of Dean/Buffy crossover goodness.
Summary: Priests and Nuns don't usually make out.
Spoilers: SPN- "Nightmare" (slightly)
Disclaimer: SPN and Buffywould be very different if I owned it. The vamps and or demons might sing opera. YOU NEVER KNOW. They don't belong to me, and I get no money for my insanity.

Author's Notes: Set in mid S2 of Buffy. Buffy's 16; Dean's 18.

Written for xphoenixrising, because's kind of her fault. :)

ETA: I am not Catholic, but no disrespect is meant for that faith; and I hope I didn't butcher things too much...

“Come on.” Dean said, grabbing Buffy’s hand. “The coast is clear.”

“Excuse me.” Buffy said, wrenching her hand from Dean’s. “I don’t think the touchy feely is going to help our undercover-ness. Priests don’t grope nuns.”

“Is that an invitation?” He leered.

“As if.” She growled. “Let’s just get this dumb dusty book that Giles wants and gets the hell out of here, before someone catches us.”

“Would you relax? Nobody’s going to catch us.”

“You look way too young to be a priest.”

“Yeah. And you so often see sixteen year old nuns.”

“Shut up, asshole.”

“Language, Buffy, in the house of our Lord.”

She rolled her eyes. “The collar is going to your head.”

“Hold on to your wimple. God forbid you make like the flying nun and fly away.”

“You wish. If I wanted endless zingers and pop culture references, I would have brought Xander.” Buffy said, pausing suddenly. “Quiet.”

“Spider sense twitching again? Or did Timmy fall in the well again, Lassie?”

“Someone’s coming.” She said as the door behind them began to open. Thinking quickly, Buffy grabbed Dean’s wrist and yanked him into the confessional.

The confessional was only meant to hold one person on this side of the screen, resulting in quite close quarters for Dean and Buffy.

“Forgive me, Sister.” He muttered. “My last confession was…hell, I don’t make confessions.”

“Shhh.” Buffy said, placing her finger on Dean’s lips to quiet him.

Heavy footsteps sounded outside the confessional, almost seeming to circle it before fading away.

And suddenly, Buffy found herself being pinned up against the wall of the confessional, as Dean’s lips sought out and found her own. Heat flowed through her body as Dean’s lips touched her own.

“It’s got to be a sin to do this in a confessional.” She said breathlessly when they broke apart.

“Give me my sin again.” He muttered before lowering his lips to hers again.

She tasted so good. Sweet, and strong. Dean’s heart was beating a steady cadence as they teased each other, peppering short little kisses over each other’s face. He took off her headdress, and she fiddled with his collar. That little movement brought him back down to Earth, snapping him out of the spell lust had cast over him.

He began to chuckle.


“I’m pretty sure there’s a dirty joke somewhere about a nun and a priest in a confessional.” He grinned. “Not that it hasn’t been great, but if we don’t stop now, we’re definitely going to have to reconsider this whole vow of celibacy thing.”

“Yeah.” She grinned. “Celibacy doesn’t exactly work for me.”

“Me neither.” Dean glanced down at his watch. “Not to mention the fact that the G-Man is probably going to go into conniption fits if we don’t get back soon.”

“He might even send Willow and Xander after us.”

“Willow couldn’t be a nun. She’s Jewish.”

“Details, schmetails.”

Buffy backed away from Dean. “So let’s go and do this thing, huh?”


“And Dean?”


“What happens in the confessional stays in the confessional.”

“I think that’s one of the rules of the church.”

“Well, considering how many the two of us have managed to break today…”

“Got your point, Buff. Let’s go get this old, dusty book thing.”

Dean followed Buffy out of the confessional, a beaming grin on his face.

He’d had weird and inappropriate escapades before, but this one took it to another level.

He was going to the Special Hell for this one.

It was worth it.

The End

You have reached the end of "Going to the Special Hell". This story is complete.

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