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Summary: 1st part in my Once Upon a Hellmouth Series. This adds some minor changes to the end of season five and I’ve added in what happens directly after. You’ll also get a look of what Buffy comes upon in “Heaven”. BtVS/Charmed

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Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters from BtVS or Charmed.


A/N: This is the first part in my Once Upon a Hellmouth Series. This adds some minor changes to the end of season five and I’ve added in what happens directly after. You’ll also get a look of what Buffy comes upon in “Heaven”.


A/N 2: I got the dialogue from: and I’d like to credit this site for the definitions of Heaven:


A/N 3: I used some of Spike’s “You’re the One” quote from Season 7 Touched, for what he says at Buffy’s funeral.


Once Upon a Hellmouth Series

By Chelsea



* Heaven *

* Part One *


{Buffy’s POV}


          Dawn’s crying as we look at the portal that her blood opened.


          “I’m sorry,” she whispers.


          “It doesn’t matter,” I hear myself say. The next thing I know I’m holding her back from running past me towards it.


          “What are you doing?” I demand to know.


          “I have to jump…the energy.”


          “It’ll kill you!”


          “I know…Buffy, I know about the ritual. I have to stop it.”




          I feel the tower shaking as my mind races to try to find what to do to stop this without losing Dawnie.


          “I have to…look what’s happening.”


          I look and see a dragon flying around. Shit.


          “Buffy, you have to let me go. Blood starts it, and until the blood stops flowing, it’ll never stop. You know you have to let me. It has to have the blood.”


          Her words remind me of something Spike said.


          Cause it’s always got to be blood.


          That’s when I realized what I had to do.


          And then Dawnie realized, too.




          “Dawnie, I have to.”




          “Listen to me. Please, there’s not a lot of time, listen. I love you. I will always love, you. But, this is the work I have to do. Tell Giles…tell Giles I figured it out. And, I’m okay. Tell Spike I said Thank you and that I treat him like a man, because he is one to me now. And that I know he’ll never break his promise. Give him a hug for me. And give my love to my friends. You have to take care of them now. You have to take care of each other.  You have to be strong. Dawn, the hardest thing in this world…is to live in it. Be brave. Live…for me.”


          And then I jumped.


*** *** ***


{Giles’s POV}


          Today is Buffy’s funeral. When Joyce died, it was hard, but when Buffy died two days ago a part of me died with her. She was the closest thing to having a daughter I would ever have and to me she was mine. The past five years her and I have had ups and downs, but it just made us all the closer.


I had Willow call the Angel Investigations team to let them know. They’re coming at sunset for the service. I had no idea what I was going to tell them. Dawn had yet to tell us what had happened up on the tower. Her only response was she would tell us after Buffy was buried. Her reaction to Buffy’s death was expected. She barely speaks (only to Tara and Spike) and Spike had to talk her into eating twice now.


Spike’s reaction to the loss of Buffy is almost as shocking as the realization that she was gone from us. Xander and I had to pull him away from her body and out from the sun. He has been staying in the basement so he could be close to Dawn. I will never forget the sheer agony on his face when he realized she was really gone. This has caused me to think that just maybe he really does care about her.


I was shaken from my thoughts as the doorbell rang and Dawn descended the stairs. It was time to head to the cemetery.


Angel, Cordelia, Lorne, Wesley, Gunn, and Fred were waiting for us on the porch. We rode in silence to the cemetery and walked silently towards the funeral director. I was surprised at how many people were already there; even several peaceful demons that I knew Buffy had saved from more violent demons. I watched as Dawn hugged Spike’s friend, Clem, who Buffy knew from the Mini-Mart where he worked at night.


Buffy wasn’t particularly religious, so it was decided that anyone who wanted to share something could. I went first. I told them about the day I had met her and I knew right away to throw out the Slayer’s Handbook. I was surprised I didn’t cry when I shared m thoughts on viewing her as my daughter. Willow went next.


“Buffy’s been my best friend for five years, I remember being so surprised that she would rather be friends with me rather than Cordelia and the popular girls. That kinda stuff just didn’t happen for me. Buffy changed my life in so many ways, she helped me with confidence and without her I wouldn’t be me. Buffy’s been fighting evil for so long and I will never forget the look on her face at senior prom when she got the class protector award. She saved so many people…she lost so much and never asked for one thing in return. She will be greatly missed.”


To everyone’s surprise Cordelia went next.


“Buffy Summers introduced me to the dangers of this world. I used to give her hell about, but I know I would have died without her wake-up call. She once told me she was just like me…the mean popular girl that thought she was better. She changed and I knew I could to. I like the new me better and Buffy gave me the courage to become her. I’m really gonna miss her.”


