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Protecting the Line

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Summary: Spike and Xander Harris are trying to protect the slayer line 500 years in the future. S/X Slash

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Firefly > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Spike
Firefly > Spike-Centered > Pairing: Xander
TheaZaraFR1564,16952319,6469 Sep 066 Nov 06No


Spoilers: May be spoilers for all of BtVS, AtS, and Firefly/Serenity.
Disclaimer: Those shows belong to Mutant Enemy and Joss Whedon.
Pairings: At present Spike / Xander, Angel / Illyria(Fred)

Bit 1: Introductions

The crystal glowed so bright it lit up River's face in the dark room.

"There you are, pet. We've been looking for you for ages. Finally saw you're little fight scene awhile back. Bloody good, that, by the way. Do you know what you are, pet?"

"I'm a slayer of monsters. You used to be someone I'd kill, but you got better."

"That's right, pet. I got loads better, now me and mine do our duty to protect little girls like you. Cause there's always some bloody bastard ready to step up and use you like a tool. These people now, they're family, yeah? Treat you like the princess you are?"

"Like the princess who can rip our hearts out and dance a mighty fine jig on em, but yeah she's our princess. So who the hell are you?" A new voice asked.

The man holding the crystal dropped into a fighting stance, but River held out her hand to him. "Not him, nothing like him. False face for a false heart. Captain Daddy's heart is true, if dented a little."

"That right pet? I recon you'd get on well with my Dru."

"I really don't think I'd enjoy her tea parties. Never liked blood on my pretty dresses."

"Yeah, you're right about that."

"Well now not that this ain't a whole world full of non enlightening, but I believe I asked you a question."

"That you did, mate. He safe to talk to little one?"

"Safe as houses."

A new voice joined them. "But how safe are houses really? I mean I lived in California. One good quake and smoosh flat houses, what about tornadoes, fires, asteroid hits, you know all the stuff that makes houses not so safe?" He turned to look at the group, then hissed and backed away from the man standing close to River. A flash of teeth and a brilliant green eye faded out almost immediately back to brown.

"You OK, whelp? It's not him. He'd be in itty bitty pieces now if it was."

"I know, Spike. It's just hard seeing that face. Especially seeing it on someone you hope might become a friend." He held out his hand. "Hi, Xander Harris, and this is my... well just my Spike."

"Captain Malcolm Reynolds. Just what is it you people want with my pilot?" He asked cautiously taking the offered hand.

"Someone's been taking slayers, never a lot, but from what we can tell ones who would represent the cream of the crop, little girls like River, who have other skills in addition to their powers as slayers. She's the only one to ever resurface after being taken."

"What kinda go se is this? Little witch, have you gone and found us more crazy people. You know I set the limit to one crazy person on my boat."

"We may need to recalculate the ship space to crazy ratio. Stories need to be told. But no fork accidents in Serenity." She said eying the two newcomers.

"Nope, we are of the non-fork accident causing crowd these days. I got us a whole suitcase full of synth for travel. No need for on the hoof. At least until we find the people who took you, then Spike can gorge himself like a tick. A big blond sexy tick. And boy that even grossed me out."

"Don't knock gorging on the fresh stuff till you've had it, whelp."

"I have, Spike. Had yours remember? And I've fed a time or two in all our years. I just prefer to eat things that don't have conversations with me if I can. Call me an old fashion kinda guy."

"Can I just ask again, why the hell do you think I'm gonna let them on my ship, River?"

"Cause the council is footing the bill and you can charge them triple."

"Well OK then. Welcome aboard Serenity."
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