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Chaotically Yours

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Summary: A 7 year old Conner, and his Godmother ‘Aunt Willow’ are sucked through a cursed book into the land of Anita Blake, where they get ‘acquainted with’ the Master of the City. (Response to the “Auntie Where are We?” challenge by Todaygirl.)

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Anita Blake > Willow-CenteredmaleehuFR181906283,73810 Sep 0610 Sep 06No
Disclaimer: I own nothing, please don’t sue me. To be more specific, the Anita Blake books are not mine, nor is the premise that this plot is coming off of, or any situations happening in the books, or any characters mentioned in the books. In addition, I have a sad lack of ownership over any of the characters from BtVS and/or AtS.

Timeline: Somewhere in the unwritten future of AB and AU for BtVS and AtS

Title: Chaotically Yours
Author: Niharana
Rating: FR-18
Summary: A 7 year old Conner, and his Godmother ‘Aunt Willow’ are sucked through a cursed book into the land of Anita Blake, where they get ‘acquainted with’ the Master of the City. (Response to the “Auntie Where are We?” challenge by Todaygirl.)

Chapter 1: Neverending Story Anyone?

With his arms crossed over his chest and his pink lip protruding obstinately from his face, it was obvious to anyone that Conner was sulking. Willow, his Godmother, crouched down in front of him, pulling her knees to her chest and clasping her hands on top of them. He pivoted around so his back was facing her, and was only slightly surprised when he was looking at her quite soon afterwards…only this time she was upside down, and his hair was hanging from his head. She was smiling lightly at him, her soft reddish hair hanging in front of her face. That, compounded with the fact that she was levitating him upside down in the same position that he had been in before, brought a growl from his throat. “I don’t wanna take a bath!” He then promptly turned around mid air, so that his back was facing her again, his head still pointed towards the ground.
And then he was right side up and facing the wall again, his senses indicating that Willow had walked over to the couch. He stood and turned to face her in a swift smooth movement that clearly indicated his vampiric ancestry and stomped over to stand in front of her again. “I said…” he began in a loud voice.
“I heard what you said, Conner.”
A confused look. “Then why did you give in so easily?”
She chuckled. “I just figured that, while you were being all sulky…”
“I wasn’t sulking!”
“…I would go ahead and pull out the book that Giles sent me.” She motioned to a brown paper bag that was wrapped, along with some string, around something that could have been a book, if you were a giant that is.
Conner’s eyes lit up, and he was instantly tearing off the paper and string off the book, revealing a deep red cover, almost the color of blood. Willow reached for him right as he reached for the book, catching the back of his shirt in her hand and pulling him out of arms reach of the book. “Haven’t you learned not to go pouncing on strange mystical objects yet Mister?”
Conner shrugged in reply as she rewrapped the paper around the book and placed it on the top shelf, careful not to touch the cover, his eyes following it longingly as if he were in its thrall. “But it wants to be read.”
She laughed. “To you, Conner, everything wants to be read. How about this, I’ll read you a story after you take a bath, and only after you take a bath. Can’t have that hair of yours getting messed up now, can we.”
The seven year old miracle child of two vampires immediately rushed to a mirror that Willow had bespelled in order to let vampires see their reflections and began fixing his hair in a manner that would have made his father proud, and nearly sent Willow into a fit of laughter. She managed to rein it in though, as she noticed that the boy was heading to the bathroom, knowing that he would be greatly offended if she were to giggle even the slightest bit at his hair-fixation that he seemed to have inherited from his father.
She heard the bathroom door open and then his bedroom door closed before he emerged from it wearing a pair of black silky pajamas that Spike had bought for him. When he reached Willow, he looked at her and then placed his hand on her flat abdomen, bringing another smile to her face. “Do you not like being left behind, Auntie Willow?”
“On the contrary, I enjoy spending all the time that I can with you, Conner. And it’s better this way, much safer to the baby.” She glowed as she put her hand on top of his. “I’m just glad that my magic hasn’t gotten crazy yet to be honest.” She got a sad look on her face, so Conner climbed up and hugged her, not to tight though, because she wasn’t like Aunt Faith; Aunt Willow would break much easier. She shook her head and grinned down at her god-child. “Now, why don’t you get me a book to read?”
“Okay!” He immediately climbed to the top of the book case and pulled out the new book, still wrapped in paper, which slid across his finger, causing a paper cut, and making him drop the book…or at least he tried to. His hand was stuck to the book, and he was falling. He vaguely heard Aunt Willow calling his name and then felt her hand wrap around his ankle before a sucking feeling set into his stomach and he and Willow were yanked into the book, which promptly re-wrapped itself and placed itself on the coffee table, only a little bit of blood on the outside revealing that there was a mystery behind it.

Author's Note Time!!!
Well, there it is. I know it's kind of short, but hey, I'm up about 3-4 hours past when I usually hit the sack (gotta love taco bell's crusier cups full of caffeine)
Have Fun!

The End?

You have reached the end of "Chaotically Yours" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 10 Sep 06.

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