Xander went next and told us a funny story about him and Buffy while he cried through the whole story. Wesley, Anya, and Tara all spoke a few moments. Then Angel went.


          “Buffy Summers was my salvation. She was and is my reason for living and fighting evil. The world doesn’t even understand what they have lost…the amazing woman that was protecting them. The world will never be the same and I definitely won’t.”


          I figured Dawn would go up as the last speaker, but we were all surprised to see Spike let go of Dawn’s hand and head to the front.


          “I don’t exactly have a reputation for being a thinker.  I follow my blood…so I make a lot of mistakes, a lot of bloody wrong calls.  A 100-plus years, and there's only one thing I've ever been sure of…Buffy. I loved what she was, what she did, how she tried. I've seen her kindness and her strength.  I've seen the best and the worst of her.  And I understand with perfect clarity exactly what she was. She was one hell of a woman. She was the one.”


          There was total silence. The girls where crying again and I realized the Spike really did care about Buffy. Tears where pouring down his face and I felt myself begin to silently cry for the first time…she was really gone. But, I was cheered slightly when I heard Angel’s teeth grinding next to me. Guess he didn’t like Spike stealing his thunder.


          Dawn slowly made her way up and stopped on the way to hug Spike.


          “Buffy was the best person in the entire world. Sure she annoyed the hell out of me…we were sisters its just natural. This has been a hard year for us…losing our Mom, but the whole time Buffy put me first. She barely gave herself time to grieve and now we are grieving for her. She was the best Slayer ever and I know she is happy having died like her sister slayers before her…saving the world.”


          I was so proud of Dawn. She said the perfect thing. I took one last lingering look at Buffy’s headstone and headed with the others back to the cars.










*** *** ***


          We made our way back inside the Summers house. Tara and Willow brought out the food and we all retired to the living room. There was an uncomfortable silence, as no one really knew what to say. It was Angel who finally broke and wanted to hear about her last moments.


          “What happened?” he asked no one specifically.


          “She had to close the portal or all the dimensions would bleed together…” I began.


          “It was Summers blood…either her or I had to jump…she wouldn’t let me!” Dawn said brokenly.


          “Of course not, lil’ bit. Big Sis’s only care in the world was protection you,” Spike said consolingly. She nodded.


          “Maybe you could tell us what happened, Dawnie?” Tara asked. Dawn nodded again.


          “Spike came up on the tower to try and save me…Doc stabbed him and then pushed Spike off the tower. Then Doc started cutting me…that’s when Buffy got there…” Dawn paused and then drank the glass of water that Tara handed her.


          “She pushed Doc off the tower, but my blood had already been spilled. The portal of energy began to open. I tried to move past her jump so I could close it, but as you already know she wouldn’t let me. She started thinking about something and then she whispered the words ‘got to be blood’ like she was remembering something.”


          “Bloody hell!” Spike exploded. I told her ‘cause it’s always got to be blood’.”


          “That’s not your fault, Spike!” Tara said firmly, surprising us all.


          “Then what happened?” Wesley asked.


          “She gave me messages to tell you guys…” Dawn began.


          “Well?” Xander exploded.


          “She told me to listen, then she told me she loved me, and would always love me. I’m supposed to tell Giles that she figured it out and that she’s okay.”


          “My dear girl…” I said softly.


          “Her next message was for Spike.”


          “Really?” he asked surprised yet hopefully. Dawn turned to him.


          “She said to tell you thank you and that she treats you like a man, because you are one to her now. She also said she knows you’ll never break your promise.”


          “Oh, pet,” Spike said with unshed tears in his eyes. Dawn got up and hugged Spike tightly.


          “That’s from Buffy, too. I guess she figured you’d need it most.”


          Spike lowered his arms to his knees and hung his head.


          “Anything else?” Angel asked eagerly. Dawn nodded.


          “Then she said give my love to my friends. She told me to take care of you guys then amended it to take care of each other. She said we have to be strong. Then she told me the hardest thing in this world is to live in it. Her last words were ‘Be brave. Live. For me.”


          “But…” Angel began. “Did she say anything to me specifically?”


          “No. Did you not hear the ‘give my love to my friends’ part?”


          “But she gave Spike a special message! I’m her soul mate!”


          “You bloody bastard,” I began in my ‘Ripper’ voice. “You’d bring your little jealous games up at time like this? I know your hurting, but so is everyone else. So shut-up the blood hell up or get out!”


          The rest of the evening was a somber affair. The Angel Investigations team left a few hours Dawn’s explanation. The rest of us were left in the Summers living room. I don’t know what anyone else was thinking, but I wondered what in the world we would do now.



*** *** ***


I’m not sure about the funeral and a few other things. Let me know!

Please review! – Chelsea

The End?

You have reached the end of "Heaven" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 9 Sep 06.

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