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Seeing the Light

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Summary: *WIP* Five years later, the PTB decide to intervene once again. Sequel to 'Shadows and Glimpses'. (Cordelia/Lucius Malfoy) Chapter Ten now posted!

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Chapter Ten

Title: Seeing the Light (10/?)

Author: QueenC


Rating: R

Pairing(s): Cordelia/Lucius. Mentions Draco/Hermione.

Disclaimer: AtS belongs to Joss Whedon and the Potterverse is J. K. Rowling’s playground. Any original characters belong to my muse. I’m making no money from this so please don’t sue me.

Distribution: Anywhere I send it. Anyone else wants it just let me know.

Spoilers: Goes way AU after ‘Birthday’ on AtS. All four HP books, although this takes place long after Harry and co. graduate from Hogwarts.

Summary: Five years later, the PTB decide to intervene once again. Sequel to ‘Shadows and Glimpses’.

Author’s Notes: Okay, as stated above in the summary, this fic takes place five years after ‘Shadows and Glimpses’. If you haven’t read that fic already, you might want to do so before reading this one. Otherwise, you’ll probably be a little confused. The same basic changes apply here that did in that fic. No Cordelia/Angel romance, no Holtz, no Quor-toth, no ascension. I think that pretty much covers it for the Angelverse. Now, about the Potterverse. Basically, I’m making up everything after GoF. Anything you need to know between their fifth year and now, I’ll explain in the fic. As always, Angel is Spike’s sire. Words in *’s are emphasized and words in italics are thoughts. Enjoy!

Dedicated: To Child for all the help. You rock my face off, hun!

Special Thanks: To the wonderful people who reviewed ‘Shadows and Glimpses’ and gave me the encouragement to continue. Especially to ‘houses’, who gave me one of the nicest reviews I’ve ever received. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.


“Hey Wes, there’s an owl at the window,” Faith called, barely glancing at the fluttering bird from her position on the couch. Frowning as it began pecking more insistently at the windowpane, the brunette Slayer turned up the volume on the television, her brown eyes glued to the images of death and destruction that flashed across the screen.

“And I’m thinking it’s gonna bust the damn glass if you don’t do something,” she added, raising her voice to be heard over the noise.

A few more seconds of noisy tapping, mixed with the screams of B-rated actresses as large flying ants consumed them, and the newly restored Watcher finally entered the room. Giving his Slayer a dark look, he made a beeline for the window and opened it. Stepping aside to allow the clearly agitated owl some room, he once more looked at the brunette lounging not five feet away.

“Faith, if it isn’t too much trouble, could you turn off that racket and pay some attention to the situation currently unfolding around you?” he asked in a forced polite tone. He watched with no small amount of irritation as the young woman gave a loud sigh and, in a move worthy of Dawn Summers, turned off the television and twisted to look at him.

“All right,” she stated moodily, “All eyes are on you. Now what’s up with the bird?”

Resisting the urge to pinch the bridge of his nose, Wesley glanced at the owl, which had perched on the edge of the coffee table and was staring at him with a look of disdain. Confusion gave way to understanding as it offered its leg, showing a piece of rolled up parchment.

“It would appear that we have a message from the wizarding world,” he answered, gently taking the note from the creature. Gently ruffling its feathers, he unrolled the parchment and glanced at it. “From Cordelia.”

Faith’s eyes widened and she sat up straighter. “Really? What’s Cordy have to say?” she questioned. When he didn’t respond immediately, her brow furrowed with worry. Swinging her legs to the floor, she was on her feet and across the room in a matter of seconds.

“Everything okay, Wes?” she asked softly, worry lacing her tone. She attempted to glance over his shoulder to read the note, but a squawk of warning from the owl and she stopped quickly.

Sighing, Wesley finally looked at his Slayer. “No,” he answered quietly, “Everything is, in fact, not all right.”

The Slayer nodded, then turned on her heel and made her way toward the stairs leading to her bedroom. “Give me five minutes,” she said, already taking the steps two at a time.

“For what?” he wondered, folding up the parchment and putting it in his pocket.

Not pausing, she called over her shoulder, “To get ready to leave. Cordy’s in trouble. That means we’re heading to England, right?” And with that, she was out of sight, her bedroom door closing a second later.

Slowly, a proud smile filled his face. Leave it to Faith to drop everything in order to help one of her friends. “Quite right,” he murmured, glancing at the owl. “Now I just have to figure out how to locate Malfoy Manor.”

The owl gave a bored ‘hoot’ in reply.


The people inside Malfoy Manor were in full-on research mode.

Giles and Remus were both pouring over what limited text was available on the shadow creature. Although they had both come from very different walks of life, it was obvious that they two of them suited the other quite well when it came to gathering information.

Sirius and Harry, meanwhile, were contacting anyone they could think of via Floo in order to find out what they could from firsthand experience. Between the contacts Sirius had made while on the run from the Ministry, and Harry’s status in the wizarding world, they were hopeful they could come up with something useful. Even if they had to wake up half of Britain to do so.

At the same time, Hermione was going over every spell in her arsenal, with Ron finding even more for her to attempt from the books in the Malfoy main library. Not wanting to leave Draco’s side, the young witch had pulled a chair up beside his bed, and was having her redheaded best friend run from room to room with the books she needed.

In a separate library, Cordelia and Lucius were skimming through piles of old parchments and books, looking for any more information that could be useful. Lucius wasn’t thrilled with the idea of having Cordelia in a part of the house that hadn’t been used since he’d been an active Death Eater. However, one look from the Seer and he knew better than to let the guilt from his past stand in their way.

And, through it all, Ginny continued to try to figure out what, precisely, was wrong with Draco. Thus far, she’d ruled out virtually every virus that she knew, not to mention a handful of hexes. It was quickly reaching the point where she was becoming concerned.

What if I can’t help him? What if it’s this shadow creature’s doing? What then?

Telling herself not be so pessimistic, the young mediwitch ran a hand through her fiery hair. She was exhausted, having only gotten a few hours of sleep before being woken by her frantic brother, but she was also determined.

Draco Malfoy was *not* going to die on her watch.

Listening with half an ear as Hermione tried to use her wand to create some extremely complex charm, Ginny sighed in frustration. She’d been working on Draco for hours, and she was still no closer to figuring it out than she’d been when she’d first arrived.

Sitting back on her heels, she tried to decide what to do now that the latest attempt at waking the blond had failed. Finally, something her mother had once told her popped into her head, and she knew what she had to do.

There comes a time when you have to admit defeat. This is now that time.

Rising to her feet, the mediwitch silently left the room. A few moments later she knocked on the door leading to the library that Lucius and Cordelia had disappeared into hours earlier.

Standing in front of the library door, the redhead gave a soft sigh. She still didn’t feel at all comfortable around Lucius, her mind constantly reminding her of the hell he’d put her through in her first year at Hogwarts. However, she wasn’t going to let her feelings toward the blond wizard keep her from doing her job. And, part of being a mediwitch meant keeping the family of her patient informed. So, that was *precisely* what she intended to do.

Just as soon as he answered the door, of course.


Cordelia yawned, rubbing absently at her aching eyes. She was simply exhausted. Between the emotional stress of seeing Lucius again, the *thing* that had attacked Bella, and Draco’s collapse and the subsequent chaos that followed, it was a wonder she was still coherent.

I just can’t believe this. Why does weirdness have to follow me wherever I go? Why couldn’t the fact that I’m taking my kids to see their father, who they’ve never met, be the strange event of the week? Why does there have to be some shadow that no one’s ever heard. Why…

Her thought ended abruptly as someone placed a hand on her shoulder. Jumping slightly, Cordelia raised her head and gave Lucius a sheepish grin.

“Sorry,” she said softly. “I didn’t hear you come up behind me.”

Lucius nodded, peering down at the brunette Seer. He’d been trying to get her attention for the past minute or so, and had finally resorted to grasping her shoulder in order to pull her from wherever she’d disappeared to. However, now that he was actually touching her, he found that he didn’t want to let go.

No, he wanted to do a lot more.

Gently running his finger against her skin, he replied, “It’s quite all right. I was merely wondering if…” He never got the chance to finish his question, because her lips were suddenly pressed against his.

Cordelia didn’t know why she did it. One minute, she’d been staring into his blue eyes, and the next she was overcome with an urge to kiss him. ’Actually,’ a part of her mind mused as she finished standing up and wrapped her arms around him, ’Perhaps kissing isn’t a strong enough word. How does devour sound?’

Then, his fingers tangled in her hair, refusing to let her back away, and all her thoughts ceased. All she knew was him, the taste of his lips and tongue, the smell of his hair, the feel of his robes brushing against her.

The chair that she had been sitting in fell over as she kicked it out of the way, pressing herself completely against him. She could feel his arousal pressing into her stomach and she let go of one of his shoulders to slide her hand downward.

Knock, knock, knock.

Cordelia and Lucius both froze as the knocking penetrated their brains. Gently stepping away, Cordelia ran a hand through her hair and across her clothes to straighten them. She gave Lucius a small smile, then nodded toward the door.

“You had better get that,” she practically whispered, giving him a light kiss before setting the chair back on its feet and dropping back into it. Picking up her book, she settled it in her lap and waited for whoever had interrupted them to be allowed entrance.

Returning her smile, Lucius made his way to the door and opened it, one eyebrow rising in surprise when he saw Ginny. “Is Draco…”

Ginny shook her head, cutting off his question before it had even been asked. “No. Actually, that’s what I’m here to speak to you about.”

The blond wizard nodding. “Please, come in,” he said, stepping aside and allowing the redhead entrance. Once she was inside, he shut the door and turned his attention to her. “You were saying?”

Ginny bit her lip, trying to decide the best way to say what it was she needed to. Finally, in a voice that was almost hollow yet full of defeat, she spoke.

“I don’t believe Draco is going to wake up any time soon … if ever.”


A/N: Well, it looks like my muse finally agreed that Cordelia and Lucius deserved some alone time. Of course, this means the aftermath will take place next part, but that can be good, too. *g*

Now, how about giving me a review? I’d love to know what the people reading this are thinking of how the story is progressing so far.


The End?

You have reached the end of "Seeing the Light" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 7 Jan 04.

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